Victoria Hearts Review

Victoria Hearts Review
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When talking about quality, the first dating site that comes to mind is Victoria Hearts. There are no intrusive ads, no rude and obscene offers. That’s because the site was created for people who are tired of loneliness and ready to start a family. That is why it is so nice to meet and chat.

Long distance relationships are not something we crave for or think of romance in general, but many online dating agencies make it really simple for singles to find their other halves all over the world. Victoria Hearts is an awesome choice if you’re looking for meaningful relationships.

About Victoria Hearts Dating Site

Easy-to-use, functional, and optimized website – all information the user needs is one click away. To sign up and start using the website has never been easier.

The Main Goal of the Service

Victoria Hearts philosophy is that no matter what your place of residence may be, you can always develop meaningful relationships over the internet. Miles simply don’t count. With multiple communication channels and many ways to show your affection, the service is a versatile platform for lonely hearts seeking their love.

Victoria Hearts Users

While many other websites are tailored to a specific audience, ethnic group or geolocation, this website invites absolutely all people to sign up and start their search. Many advanced paid features mean that the target audience is comprised of single adults looking for a romance that can really grow into something serious.

Victoria Hearts review

The Main Page

All information about online dating is at your fingertips on the website main page. You can read about the main advantages of using this service and its most advanced features before creating your personal account. If you like it, don’t hesitate to sign up. Just click on sign up button and follow easy steps to create an account.

The site is user-friendly and well-organized. They placed all the main navigation elements on the header. There are a few buttons to make your user experience even easier. Pages load fast and the website design doesn’t embarrass you. If you want more, scroll down to the footer.

Victoria Hearts Girls

How to Register on Victoria Hearts?

The registration process may seem a bit lengthy. However, you can skip most steps, but the many people might want to feel out all forms. This is one of few downsides to the site.

After providing your e-mail and creating a password, to make the most of the website you have to answer multiple questions such as describing the type of person you are looking for and adding more details to your own profile. Providing information is optional and you can skip it and do it later.

You Can Sign Up VictoriaHearts Here >>

How to Use Victoria Hearts?

The website is very simple regarding user experience and user interface. There are no useless buttons, so you won’t find it difficult to use the site.


The navigational panel is situated in the header while sidebars provide quick access to credits (website’s virtual currency) and mail. The header has:

  • Search. The list of people you may like is always in your sight so you can easily pick people you want. If you need to add more filters, you can do it in this section.
  • Faces. This is a unique feature that works much like modern dating sites and allows you to meet random people. See a face, decide whether you like it or swipe further
  • Messages. By clicking on this button you can view your active chats and messages.
  • Mail. Instant chats are different from the mail. You can exchange letters, media and other files via the website’s mailing service.
  • Credits section shows your credit balance. You may check it and add more money to your account if you need.

Search Filters

Victoria Hearts filters

Most potential matches are shown to you directly on the main page, but you can narrow it down by adding additional filters.

Here are some of the most important filters:

  • Geolocation. The website asks you to provide your current location. You need to specify the country and the city you are currently living in.
  • Marital status. You may search for single or even married people with or without children.
  • Lifestyle. Alongside preferences regarding smoking and drinking, you may also add such filters as religious affiliation and education.
  • Other filters. You can specify the age range or search for people that are currently online. If you want to avoid scammers, tick the “validated” box. You will see only verified accounts.

Victoria Hearts: Purchase Credits

Credits are used to enjoy extended features. When using credits, you will be able to see people who are interested in you, view all available photos, and send gifts. The expanded list of features helps to find matches more quickly.

Payment Systems

Victoria Hearts does not rely on unverified payment systems and prefers to work with VISA/MasterCard cardholders. If you want to purchase credits, you may be asked to provide your personal information and use your own credit card.

Victoria Hearts: User Profiles

All accounts can be verified by the website, but this is an optional feature. You may or may not want to verify your personal information. If your goal is to get a good match, you will have to validate it.

