YourChristianDate Review

YourChristianDate Review
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YourChristianDate is an online dating platform for those who want to create serious, long-term relations. The site users come from all over the world. You can communicate via instant messenger, private messages, and video chat. There’s also a possibility to send real presents to your sweethearts.

About YourChristianDate Dating Site

A Christian dating site that most Christian singles already know about is YourChrstianDate. It’s a small dating site if you compare it with the big dating pages, but on this page, there are only Christians. The website looks a bit old-fashioned but it works just as it should. The cost of membership is moderate so that anyone can afford it. When looking for a life partner, it’s a pretty small investment to be a member of a good Christian dating site.

What Is The Service For?

Today the web is increasingly popular and developed. An increasing number of people surf the internet to look for those things that, until a few decades ago, could only be found in real society. Today the web can be considered as the second dimension of society where people can find news in real time, make purchases, work, study and meet new people. The sites for Christian meetings are placed in this context and are used more and more to find friendships and the soul mate.

yourchristiandate site review

YourChristianDate is a site for women and men seeking a friend, partner or just getting in touch with other Christians via chat and message to establish new acquaintances. The number of people who are members is displayed in the respective city, municipality, and county. Good luck finding what you’re looking for here at YourChrstianDate.

For Whom Service?

This site is solely dedicated to Christians who are looking for an opportunity of dating each other. Here you will find Christian singles seeking dating, but finding Christian singles is not always easy. That’s why we started the gathering portal linked to the dating site Noah, where Christians can search and find singles near their home or across the world. In this network, you can also reach Christians across your country’s borders and throughout the world.

YourChristianDate benefits

Christian singles who are looking for their soul mate are never satisfied with casual encounters. These Christians want to realize the emotional and relational dimensions of their life. Precisely for this reason, they will be very careful in selecting the meetings and environments that can best serve their goals. The heart of Christian singles in search desires true love. After all only love can unite two people making a couple realized and close-knit. Only love can make a couple truly be such: a new entity that has the right to live and to aim for ever greater happiness.

YourChristianDate Interface

It is a service specially designed for singles looking for something deeper in their dating online. When you join you, you must fill in an interesting personality test and the results are used to find a perfect match for you.

YourChristianDate interface

Today the web is increasingly popular and developed. An increasing number of people surf the internet to look for those things that, until a few decades ago, could only be found in real society. Today the web can be considered as the second dimension of society where people can find news in real time, make purchases, work, study and meet new people. The sites for Christian meetings are placed in this context and are used more and more to find friendships and the soul mate.

How to Register on

It is possible to sign up to YourChristianDate using your Google account. Alternatively, follow the registration process from A to Z, giving your details such as gender, age, the age of your dream partner, and creating a password.

YourChristianDate sign up

Upon completing the registration form, you will be taken to your profile page where you will be asked to give more details about you and your ideal match. We suggest that you fill in this information thoughtfully, completing it with the pictures that highlight the best side of you.

How to Use YourChristianDate?


Registering with YourChristianDate is easy. While you cannot register via Facebook, you can do so using your Google account. It does not take much time to register or to create a profile. Using the YourChristianDate website is easy.


The matching of profiles at YourChristianDate is done by a personality test that is fast and accurate. YourChristianDate also matches very carefully based on some profile criteria. You can see who has visited your profile and also has the ability to block unwanted members. The system for matching partners at YourChristianDate is fast and accurate.

Searching is very simple but it is not possible to search based on profile images or keywords due to the security and privacy policy. YourChristianDate also does not allow you to search for who’s online. On the other hand, one can search for specific criteria, but not for new members. YourChristianDate makes it easy to search for a future relationship!

YourChristianDate women

How to Pay for YourChristianDate?


YourChristianDate uses the system of PPL, or “pay per letter”, which means you will be charged every time you correspond with your matches. To do so, you will be required to access packages of credits. Here is what is on offer:

  • 20 Credits – $32.00
  • 160 Credits – $192.00
  • 1000 Credits – $798.00

YourChristianDate cost

Payment Systems

The paid memberships can be purchased using credit cards only.

YourChristianDate Users

User Region

The secret to optimizing research and finding a soul mate more efficiently is also for Christian singles, to use the web and sites for Christian meetings without ever losing touch with real society. This is the privileged way to search better and faster. Nowadays the way in which people enter into relationships has changed: relationships are starting more and more on the web to develop, later on, outside the network. This is a path that has now become normal: but you have to follow it well by choosing the most suitable dating site right from the start. YourChristianDate is a perfect place to start looking for that special one, given that they are accessible internationally. You can choose from local singles to Christians all around the world, casting your net far and wide.

YourChristianDate profiles

Sexual Orientation

YourChristianDate is intended for heterosexual singles, as is quite understandable seeing the religious setting of the site.

