What Is Mail Order Bride?

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Mail order bride – what a derogatory term to call a lovely girl looking for a partner to become a wife. The Internet is bursting with comments both flattering or sarcastic regarding a young lady who is coming from a not-so-prosperous country with high hopes of brighter future and a robust family with a decent gentleman coming from the western world. This topic regularly pops up in some talk-shows or YouTube documentaries allegedly revealing the truths behind mail-order relationships. If we may put it this way, mail order brides seem to be all about a Cinderella story on a verge of a scam set in modern time. Let’s break this topic into little chunks in order to look closely and spot all the relevant characteristics one at a time.

Who are the Mail Order Brides?

Lots of breathtakingly beautiful girls in far-off areas of the world who desire western men. Their reasons for having such a desire are as varied as the girls themselves. Some do not like the attitude of men in their culture towards women and seek a husband who has a liberal view of marriage. Others happen to find western men hot and successful. A few are just looking for the sugar daddy to cover their lavish style of living and the western world has more of those. The ‘bride’ part comes in because as a rule the girls came from conservative areas and were looking for life-long marriage. They would also need the visa to be with you, unless, in the ’90s, you were reckless enough to go live with her in whatever remote place they came from.

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When and Why Did It All Start?

A long time ago in a kingdom far, far away there was no Internet and people didn’t have a pool of options at their fingertips to find a spouse. Mostly, folks were limited to a social circle of their friends and colleagues, which didn’t provide many options for selection and matching. That created a demand that was satisfied by some agile suppliers. Namely, the dating agencies who provide those match-making services. Such services were usually paid and involved some sort of a meeting with a matchmaker who would set you up with dates based on the data they collected on the guys, and your/their specific criteria (income, hobbies, drinking habits, looks…). Technically, it resembled the services provided by any other dating site nowadays but only in real-time involving a facilitator in flesh without any automatization.

Where is the Hitch, Isn’t It Just a Scam?

Well, there is hardly any catch despite the fact that girls from remote areas like Ukraine or Russia are eager to marry western men. Back in the ’90s, there was neither access to them nor to the match-making services at their disposal prevalent in the west at the time to do so. That is the very reason why the mail-order bride emerged to fulfill the existing gap at that time. In such a way such girls got a chance to meet western men and the letter got an opportunity to meet gorgeous gals.

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What are Mail Order Brides Famous For?

The mail order brides are prominent for many things but to give you an understanding some of their characteristics are:

  • Stunning beauty
  • Slenderness
  • Being well-groomed
  • Docility and modesty
  • Sexual open-mindedness
  • Family-orientation
  • Super cooking skills
  • Becoming caring mothers
  • Fluent predominantly in their mother-tongue

What Do You Need to Find a Mail Order Bride?

With the help of the Internet, gorgeous mail order wives are just some seconds away from you. The market is full of various websites providing matсh-making services for a modest payment. Some of them have in-deep questionnaires so that you can be sure that you and your spouse have lots in common, others are based on photo selection so that you fall in love at a first sight. A friend of mine once shared a heart-touching story that her parents had met each other by the means of dating agencies connecting mail-order brides with their potential husbands. She said that her parents were always too ashamed to admit this to anyone but her. This was before all the online hype surrounding dating websites so that her father had to find my mother in a sort of magazine catalog of Russian women. He sent her letters, and she replied, it lasted for a year before they met in person, moved in together, got married, and they had a child. “They were both looking for a better life and someone who would treat them better than past partners had. And they both got what they wanted”.

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Long Story Very Short

Mail order brides emerged way before the internet but are no different from any other dating site and matches two people who would not meet otherwise through social connections.

Although the term “mail order bride” entails a bit of derogatory sense referring to girls in a kingdom far, far away from the western world, there is nothing deprecating.

The ‘mail order’ is just a catchy way to refer to dating agencies would compile lists of girls, print their info along with portraits into books, and advertise them to lonely hearts in the west. These companies would usually make their profit by offering translation services for love letters, vacation packages to go see your lovely sweetheart, etc.

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