9 Things You Need To Know About Ukrainian Brides

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Ukrainian women are undoubtedly considered to be among the most gorgeous and adventurous, although they have much more to offer than just their looks and temperament. They are heart-warm ladies looking for a partner to start a family and create a life worth living. That is the very reasons why lots of Ukrainian ladies register on Ukrainian dating websites or mail order brides sites. To bring out the best side of a Ukrainian wife, you should keep in mind the following list of things to make sure that you do not rub her the wrong way.

Well-groomed Appearance

Ukrainian mail order brides are wearing high heels to show off their great legs, dazzling tops and snugly skirts or dresses to emphasize their slenderness to any casual event like going to a coffee shop or doing their weekly groceries. These women take pride in looking gorgeous under any circumstances because they tend to believe that clothes make the man. Moreover, Ukrainian girls take time to groom their hair and put on a healthy amount of makeup.

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Precautious Character

Although Ukrainian ladies are predominantly tall, blonde, slender, with blue eyes and beautiful cheekbones, they are not dumb and easy-going. They are less likely to be open-faced, do not smile and say “How are you doing?” to any stranger. You have to earn their trust first by showing your intentions not only in words but in action. However, once you earned their trust, you will never lose it.

Family Oriented Nature

She can talk for hours about how much she loves her family, especially her grandmother or anyone else from her extended family. She can also casually mention that her dad is the most amazing man in the world and was her role model. In Ukraine, family members are closely connected and take care of each other. That is why any Ukrainian girl gravitates towards a man who is willing to start a family because in her eyes it means protection and support in the rapidly changing unstable world. So if you don’t get along with your mother because she is a helicopter parent, don’t mention it to a Ukrainian girl on your first date. She might consider that you are lacking respect for your mom, and what is worse, not mature enough to start a family of your own.

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No Sex Before Marriage

Some of the mail-order brides had an extremely traditional upbringing, meaning that there is no chance to bang on the first, second, third date but only after the marriage. As a matter of fact, Ukrainian girls are quite crafty at avoiding sex, even though you might hit it off during a date. Many Ukrainian mail-order brides appear to have mastered self-control over their minds and body, although they might be genuinely horny.

Incredible Cooking Skills

If you don’t already love Ukrainian food or don’t know what it is, it’s important to know and love a few key foods so you and your wife can cook together and so you can fit in at her family’s dinner table. Notably, being a vegetarian is next to impossible if you decide to marry a Ukrainian bride. Some basics food customs to keep in mind:

  1. Borsch is a traditional beetroot-based soup that should be served hot with a healthy dose of sour cream that can be added almost to every dish.
  2. Pickled vegetables, such as tomatoes, pickles, and sauerkraut can be found in every Ukrainian household. Interestingly, Ukrainian wives preserve these snacks on their own every winter by following a family recipe.

ukrainian food

Attention Seekers

There’s always a need to show your affection to the mail-order bride from Ukraine. As they say, women fall in love with their ears.

Not Fluent in Foreign Languages

Some Ukrainian girls might not be fluent in any other foreign language except for their mother tongue Russian or Ukrainian. That is why communication may be slightly impeded but with the help of various translation services, you will manage to understand each other.

Do Not Make Fun of Ukrainian Superstitions

In order to understand the workings of your new mail order bride’s mind, you’ll have to have a sense of the traditions that make her culture unique. It should not even cross your mind to make fun of her believes that trace back to the pagan past of her ancestors who found explanations for certain phenomena of their life through superstitions. For instance, don’t hand anything over, or do anything important in a doorway. It’s a threshold that is meant only to be crossed otherwise something bad happens. Even if it might sound weird for you, it turns out that a long time people buried the ashes of the deceased relatives under the doorstep of the house and the alive dwellers tried not to disturb them.

Before you leave for a journey, you are expected to sit down for a minute or so to reflect on the trip ahead. There is also a logical explanation for the superstition. As sometimes it is useful, before going out, to get your thoughts in order and then start the journey.

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Understand the Difference Between Russia and Ukraine

Time to recall your history classes. You certainly must recall that at some point in time the notorious Soviet Union existed. Ukraine used to be a significant part of it until 1991 when it has gained its independence. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, all people under its power were considered to be sort of the same nation speaking Russian, whether they wanted it to be so or not. Nevertheless, Ukraine is a separate country with its own customs, language, and culture. The fastest way to annoy a Ukrainian woman is to claim that Russia and Ukraine are the same and the difference simply doesn’t exist.

It’s all complicated, just try to avoid this topic while talking to your mail bride but when you do land in there, stay alert to the difference between Ukraine and Russia. After all, you are interested in a girl not her country of origin. Show an interest in her life by asking about her passions outside of your culture. Talk about her hobbies, friends, or even a job but not the political situation in her country.

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