Why Russian Mail Order Brides So Good?

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Russian women are believed to be among the most attractive and sexually open-minded, although they have much more to offer than just their hot looks and sexuality. They are loyal brides looking for a partner to start a family and create a cozy life. That is the very reasons why lots of Russian ladies register on mail order bride websites. To understand your future mail-order wife, you should keep in mind the following list of things to make sure that you treat your Russian wife the right way. As they say, happy wife, happy life.

Always Good-Looking

Russian girls are wearing high heels, dazzling tops and snugly skirts to emphasize their slenderness at any occasion like going to a coffee shop or doing their weekly groceries. These women take pride in looking gorgeous under any circumstances because they believe that clothes make the man. Moreover, Russian brides take time to groom their hair and put on stunning makeup to show off their beauty.

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Do Not Instantly Trust Any Stranger

Well, we all know from movies that Russians are famous for being tough folks who smile occasionally but never to a stranger sitting across them in public transport. Although Russian ladies are predominantly tall, blonde, slender, with deep blue eyes and beautiful curves, they are not dumb or easy-going. They are less likely to smile and say “How are you?” to any stranger unless they have known him for a while. Thus, it will not be an exaggeration to say that you have to earn their trust by showing your serious intentions not only in words but in action. However, once you earned their trust and loyalty, you will never lose it.

Family Oriented Nature

In Russia, family members are closely related and support each other. They not only celebrate festivals over dinner with a couple of bottles of vodka but also spend some time together every week just to catch up. Do not be surprised when your wife can talk for hours about how much she loves her family and how glad she is to have all her relatives. That is why any Russian girl dreams about finding a man who is mature enough to start a family because in her eyes it means protection and support in the ever-changing world.

So if you don’t get along well with your family, especially with your mother, it is not a good idea to bring this topic up on a first date with your Russian mail-order bride. She might consider that you are an ungrateful son and lacking respect for your mom, and what is worse, not mature enough to start a family of your own.

Russian father

Cooking Hearty Meals

Cooking dinners and lunches for all family members is one of the greatest parts of the household chores of a Russian wife. They love to spend hours over a stove to indulge their husband and kids with delicious meals. If you don’t already love Russian food or don’t know what it is, it is about the right time to find out more about it. In Russia they serve huge portions of various dishes consisting of meat, so that being a vegetarian is next to impossible if you decide to marry a Russian bride. For instance, even salads are not just green leaves having a blunt taste. Your Russian wife will heartily season any salad with mayonnaise for you. One of the favorite dishes of your future wife is called Salad Olivier (originally French), which is a mix of mayo, ham, peas, and some other vegetables. As a rule, it is served for a Christmas Eve or any other fest.

Sensitive to Superstitions

Russians are taking superstitions seriously. Even when it comes to presents. In particular, it is not common to present your wife with a watch because Russians believe that the arrows of a watch refer to sharp objects as signs for quarrels and mutual insults. But, if you happen to buy a watch, don’t be surprised to get a coin in return – in such a way it appears as if your spouse bought the watch herself. What is more, if you have a business trip before your wife’s birthday, don’t ever congratulate her before the actual date of her birthday because believe it or not it’s bad luck too.

It is not the only superstition you have to keep in mind. For example, if you accidentally step on her foot, she has to step on yours, or you will get in a fight.

Russian girl drinking tea

Don’t also use gestures to show something bad, such as touching your own body to show where your friend was hurt. Supposedly it brings bad luck and the same injury will land on you.

In a nutshell, after meeting a Russian mail order bride you’ll finally understand what true care and love mean. Ladies from Russia really care about their partner and family. They’re ready for anything to provide comfort for them. Starting from cooking hearty meals and going the extra mile when it is necessary to support her husband. Apart from being gorgeous, these women are extremely caring and loyal. That’s why you can be sure that your Russian companion will turn your home into a cozy spot you’ll always want to return to. This is actually their main weapon when it comes to making men fall for them. And you might just become one of those who falls in love with a Russian mail-order bride and lives happily ever after.

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