Ru Brides Review

Ru Brides Review
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A classic dating site RuBrides has a big audience of Russian mail order brides. The cool thing about this website is that you can see the girl live by pointing the cursor to her profile photo. If you choose to get acquainted, write her a letter or ask for a live cam video chat.

RuBrides is a website with thousands of active accounts for men who want to date a beautiful woman from Russia. If you are looking for someone to start a family with, this website should be on your watch list. The developers of the service decided to add a lot of exciting features including an interactive video chat, contact sharing options, and so on!

About Ru Brides Dating Site

The website is created to help men from all over the world date Russian women. These brides are always ready to share their interests and hobbies. Most Ru Brides reviews note that this is a functional yet in many ways unique web platform.

What Is the Service For?

The primary goal of Ru-Brides is to provide a secure platform for online dating and long-distance relationships in general. Several interesting options help users avoid scammers and search for real love. If you are interested in finding someone special in Russia, this website is indeed what you need to add to your bookmarks list.

RuBrides review

Who Are the Target Audience?

The website is created to cater to foreign mature men who want to find partners for romantic endeavors in Russia. This is not a regular dating site, but a special service catering to a very specific audience. Single men from all over the world register here to try their luck and maybe meet someone truly exquisite.

RuBrides Design

The design immediately focuses your attention on portraits of beautiful women. The diversity will immediately strike you. Russia is a country with so many ethnic groups. You may meet cold Nordic women, passionate brides from the Caucasus, and shy Asians. The overall design favors functionality over flashy animations and decorations.

RuBrides members

How to Register on

The registration process takes only a couple of steps. You may create an account by simply making up a username and a password. You will need to provide your e-mail address and confirm it by using a special link that will be sent to you via e-mail. To proceed and start talking to women, you will need to fill out your profile.

You Can Sign Up RuBrides Here >>

Another way is to use your Facebook account to sign up. This will reduce the number of steps to a bare minimum. If you have information about you on your FB page, it will be automatically used to fill some forms in the profile. You can edit the information so do not worry that your secrets will become public in a glance of the eye.

How to Use

The interface is very efficient and easy-to-use. The vast majority of the features are intuitive. The main page will showcase women who are online and ready to chat.


All buttons and links have specific purposes and will help you navigate:

  • My Account. This is where you can add information to your profile page, check out favorite brides, and buy credits.
  • Video chat. One of the best features. Opens a new window with an exclusive interactive chat where you can talk to a woman you like.
  • Women gallery. All registered and verified brides are showcased in this section.
  • Video clips. This is a collection of videos uploaded by brides. Most videos include short messages to potential visitors.
  • Search. This function allows you to search for specific women that fit your criteria.
  • Support. You can send messages to moderators and inquire about various aspects of the service.


There are several filters you can use to narrow down the list of women shown to you:

  1. Basic information that includes the country of origin (CIS countries and Latvia, the Czech Republic and China), height, weight, and body type.
  2. Marital status, children, and religion.
  3. Interests, hobbies, bad habits.
  4. Eye and hair color.
  5. Level of the English language.

You can also search only for online users in order to start chatting right away.

RuBrides search

How to Pay for RuBrides?

If you want to use the website, you will need to pay. Sadly, nearly all features are gated and will require you to spend some credits.


You may purchase up to 750 credits at $299. The price of the credit depends on many factors including the size of the package you are planning to use. All features on the website are paid for. Writing a letter costs 7 credits while 1 minute of video chat costs 1. Note that you will need to spend more than 180 minutes with a woman in a chat to receive her contact information, or write 15 letters to her.

RuBrides user

Payment Methods

Banking options are quite versatile. You can use VISA/MasterCard or Discovery cards as well as Western Union payments and even MoneyGram. This variety is a nice thing since many services work only with credit cards. Some users prefer keeping their financial credentials away from online payments and using more secure options like Western Union, which is a lifesaver.

RuBrides Users

Profile pages are very detailed. You can add a lot of information about yourself and even upload a video (this costs 10 credits). Women usually take their profile pages seriously and add as much information as possible. You will also find their photos and learn about their interests before deciding whether you want to spend your precious credits on a specific woman.

RuBrides profile

View Girls Profiles On >>


The website has brides from all the corners of Russia and the CIS region as well as women from China, Latvia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.

Sexual Orientation

RuBrides dating site is for straight men only. You won’t be able to find men among candidates. The name of the website is quite telling.

Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

There are three main ways to communicate on this web platform:

  • A dedicated interactive video chat with many interesting features;
  • Instant messages that will require you to spend some credits;
  • The mailing service that allows you to send letters 7 credits each.

User Security

Ru Brides is a secure website that uses SSL certification and encryption to protect your data from cyber-attacks. You can avoid risks completely by using a site-specific login and password while paying for services via Western Union.


The moderation is quite strict. While men do not have to go through the verification process, all women must provide real photos and some personal information in order to become users of the platform.