Victoria Hearts User

View Girls Profiles On >>

User Region

A country and city in which a user lives must be specified for a user to be shown in search results.

General Information

You can share your personal information such as religious affiliation, education, habits, interests, and much more.

Possible Means of Communication

Use instant messaging to talk to people you like. If you want to exchange files, links, and/or media files, make sure to use our in-built mailing service.

Victoria Hearts: User Security

The cybersecurity is ensured by using SSL certificates and HTTPS scheme to protect your data. The website is devoid of any viruses.


The site regularly informs you how to avoid being scammed and how to protect your personal data.

Anti-Scam Measures

Most accounts are validated. You can report any suspicious account and it will be banned if we detect any fraudulent activity. To avoid scammers and unreliable connections, contact only validated accounts.

Victoria Hearts Ups and Downs

This is a great service for online dating and building relationships. If you are interested in developing meaningful relationships and you’re looking for somebody completely different from your cultural background, Victoria Hearts is the right place for you!

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Victoria Hearts


  • Unique features like “Faces”;
  • Informative profiles;
  • Lots of communication channels.

Some disadvantages:

  • The registration process may seem a bit lengthy
  • Some paid features;
  • Only one payment option.

Victoria Hearts – Main Takeaway

Victoria Hearts is a great place to start new relationships and slowly turn them into meaningful ones. If you are looking for a multifunctional platform where you can find your true love, there’s no better place!

Rating: 5
Comments on "Victoria Hearts Review"
  • Stanley

    Amazing service. Thanks for your review!

    Rating: 5
  • Anton Evseev

    I’m from Russia. We don’t use online dating sites that often in Russia. I mean, men try to stay away from the concept in general. However, this site is something special. It works pretty much like a social network. You make friends. You chat with people. You send them SMS and stuff. Eventually, these connections grow into something bigger. It is amazing.

    Rating: 5
  • lester

    I don’t think that I’ve been that active online since they removed MySpace. Oh, my heart still aches for that one. However, this website is great for socializing. I get a lot of attention from women here and I like it. I chat with many people and went out with a couple of truly intriguing people. I think that the website is easy-to-use and has a metric ton of merits.

    Rating: 5
  • Daniel Lokki

    Some of the best ladies in the world are here, on this website. Victoria Hearts is a famous brand that has been around for a long time. There are lots of good testimonials from former users and those who have found their happiness. However, I want to chime in. There are minor issues with the service. I think that their level of customer support is much lower than it used to be. They do not answer to live chat questions as quickly as before. Maybe, they just have too much work…

    Rating: 4
  • Milana

    Good review! I`m using VictoriaHearts almost 2 years and it has its drawbacks, but there are still more advantages.

    Rating: 4
  • Henry S. Tucker

    If you are looking for a good website to talk with women and even try to build a lasting online relationship, this website might be just for you. It is a great place with thousands of members. I’ve been active here for at least a year. Ladies usually reply quickly. However, you may need to spend some time and money to get them talking and going out with you. I guess the realities of modern online dating are not very welcoming, but still attractive!

    Rating: 4
  • Richard

    I’m 70 now. For me, dating is a process that requires way too much time and effort. However, I can still be very active online. This dating site helped me find women who also feel lonely. Victoria Hearts may not be the best choice for seniors, but it still a great place to search for people you may connect with.

    Rating: 5
  • Patrick L. Rouse

    I have accounts on many dating sites, but this one stands out due to its flexibility and lots of cool features that you can use to search for that one amazing match. I think that this website deserves more attention than it gets. I’ve been its loyal customer for about half a year and my experience was amazing. The number of good relationships that I’ve managed to build here is surprisingly high. I did not believe that I can be an active user of online dating sites, but here I am recommending Victoria Hearts to you.

    Rating: 4
  • mike

    I can certainly say that the majority of people that I met during my time on Victoria Hearts are great people. I’ve had a lot of memorable interactions with various ladies there. Every time, it felt special. I’ve since moved on to pursue relationships IRL, but if you like the idea of online dating, this website is the best choice, believe me!

