YourTravelMates Review

YourTravelMates Review
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Going for a live webcam chat is one of the best features offered by YourTravelMates. This online dating service assists in finding real love without boundaries. Choose your mood emoji statuses, exchange instant messages, send presents, and enjoy the company of the best ladies on YourTravelMatch.

About YourTravelMates Dating Site

YourTravelMates dating site is a place where a selection of beautiful pictures of ladies meets you on the home page. They re smiling, happy and seem to be friendly.

What is the Service For?

The website serves to find mates for traveling. Who knows, maybe they appear great friends, partners, and spouses as well.

For Whom Service?

Quick YourTravelMates reviews have shown that the website is created for those people who adore traveling experience and who would like sharing the excitement with others. Happiness is doubled when shared, isn’t it?

YourTravelMates review

YourTravelMates Interface

The main page of the website gives brief information about the service. It has a registration form, a few representative accounts, a few reviews from clients, and general statements on the security of the members.

How to Register on

The registration form offers to create an account with Google+. However, when a potential member doesn’t want to share personal google details, it is possible to sign up with email, in an old school way. The first question of the registration process is your gender and gender of your potential partner. It means that the service supports diversity. The registration takes 10-15 minutes depending on how many details are you sharing. It requires an email address, date of birth, interesting details you want to share, the image of an ideal partner, interests, and photo. You can skip any step of the registration.

You Can Sign Up YourTravelMates Here >>


The main page after registration looks like a list of your potential partners and a chat window on the right. Clients can send a few free messages, but it is necessary to buy credits for reading the answer. Navigation is simple and understandable. No unnecessary features and buttons. It is user-friendly and intuitive.


When registering, you provide your personal details. You provide the details of your ideal partner as well and your interests. Filtering proceeds automatically. After creating n account, a user sees the list of potential travel buddies according to the information he or she has provided before.

YourTravelMates search

How to Pay for YourTravelMates?

The pop up with payment details appears when you start chatting. It offers to buy 20, 160 or 1000 credits. The rule is simple: one message equals one credit, or one minute of live chat costs one credit as well. One credit costs from 15 up to 60 cents depending on the offer.


There are three available packages of credits. Each of them includes a different number of credits, ten free chats, ten free emails, and an introductory message. One message is limited with 160 characters, one email costs 10 credits and is not limited, watching or sending a photo or video costs cost 15 credits. One sticker costs 5 credits, so it is recommended to express feelings with words.

Payment Systems

YourTravelMates accepts only credit cards.

YourTravelMates Users

In spite of the location you choose, while registering, the list of potential partners include people from all over the world. You can choose anyone and organize exciting travel together. The profile looks simple and informative and straightforward. There is short information about a person, his or her interests, the information about the perfect travel partner, and others.

YourTravelMates members

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User Region

There are no limits on the region. People are registering all over the world to meet somewhere in between. They can come and visit partners or make a plan for visiting a new country or exotic place. The service looks reasonable for exotic destinations. People, who want to travel but can’t find anyone among friends, can find a travel mate here.

Sexual Orientation

There are no rules on choosing a partner. The first question during the registration is a question about sexual orientation. You are free to choose anyone.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

There are a few free messages for new users. To read the answer or write more messages, it is necessary to buy credits. There is a chance to write emails, have a live chat and video chat as well. The price depends on the type of service.

YourTravelMates user

User Security

Terms of use remind new clients that the Internet connection is not always fully secure. At the same time, the main page of YourTravelMates informs potential clients that security is provided by one of the best Safety Security System in the industry. Sharing any personal details on the Internet is always risky and needs special attention.


It is a positive sign that free users can’t write messages. It prevents scammers from an easy benefit. However, it doesn’t entirely prevent the service. You should always acknowledge the risks when using the service.

Anti Scam

Scammers are filtered by personal check of every account. It makes the platform a truly safe place for those who are looking for travel mates. YourTravelMates doesn’t allow you to establish any contacts with members without buying credits. It protects existing users from scammers’ attacks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using YourTravelMates

Each social community has its pros and cons. YourTravelMates review has shoved that there are more pros than cons for people who are planning a trip and for travel obsessed persons.


  • The YourTravelMates website is easy to navigate, user-friendly, web designed and has nothing extra.
  • It is not a classic dating website, but a service that helps people to find a partner for a particular trip. When traveling and having plenty of extreme conditions, the personality is seen better. A trip is an easy method to check the chosen partner for morality and life values. On the other hand, the service resolves a problem of people who dream to visit exotic or dangerous places but have no mates or like-minded people.

YourTravelMates profiles

YourTravelMates – Short Description

YourTravelMates is a perfect solution for singles as well as for solo travelers. Happiness is stronger when doubled. Having a person to share the joy of traveling is a nice thing. There is a chance that once sharing a journey; two people become close for the rest of their lives. Not necessarily life partners, but definitely ones, who have this intimate and unforgettable taste of a trip they had together.

Rating: 5
Comments on "YourTravelMates Review"
  • Otto

    I met my fiancée here. We began to communicate, went on some dates. I invited her to my place, and I fell in love as soon as she smiled at me. Yesterday she made me a gift – we’re expecting a child now! Such magic!

    Rating: 5
  • paul

    If you are going to travel to another country, you might be interested in this website. It has one of the biggest communities and allows you to find a travelmate in no time. You just need to specify where you are traveling and from where. A cheap service with lots of upsides that make it easier for you to find dates.

    Rating: 4
  • Dewn

    I like how much the industry changed over the course of a decade. 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to find someone to accompany me during my trips to other states. Now, I can easily find someone to travel to another country! This is simply amazing.

    Rating: 4
  • Zack

    I like meeting a complete stranger, so I was happy to become a user of this platform. I got many opportunities to meet interesting people that share your interests and values. I recommend you to try this service out!

    Rating: 5
  • fiht

    Regards for helping out, superb info.

  • Rufus

    Amazing! Every user of this platform can be satisfied and happy as you won’t be alone for too long. I am sure about it as I met my soulmate during the first hour of chatting!

    Rating: 5
  • Keith

    I met my wife on this platform. I didn’t hesitate and wrote and invited her to the cinema.! From our 1 meeting, I realized that this is the person I was looking for. I am so happy, you can’t imagine!

    Rating: 5
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