Rose Brides Review

Rose Brides Review
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The Rose Brides site is especially relevant for those who want to meet beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Asia, or Latin America. Show your interest in the girl by sending her a “Hallo” or adding her to your hotlist. Wish to get to know her better? Use private messages for communication.

About RoseBrides Mail Order Brides Site

What is the Service For?

RoseBrides is different from many other online dating services with a focus on mail order brides. It is an acclaimed website with two decades of history, and rightfully so: slightly more elaborate than other similar resources, it is present internationally and boasts high-efficiency rates.

For Whom Service? is dedicated to singles from all around the world, erasing the boundaries between those with the potential to fall in love with each other. The point of the service is to make up for demographic or economic misbalances within countries of the world, giving everyone a fair chance of meeting the soul mate and a partner of their dreams.

RoseBrides Ease of Use

RoseBrides is a unique dating service in many regards. It is a dating space for those who are looking for a partner overseas, with ample choice offering matches of every flavor. Unlike online dating sites dedicated to mail order brides from just one country or a world’s region, RoseBrides dating site takes a step further and offers matchmaking services across countries and cultures internationally. It is not only male subscribers who get to choose the country or the region they would like their future matches to come from but the ladies as well. Oftentimes the dating scene is marred by gender misbalances. Women are limited in their options to choose what countries they would like their potential partners to reside in; RoseBrides changes the way the game is played.

The site stands out with the way it is designed, too, and in a big way so: you will not find gaudy photography or sickly-sweet romantic pictures here. The layout is very schematic, to put it mildly. But it is functional beyond anything you’ve ever known: right from the main page, you are given the possibility to set settings for your potential matches ticking off the age group and the country where you would like your search results to land you.

Rose Brides review

How to Register on

You can put up your profile at RoseBrides directly from the landing page, or clicking on the Sign-Up button. The registration process itself takes somewhat longer than it usually does at other sites in mail order brides industry. Apart from the traditional and obvious fields like user name, email address, password, gender, age, etc., you will be asked to specify your country of residence, as well as state/province (if applicable) and city. Your actual name, both first and last, will also be required at registration; but those will not be visible to other users.

After solving the captcha and confirming your being of age, you click on Join For Free button and verify your email address. The quest for the new love is about to begin! The site offers a Freemium account, which is not much use. We will speak about it further down this RoseBrides review; but straight off, you will need to purchase a Premium account in order to be able to completely fill out your profile and add more pictures of yourself, as well as engage in communication and use other tools offered by the service.

How to Use RoseBrides?


As has already been said, the navigation on RoseBrides is the simplest thing after apple pie: the layout being what it is, you will need just to glance up and down, left and right to take in every button you would need using the website. From the main page, you can use the Quick Search tool, or choose your matches by a few simple categories. You can also see pictures of singles actively using the site services, arranged by countries.

From your profile page, you will be able to edit your information as many times as you would like to, view your visitors and those who hotlisted you, create your own hotlists, add users to blacklist, and perform a number of other activities.

In the footer of the main page, traditionally, you will see links to pages containing essential information about the site and its services.


Filters and search tool, as well as the entire matchmaking algorithm at, differs from everything that’s out there. It is neither too short like it is habitual for mail order bride sites nor too extended like it’s typical for sites specializing in identifying your matches based on your personality.

Rose Brides search

You can filter singles before you even sign up for the service by using the Quick Search tool on the main page. Alternatively, you can click on an age group and see singles based on that category. Another quick filtering tool will narrow down your search results to New Brides, Top Rated Brides, All Brides and Online Now.

A more elaborate search tool uses multiple filters that focus on the way a person looks, their life situation like relationships status, children, education, job, hobbies, etc. – all on top of their location.

How to Pay for RoseBrides?


At RoseBrides, updating to a Premium account is a necessary step if you want to go past creating a profile and getting a preview of what their user database looks like. But you also get 2 weeks of Freemium membership, which is rather unheard of in the industry. In this membership plan, you will find 200 free Hello messages that you can send to matches of your choice.

