VictoriaMilan Review

VictoriaMilan Review
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More than 6 million members make VictoriaMilan one of the biggest dating sites for seeking discreet affairs. Except for the 26 filters available in its search engine, the site also offers to send gifts and winks to the women. Diversify your boring married life with VictoriaMilan and its mobile app.

About VictoriaMilan Dating Site

The objective of VictoriaMilan reviews is to verify how reliable it is to organize extra-marital meetings on this site. Calculate how many chances a married person would have to marital infidelity. If you want to find out what happens when you sign up for Victoria Milan and what types of users you can meet, read on.

What is the Service For?

Victoria Milan is a qualified dating site to engage in extra-marital affairs among its members. Offers services dedicated to married people looking for online adventures, such as an internal messaging system and private chat.

For Whom Service?

So far nothing special, there are dozens of them doing it. So what advantages can a lover of clandestine encounters expect from Victoria Milan? Surely a high level of privacy; as we know as one makes up their mind to cheat on their partner, who needs the discretion to move without arousing suspicion. But we found the extras are really not bad in its pages!

Victoria Milan review

Victoria Milan – Ease of Use

Born in Finland in 2010, Victoria Milan has spread in the countries of Northern Europe, arriving today to count something like more than 800 thousand members.

Victoria Milan is currently among the first sites in the world dedicated to those who dream of having a clandestine relationship and the numbers speak for themselves. It should be pointed out, however, that despite the enormous popularity, we will not have the same mathematical certainty that our adventure will be guaranteed, but we will undoubtedly have the assurance that the certainty that the chances of finding it will be much higher than any other extramarital dating site.

Victoria Milan interface

If you are looking for something stable and lasting this is not the right place, but if you are looking for new secret relationships and adventures for sexual purposes, take seriously (and safely) considering Victoria Milan.

Unlike the other adult dating sites, Victoria Milan offers a very essential and simplified display, which makes the consultation of the various profiles much more practical and consequently gives us the possibility to find what you are looking for faster and get straight to the hard business.

How to Register on Victoria Milan?

The registration consists of a few quick steps, where you are asked to fill in some fields with primary data. Once you become a free member of the site you have the ability to complete your profile to search based on a radius of kilometers of your choice. To send messages, chat, give gifts and use the full functions of the site, you must become a premium user. Prices are quite high but still cheaper than the competition.

Victoria Milan sing up

How to Use Victoria Milan?

As soon as you enter, just for the first time, you will have to fill out a short questionnaire to better describe your personality, what we like and what excites us, after which we will immediately have access to a list of users in our immediate vicinity, potential partners who, like yourself, look for new ones erotic encounters that meet the requirements set by you.


Few functions and maximum simplicity of use, the primary purpose of Victoria Milan is indeed to provide a professional and discreet service for those who want to find new adventures, and without getting too lost in complicated architectures, this is precisely what it does.

Victoria Milan menu


Through the search filter, we can set the characteristics of the desired partner/by choosing by age, city, and distance from our position. A few very simple settings are available. In addition to the search, on the home screen of our private area, we will be suggested a number of potential partners listed for the last members, ideal partners and most popular profiles (users more active and visited).

How to Pay for Victoria Milan?


Registration is totally free and offers the possibility of:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Load and set private photos
  • Use the AnonymousBlur feature to mask our photos and stay more anonymous partially
  • See and read descriptions of all profiles of other users
  • Use basic research to search for potential partners

By purchasing a subscription instead, we will have the opportunity to access all the functions and above all, to significantly increase our chances of conquest. By purchasing a subscription we can:

  • Send and read messages from all users
  • Chat with users online right now
  • Use advanced profile search
  • Virtual gifts to the people you like to facilitate meetings
  • Increase your visibility with the Profile BOOSTER feature
  • Knowing who visits your profile to see who is interested in us and then increase the chance of meeting

Victoria Milan sweet baby


  • 1 month $39.90
  • 3 months $29.90/month
  • 6 months $19.90/month
  • 12 months $14.90/month

Payment Systems

The site accepts payments with credit cards and PayPal.

Payments are made by credit card and among the various security protocols that are guaranteed, Victoria Milan will never appear in your statement, as the anonymous name that Victoria Milan uses for billing is changed regularly for the benefit of our discretion.

Victoria Milan Users

While on other competing sites such as Ashley Madison, a good slice of the audience is single, Victoria Milan mainly attracts the attention of unfaithful spouses. The average user who attends Victoria Milan has been married for 5 or 6 years, financially well-off, lives in the family but loves the escapades, to break the conjugal routine. Statistics show that the majority of these are men. But we also find a fair feminine presence. Women married and well-known professionals, also attracted by the extra-familiar liaisons flagged by VictoriaMilan.