Anti Scam Measures

The support team will quickly answer your requests to flag suspicious accounts as risky. You can talk to women via video chat only to avoid scammers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RuBrides

Ru Brides is a great service with thousands of women who are looking for mature foreign bridegrooms. Most featured women are independent and have jobs meaning that they are looking for mutually beneficial relationships.


  • Functional, intuitive navigation;
  • Lots of filters to search for specific women;
  • A unique and interactive video chat.

Disadvantage: Nearly all features cost credits.

RuBrides – Main Takeaway

Ru Brides is great Russian mail order brides sites. has a lot of upsides. This is an honest service for men who want to meet women from Russia. The platform gives you an opportunity to meet someone special and protects men from scammers.

Rating: 5
Comments on "Ru Brides Review"
  • Joshua87

    OMG! I love Russian women. They are so witty and know how to make you comfortable without spending too much time on talking. This dating site is a heaven for those who want to meet a woman from Russia and potentially build a family. 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it firmly.

    Rating: 4
  • Samwell Young

    A lot of people seem to be super excited about RuBrides, but I think that juries are still out on this dating site. While I’ve seen a lot of cool stories about unions that were built upon dates set up here, the website is still one of those simple bride seeking online dating communities that only seem to be focused on catering towards a certain audience. I think that they need to implement more features for men who are not looking for wives.

    Rating: 3
  • Mike

    While I’ve seen websites that are undeniably better than this one, RuBrides is still a great choice for people who want to find a woman from Russia. If you are searching for a woman that will be happy to join your household and make it stronger, you will be happy to bring home a wife from Russia. I think that Russian women are the best in the world. All of my connections on the website are very intriguing and interesting.

    Rating: 5
  • Nick4512

    I’ve met Alla on RuBrides. She is an amazing woman and a great personality. Russians never struck me as people who think big. However, Alla is a woman that thinks much bigger than any man that I’ve met in my life. She is my inspiration. She is my everything. I’m very happy that two years ago I decided to become a member of RuBrides community.

    Rating: 5
  • Arthur

    I like this website for its simplicity and great auto matchmaking. You can just ask the algorithm. It will find matches for you based on your interests. At the same time, you will be able to browse through thousands of profiles of women. There are hundreds of ladies who are regularly online and will be happy to have a chat with you. They will gladly meet a foreigner who can impress them with wit and financial independence.

    Rating: 4
  • lovelyman

    RuBrides is exactly what you want from the online dating industry. A clear definition of the target audience, a lot of attention towards creating a healthy environment, and an awful lot of truly amazing women who are ready to become brides and wives for men who are willing to provide them with a way to another country.

    Rating: 5
  • Cory

    Not my best experience using dating sites. Girls are too intrusive, the design is rather old-fashioned. On the other hand, all the necessary functions are present, most girls are real beauties and know English (more or less).

    Rating: 3
  • Oliver

    RuBrides is exactly what you expect and you should expect from the online dating platforms. A lot of truly brilliant women who are ready to become wives for foreigners. I always have a nice conversation on this site. Girls are so beautiful and intelligent!

    Rating: 5
  • Bob

    I believe that I discovered a useful wonderful site. I immediately began using it actively. I created a profile, wrote to many women. I will continue in the same spirit as long as everything is pleasant.

    Rating: 5
  • Dima

    I met my girlfriend just on a RuBrides dating site. We talked for two years, the time came and we agreed to meet in Tunisia, spent a wonderful two weeks together and realized that we can not live without each other so now we are living in New York together.

    Rating: 5
  • Bryan

    Well, everything is not as bad as it could be. The site is quite good, but there are many flaws that must be corrected. In the meantime, only such a review, if there are changes for the better – there will be five stars too.

    Rating: 4
  • Cooper

    RuBrides is a great modern dating site that can attract any user with its openness and full willingness to cooperate. Everything is fine, no defects were identified.

    Rating: 5
  • Ted

    The platform is good! It is really simple and well-designed. I’ve arranged some dates with some girls. I hope I will find someone good. So if you want to find a person for a serious and long relationship then go and use this website.

    Rating: 5
  • Alexаааа2321

    She wrote me a week ago but I didn’t notice it and that’s why I hadn’t answered her for 2 weeks but when I finally sent my response, I had no hope as basically, I was ignoring her. In fact, we shared the same interests and she just laughed when I explained why I didn’t answer. We went on dates twice, and now I am planning to move to her city!

    Rating: 5
  • Roland

    I want to thank the developers of the site as I really like the fact that the site provides a safety. I’ve found my girlfriend. I would never have met her, as we are both shy and aren’t fond of chatting with random people on the street. We are together for 2 years Thanks again.

    Rating: 5
  • Ronnie

    I have registered on this site a few months ago. I met really brilliant girls, but once I wrote one woman, and after a week of chatting we decided to meet in real life. In fact, she was much older than she said. I got upset, but I still use this platform. Not such a negative experience but still.

    Rating: 4
  • Paul

    I was looking for a partner in real life but nothing happened And luckily, I have found her here. We had a long-distance relationship for some months. We used Skype but now we are living together. I will tell about this platform everyone!

    Rating: 5
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