    Rating: 4
  • Jack6787

    Do I like this site? Hell, yes, I do! This is the best dating site ever! A lot of really beautiful women who are ready to have a nice chat with you. I’ve received a lot of messages from women after adding a photo and updating my profile page. It was a hassle since I wanted it to be as full and descriptive as possible. Thankfully, it brought some fruit!

    Rating: 5
  • kir

    I’ve never played with an idea that I would be using an online dating site on a regular basis. I’ve been talking to a lot of people on this website and many were very kind to me. I’m still seeking my significant, but I feel that I will soon find her. This is a great site and it has a great community.

    Rating: 4
  • Steffan

    I have registered on this site only yesterday.Women are really nice! I miss many messages from those who are much older than me but still I am quite glad that I started to use it.

    Rating: 5
  • Coul

    I’ve been using this platform for 2 weeks. Of course, a lot of users write just for fun, although I did not look for anything serious here. I’ve always thought that such services were created to kill free time. One day the future wife wrote me after we met. We are together for 4 years, we have a daughter! I would never believe if someone said, that on this site I will find my soulmate.

    Rating: 5
  • Joseph

    I met my wife on this site. I still don’t believe and consider myself as the luckiest man in the world. I am not sure if everyone can find a partner online but you just need to give it a try. Don`t look at the fact that the design is a bit outdated, the girls there are really selective.

    Rating: 5
  • Duglas

    Thanks for the review! I read it and I wondered if the site was really good. I have already registered, while I like everything. But I think that it is worth taking a premium version to have an advantage.

    Rating: 5
  • Thomas

    I have worked in foreign companies for 3 years and often I went to Ukraine on business trips. When I was there at my first time, I didn’t know the city at all and decided through this platform to ask random 10 different young ladies to give me a tour and all ten of them received exactly the same letter. We are together 1,5 year with one of them, in the winter I proposed to her and soon we’re getting married 🙂

    Rating: 5
  • Adam

    My sad story began in my childhood, when I, having read beautiful fairy tales about foreign princes. I assured myself that I would meet one of them. When I was 13, I became interested in classic novels, the characters of which were so different from ordinary men. And as you could understand, I couldn’t find such a woman in real life. So now I am using VictoriaHearts in order to meet my Ukrainian princess. So I hope it will help me.

    Rating: 5
  • Ralph

    This platform is really unique. You can find here all cool girls in the world. I have already had many dates and I stopped counting them! I am quite popular among girls, but I have met a girl who I like not only as a friend. I think we are quite close to becoming a couple.

    Rating: 5
  • Alan

    My experience in dating on the Internet is small, but I had chats with nice girls and met them for real. So I can recommend this platform, even to people who aren’t really confident. You will find the right person for sure!

    Rating: 5
  • Osteenxxxx

    We met each other on this site. We had the same job that’s why we started dating very soon, and in just a month and a half or two, we moved in together. We are working and living together for almost a year and even began to think about the wedding.

    Rating: 5
  • Calvin

    I met my girlfriend here, on this site. We talked for two weeks and we decided to spend our vacation together in Norway, spent a wonderful month together and now we are living in California together.

    Rating: 5
  • Michaele^54

    I work in a circus, and my life is full of traveling, so basically I never have time for me and my personal life. I heard about this site and decided to give it a try! I worked in America, she’s in Switzerland, and I had to move there in 1.5 years. We started chatting. We spent 3-4 hours on Skype at least. After two months of communication, I had a week off, and I went to her. Can’t wait for our next meeting.

    Rating: 5
  • Floyde

    Finally, I have found the platform where you can chat with women want a serious relationship. I’ve used so many platforms and I realized that dating sites offer you only one-night people. So I can recommend it to everyone if you look for something serious!

    Rating: 5
  • Terry Nds

    I thought, when I registered on this site, that it will be another platform which is full of scams and frauds. I experienced it on every single website But I was surprised by the fact the site was really well-organized and users are friendly.

    Rating: 5
  • SteveLox

    Very useful information

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