VietnamCupid Review

VietnamCupid Review
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VietnamCupid is a website that joins the single hearts of Vietnamese women with men from around the world. The site features several advanced communication tools, like instant messenger and private mail. Automatic message translation into your language will make communication with ladies easier.

Online dating is a blossoming industry that still has a huge potential for growth and demonstrates a lot of flexibility. With international online dating becoming more and more acceptable in many countries, giving opportunities to men and women from all over the world to meet and build relationships turned into an industry.

About Vietnam Cupid Dating Site

Vietnam Cupid is a separate branch of the Cupid Network that spans across several countries prevalently in Southeast Asia. This website is a premium web service that unites single men and women within the country and allows foreigners to search for their matches in this gorgeous Pacific land.

vietnam cupid review

The Main Goal of the Vietnam Cupid

The primary goal of founders is to provide an efficient platform for dating that would allow users to start conversations, exchange media files, and build a strong long-distance relationship before committing to something more serious. People come to Vietnam Cupid searching for lifelong partners and exciting sparking romantic adventures.

vietnam cupid interface

Vietnam Cupid Users

The primary audience of this web service can be divided into several main categories:

  • Foreign men and women searching for future spouses;
  • Local singles seeking for a partner;
  • People looking for online relationships.

This is not a Tinder-like app. It is a huge website with informative profile pages, photos and videos uploaded by users, and a sophisticated communication platform that allows exchanging messages, photos, and videos.

Vietnam Cupid Interface

When you visit the main page of Vietnam Cupid, the slickness, and quality of visuals immediately catch all the attention. The website looks really nice and does not feature unnecessary features. The adaptive landing page describes in detail all the advantages of the website and gives you an overview of the service.

All navigational elements are intuitive and located on the upper bar. Creating your personal account is a quite simple process that will not take much time.

One of the best things is that the website is responsive, does not lag, and all pages load relatively quickly even for users from abroad. You may live in San-Francisco and still expect about 1.5-3 seconds loading time for any given page of the website.

How to Register on Vietnam Cupid?

Like many of its competitors, Vietnam Cupid does not want to make a hassle out of a simple registration process and allows you to create a profile within seconds. You may take your time and provide your e-mail address followed by a quick confirmation, but there is always an option to sign up with your Facebook account.

vietnam cupid sing up

After registering, you will need to update your user profile picture (with your actual photo) that will be later verified by one of the admins. Upon completing these two simple steps, you will be able to use all features of the website such as searching for matches, starting conversations with people you like, and expanding your user profile.

How to use Vietnam Cupid?

Your personal account page has all the necessary navigational buttons and hyperlinks. You will have some statistics about your activity. A special tab with information about people that you liked and people who liked you is situated in the right upper corner of the page.


All navigational buttons are located in the upper bar. All menu elements are equipped with specific functionality:

  • Matches. Opens up a list of people who may be interesting to you. You can switch to your matches and respective matches effortlessly with a single click.
  • Search. This is a feature that allows you to search for very specific people that fit your particular preferences. There are lots of specialized filters that you can apply to narrow the results of your search.
  • Messages. This button will send you to the internal mailing service that works much like your regular e-mail. It is not a live chat feature. You will need to exchange actual letters with a person you like.
  • Activity. Here you will find all relevant information about people that you like and those who liked you.

Search Filters

The advanced search feature allows you to narrow down the list of people who are shown to you to a relatively small circle of personalities that may catch your attention. You may use various filtering options:

  • General information such as gender, age, nationality, photo availability, etc.
  • Appearance. This section includes general things like height and weight as well as details like hair color, eye color, body type, and even tattoos.
  • Lifestyle. The interests of a person can be more important than looks. This section allows you to find your soulmate.
  • Cultural background. This is a section where you can set other preferences regarding your potential match. Specify the ethnicity, languages they speak, and more.

How to Upgrade Vietnam Cupid Account?

If you want to use the whole range of features offered by this website, make sure to upgrade your account and make it premium.

Possible Purchases

There are two main types of accounts each with its own privileges. The best is Platinum. It allows you to use all available features of the website. If you are here only to chat from time to time or meet new people, Gold will be more than just sufficient.

Payment Systems

The list of available payment options is different for each country. Most users will be able to use bank cards, Skrill, PayPal as well as other payment systems that are prevalent in the country of their origin.

Vietnam Cupid User Profiles

The amount of information provided in users’ profiles is more than enough to make a match. Each profile has a photo that is verified by admins and must contain all information about a person. You will learn the current marital status of a person, their age, appearance, and much more.

vietnam cupid profiles

User Region

Detailed personal information is not shown to users, but the general location of a person must be specified in the profile. For example, a typical profile page shows in which part of the country a user lives.

Sexual Orientation

For many people, this is an essential piece of information. Sexuality is what defines us in many ways. People may disclose this information if they feel like doing so. This is not necessary.

Possible Means of Communication

You will learn whether a person is ready to exchange messages, photos, or other media. There is a special part of a profile dedicated to this particular topic.

vietnam cupid profile

Vietnam Cupid: User Security

The website uses all modern means of security including HTTPS protocol and other forms of user protection. You can browse this website safely. Amongst additional protection, means is a requirement for stronger passwords.


To protect you from possible hacks and social engineering attacks, the website warns of possible scams and has a particular info page that contains tips and tricks on how to avoid such mishaps.

Anti-scam Measures

All personal information is being verified by local admins. This is an exceptional measure to protect paying customers from being scammed. You can write to the support service if you think that you met a scammer. Measures will be taken immediately.

Vietnam Cupid Ups and Downs

As one of the best Vietnamese dating sites featuring great women and men, this website is definitely amongst the most popular. Many foreign guests spend a lot of time browsing profiles of attractive Asian people and dream about building strong relationships with them. If you are considering signing up for this service, consider its downsides and upsides.

vietnam cupid users

Here are the core advantages:

  • Mostly Vietnamese men and women;
  • Detailed profiles for each user;
  • Useful advanced functionality;
  • Various payment options.

Some disadvantages:

  • Website security can be improved even more;
  • Translator’s services can be expensive and come only in the Platinum package.

Vietnam Cupid: Main Takeaway

Vietnam Cupid is definitely worth your attention. If you are searching for a beautiful partner for life from Vietnam, don’t miss your chance to meet more people on this website.

Rating: 5
Comments on "VietnamCupid Review"
  • Samuel

    5 out of 5 stars. I love the fact that you can go to the website and try to find a beauty from Vietnam. This country produces some of the finest women on the planet. They are petite and simple yet have big hearts. I have been a loyal client of this dating site for a couple of years and met hundreds of truly amazing girls.

    Rating: 5
  • Joel

    Vietnam Cupid is an interesting dating site. It works on so many levels. It has a great set of filters that allow you to search for people that suit your tastes. It allows you to use a variety of communicational channels to talk with your potential dates. It sets prices very low so that everyone could use their services without harming their wallets. I like this service a lot.

    Rating: 5
  • May

    No matter how basic it may sound, I felt like a woman on this site! Virtual communication gave me confidence and strength in real life. I’ve never been told so many compliments by men, I haven’t met anyone yet, but everything is superb. I am happy.

    Rating: 5
  • Mario

    Hi. I just registered today. I don’t really believe that this is the way to meet someone for a serious relationship, but miracles happen, and I believe in miracles.

    Rating: 5
  • Willie

    Vietnam Cupid is a great platform. The prices are very low so that I really enjoy the process of using this site as I don’t have a big salary. I like this service a lot.

    Rating: 5
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