Possibilities of Filing and Correspondence

The options of communication with other singles here at YourChristianDate are not so varied, but they are quite practical and original. You can send offline messages to the singles you matched with, exchange LiveChat messages and send virtual gifts. There are also some elements of networking here at YourChristianDate dating site: you can manifest your current mood with Mood Indicator so that others get in tune with how you feel today.

YourChristianDate user bio

Exchanging correspondence requires upgrading to a paid membership. You will be charged credits for every act of correspondence at YourChristianDate.

User Security


YourChristianDate offers good customer support. A well-developed and good FAQ page, as well as personalized support via email or contact form, give you answers to most questions. Customer service by phone is not offered nor articles with tips and advice. However, there is a customer forum. YourChristianDate gets an okay rating from me when it comes to customer service.

Anti Scam

It is a safe and user-friendly environment that they have thanks to customer support here at YourChristianDate. The instances of getting scammed by malefactors or fake account holders. YourChristianDate has a very well developed FAQ page that provides answers to most questions. Personal support can be obtained by e-mail or contact form. Unfortunately, there is no customer service by phone or an established customer forum. However, there are articles with tips and advice that compensate for these shortcomings. YourChristianDate has a customer service that shows that customers are of the highest priority.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using YourChristianDate


It’s super easy to register with YourChristianDate and it takes less time to do it via the webpage. You cannot register via Facebook but it is compensated by the fact that it’s easy to sign up with Google account and easy to create a user profile, it only takes a few minutes! Using the web page is as easy as signing up and making the user experience much better than you could ever imagine.


  • Only one payment method
  • PPL system makes investing level unpredictable

YourChristianDate – Short Description

The web reflects the real society. This is a fundamental point: in fact both on the web and outside of it it is possible to find and make meetings also very different from each other. Each meeting has particular energy that, once developed and implemented, leads to the construction of a certain type of relationship. Precisely for this reason, Christian singles must seek the right encounters, and the most appropriate environments to do them, both on the web and outside of it. YourChristianDate is an excellent start point for a relationship with the one who is heaven sent and meant by God for you.

YourChristianDate users

The sites for Christian meetings must have the mission of helping the followers of Christ who have the status of a single in the search for that particular person long sought with which to begin a journey of couple tending to the formation of a family. Today, in fact, the life of people (even the relational one) does not take place only on one dimension but on two levels that are increasingly interconnected and connected to each other: society and the web. This leads us to say that on the web it is not possible to fully realize a couple relationship but, at the same time, Christians who do not want to use it will inevitably lose great opportunities as more and more people are looking online.

Rating: 5
Comments on "YourChristianDate Review"
  • Billy

    I never wanted to be on a dating site. But my loneliness made me. I have registered in February. Until now a girl is not found, but I have someone to talk to, go for a walk. This site isn’t bad in terms of functionality, but there is not enough video chat, where you can chat live.

    Rating: 4
  • Sam

    When you have too little free time, you just have to meet on the Internet. At first, I didn`t want to register on the site, tried to get acquainted through the social network, but I can`t guess if a girl is single or not. I loved the way that I can communicate on the website. A lot of girls, it is never boring. Now I’m walking with a girl from a neighboring house, in my life I would hardly have met her, and we still managed to find each other.

    Rating: 5
  • Stella

    I express my gratitude to the site for the fact that my mother found a gentleman. As soon as mom came home, she was using the laptop. Even the dust on the closet did not bother her. That’s two months now as she with her man moved to the countryside.

    Rating: 5
  • Joe

    I broke up with a girl and I couldn’t move on, I wanted to escape, so I had registration on this site. I was chatting with the girls just for fun, and when I didn’t call them to meet, didn’t ask for a number, they stopped writing. I decided that it was time to act actively. I began to call and to invite to go for a walk. Two weeks later found a nice girl. Thank you!

    Rating: 5
  • Joanne

    I started to use this site during the work day as I was really bored. I had a boyfriend, but I wasn’t too happy, so I decided to chat and flirt with one guy that I met on this site. It lasted a couple of weeks. After a week of meetings, I went to him. I do not regret it, he is the man I was looking for.

    Rating: 5
  • Malcolm

    My friends have been using this site for a long time and that’s why I could not help but register on this site! I got a lot of pleasure from communicating with users. Thanks a lot!

    Rating: 5
  • Chad

    I used many dating services, but I couldn’t find the best one. But I saw an add and clicked on it to look at this site. As you see, I have chosen this one. Never met any fake people. So 5/5!

    Rating: 5
  • Sylvester

    The platform is cool. I was able to meet people all over the world! If you like young girls, you will find them. More mature? No problem! The greatest variety of options. I guess there is nothing that could be better than this site!

    Rating: 5
  • Jasper

    Last month my sister got married so it meant I am the last one who is still single. It is like I am under pressure a bit, that is why I started using this platform. I have a lot of options, so I am quite sure that one day I will meet the right girl!

    Rating: 5
  • Pastor Joel

    Well is not bad, because it’s for children of God. Christian who knows what Christianity is all about.

    Rating: 5
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