Victoria Milan profile

User Region

Victoria Milan brings together users from all over the world. It is a great tool for traveling philanderers since you can access it from most of the countries and find other members wanting to engage in hot action and spend some fun time together in the locality you find yourself in.

Sexual Orientation

VictoriaMilan is an LGBTQ-friendly community. Choose your gender and the gender of your desired partner to proceed according to your sexual orientation.

Possibilities of Filing and Correspondence

There are clearly the typical functions of a site of extra-marital meetings, such as the possibility of creating an anonymous profile, privatizing photos, and hiding their data in financial transactions. We also find some beneficial options, such as:

Private keys. You can set a private key for one or more images, to be sent to other users. In this way, only those people who receive the key to view the images will be given the opportunity. An elegant way to share your private photos only with whoever you want, and if they want naturally.

Panic button. The panic button allows you to delete any track from your computer’s display in case you are busted to chat or perform other compromising actions on the site. It is definitely a gimmick that can save embarrassing situations in extremis. Once pressed, it will automatically log out and transport you to a pre-set internet page or the one that is chosen by you.

Anonymizer for images. Useful when you do not want to make your profile private, but you should avoid being recognized. The system applies a level of blur to uploaded images.

Victoria Milan user

User Security


In addition to security regarding payments, thanks to advertising campaigns, the name of Victoria Milan has managed to appear on national media, campaigns that have contributed to increasing the reputation and the number of members of this community of extramarital meetings exponentially.

The increase in popularity has obviously also coincided with the increase in the quality of service, so much so that Victoria Milan claims to be among the first portals of sexual meetings all around the world.

Anti Scam

The profiles here are monitored for authenticity. You can report your concerns about fake users or scamming attempts to customer support.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VictoriaMilan


Victoria Milan specializes in extra-marital relations and is the most discreet place to do it online. You will meet people who have the same desires and the same expectations. The site is secure and anonymous. It will be your secret corner.

You can search for profiles according to different criteria: physical, city, age, personality or even sexual preferences. It is possible to send a virtual flirt or wink: if the other user answers you, you can send him a message and start a conversation. You can discuss with members, block unwanted profiles and automatically receive a message in your mail if someone sends you one.

Victoria Milan woman


Of course, there are some things still to be settled such as price policy. Not having a monthly subscription option is a bad starting point, because as we all know they would like to try it to be able to personally test its effectiveness. Another sore point is the low number of members in small cities and peripheral areas, which force users of these areas to move, but we think that the problem can be solved soon thanks to the massive advertising campaign put in place by the owners.

Victoria Milan – Short Description

Victoria Milan seems like a good site for extra-marital meetings, with some interesting options and that will surely lead him soon to the top of our rankings and we also think about user preferences.

Rating: 5
Comments on "VictoriaMilan Review"
  • Antonio

    I used so many sites, but I liked this one the most. There are a lot of real people and good girls who are not chasing money. A lot of pictures, convenient to communicate. Got acquainted here with the girl, liked her profile and began to write to her, agreed to meet. You have to be patient and decide who you’re looking for.

    Rating: 5
  • Michael

    I met a great girl on this site. I liked her photos. I decided to come to the meeting, although I was afraid to do it before. She surprised me, as she said she would like to be invited to not restaurant or cinema, and planetarium. I work there, so she had an amazing tour, we have been drinking wine with her under the starry sky. After a week of communication I deleted my profile and so did she.

    Rating: 5
  • Drake

    I’m happy!)) I didn’t believe in love at first sight, she just wasn’t so good on the photo. I wrote my future wife and she responded. It turned out, we were neighbors. That’s a real story. Life is amazing. On the street, we would not notice each other, and the network helped to find a soulmate for me.

    Rating: 5
  • John

    There are a lot of interesting guys on this site. A couple of the people offered the meeting without any obligation. So I immediately replied that I was looking for a guy for a serious relationship. I met him a little later, after using the platform almost every day.

    Rating: 5
  • Lael

    I always considered online dating as something simple that makes you waste your time. I am using this platform as my friend insisted on it, and for now, I am really satisfied. Who knows, maybe such platforms aren’t that silly as I thought.

    Rating: 4
  • Theo

    The interface of the platform is amazing. By this fact, you understand that the developers care about their users. Everything works well, the design is bright and interesting. I see this platform as a chance to experience something new in my life!

    Rating: 5
  • Anthony

    To be honest, it is one of many platforms which offers you the same stuff. I have not noticed anything new and unique. I guess, it is just one more site, but that’s all. So that’s why 3 stars out of 5.

    Rating: 3
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