After upgrading to Premium membership worth $25 you will have unlimited access to the following features of the site:

  • message sending;
  • message receiving;
  • video and phone calls;
  • photo uploading;
  • matches notification to the email;
  • adding members to hotlist;
  • hiding your profile;
  • sending unlimited Hello messages;
  • profile visibility;
  • see who visited your profile.

Payment Systems

RoseBrides offers several payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The reliability of their data protection is high; users can share their payment information without second-guessing the security of payment processing.

RoseBrides Girls

User Region

When it comes to user regions at RoseBrides, the sky is truly the limit! The site brings together singles from 160 (!) countries all around the world – talk about globalization! For a site specializing in mail order brides, this is quite an achievement. The international presence of the dating service is beyond competition. You can choose single women from whichever country that appeals to your imagination most. Of course, the most popular brides come from Russia, Ukraine, Asian countries and Latin America. Those women have distinct beauty, and if you are a sucker to any specific kind of it, you will be thrilled to discover how simple it is to connect with women of your hottest fantasies in just a few clicks.

Rose Brides profile

You can go directly to filtering girls by their country of origin. Actually, you will see their profiles the first thing when you get to the main page of the site. The photos of real RoseBrides users are arranged by country, with hot Latinas on top followed by enigmatic Asian ladies and classy Slavic girls.

Women can have their choice of men by country, too. Just by narrowing down the search to a specific country they will have access to men’s profiles within the specified region.

Sexual Orientation

RoseBrides currently offers only heterosexual dating.

Possibilities of Filing and Correspondence

Messaging system on the site is built up by traditional LiveMessages, EMF (email message form) messages, CamShare (the classical Video Chat feature), phone call, and a Hello message feature exclusive to the site. You can send a quick message from the page with your search result: every user picture thumbnail is endowed with Send Message, Say Hello and Add To Hotlist shortcuts.

russian dating women

RoseBrides User Security


User safety is positioned as one of the top priorities on the sites About Us page. Indeed, the management of RoseBrides seems to live up to their claims: the environment here is user-friendly, with zero tolerance of bullying, phishing activities and identity theft. All profiles are manually verified, which is a very impressive achievement for a huge site with more than 180,000 users. The site’s pages are encrypted using 128 bit SSL coding, and the payment and sharing personal information are as safe as at any other well-established networking site.

Anti Scam

In order to protect subscribers of the service from fraudsters and scammers, Customer Support of RoseBrides manually checks every user submitting their information. You will note that personal details such as first name and last name are required. This scrupulous approach is applied in every matter concerning user security. Report suspicious activity or trust abuse as soon as you encounter either of the above directly to Customer Support.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RoseBrides


  • 180,000+ users
  • presence in 160 countries
  • 2 weeks of Freemium account
  • 200 free Hello messages
  • payment with PayPal
  • informational support through reading materials on dating
  • high success rates


The cons of subscribing to RoseBrides is first and foremost its steep price, closely followed by fairly dull website design.

Conclusion of Our Specialists About RoseBrides

RoseBrides should definitely be given a shot just because it is a huge international platform with 160 countries and more than 180,000 users under its belt, which gives unique opportunities of finding your true match. Even as you are searching for someone to love, you will have a blast considering your options from every nook and cranny of the world. Another great advantage of the site is that women actually get to choose the countries they would want their future matches to come from. Normally, ladies are more limited in their choices and take on a more passive role.

The site’s design is somewhat of a disappointment, but it does not play an important role and does not at all impact the functionality of the dating service itself, so we wouldn’t dwell on that. The cost of the Premium account, on the other hand, is somewhat prohibitive and comparable to more elaborately designed matchmaking sites out there. The site is still free for females, which is another advantage in favor of the beautiful sex. And if it is any consolation – and it surely is! – several freebies are included into the Premium account. All in all, a worthwhile investment of your money!

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