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RomanceTale Review
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One of the most popular international dating sites for meeting Asian women is RomanceTale. Meet ladies from different Asian countries in one place. Find your soulmate using a quick search engine. Find out more about the girls in instant chat. Show your love and affection by sending them flowers and gifts.

RomanceTale dating site is a truly great opportunity for all Europeans and Americans to date someone from China or Vietnam. Featuring thousands of active users who are ready for long-term online relationships with people from abroad, this website creates a truly great environment for those who are looking for love.

About RomanceTale Dating Site

The website has a lot of useful functions and allows users to communicate via different channels. At the same time, the website offers a variety of features that will help you to find a suitable partner in no time thanks to the “Faces” feature and advanced search functionality.

What Is the Service for?

The website was created as a place where people can meet in a safe environment and try to build long-term relationships. The variety of communication methods allow users to develop such relationships over thousands of miles. You can exchange files, send messages, and even talk face to face.

RomanceTale review

Who Are the Target Audience?

The website tries to cater to all of its users. English speaking users will be happy to dive into the sea of opportunities to meet someone from China or Vietnam. Chinese and Vietnamese viewers can create accounts and try to attract the attention of people coming from European and North American countries.

RomanceTale Deep Review

This website looks stylish and simple. There are no unnecessary functions, and the experience is quite rewarding. The interface does not feature anything overly complicated. You can find every single button promptly.

RomanceTale users

How to Register on

To use all the features this website offers, you will need to create an account. The registration process starts from the moment you type your e-mail address, username, and password in the form on the main page. Additionally, you need to specify your gender and birth date. After you confirm the account, you will need to answer a couple of questions that will be used by the algorithm that tries to match you with people who may be of interest to you based on the information you provided.

You Can Sign Up RomanceTale Here >>

How to Use

The website has multiple useful features that help you navigate quicker, search for matches more efficiently, and communicate with users from your contact list as effectively as possible. Send messages, letters, files, and photos.

RomanceTale match


In the upper part of the navigation panel you will see five buttons:

  1. Search. Use multiple filters and narrow down the list of people who are shown to you in the gallery of matches.
  2. Faces. Mark the accounts that caught your attention. Flagged accounts are used by the algorithm that searches for matches.
  3. Messages. You can start a conversation with a simple “hey.” All short messages are stored in this section.
  4. Mail. The mailing service helps send long letters to express your feeling to a specific woman.
  5. Credits. All purchased, and bonus credits that can be spent on features and gifts are shown in this section of the website.


There are a lot of filters that you may apply to the results page to search for very specific people. Tweak parameters to see only those users that fit your description of an ideal partner. The number of filters used can also be adjusted. This is a very beneficial way to start searching for a woman or man that suit your requirements.

RomanceTale search

How to Pay for RomanceTale?

Most features that can make you and your significant other closers to each other have to be paid for with credits. You can buy them in the store, and they will come to your account immediately after payment. You will need credits for virtually every meaningful action.


Credits can be spent on various features including messaging (1 credit per message), letter sending (7 bucks each), and watching videos. Note that the vast majority of other options are also paid for. Checking out who liked you and what they wrote to you can be quite informative.

Payment Methods

Credits can be purchased with credits bought for real money. Pay for credits with real money from your VISA/MasterCard and via Western Union.

RomanceTale Profiles

There are many relatively empty profiles, but the majority prefers to spend some time to fill out the forms and write an informative bio. The vast majority of profiles have multiple albums and photos as well as video presentations. You will need to pay for watching videos from girls.

RomanceTale profile

View Girls Profiles On >>


Most website users are Chinese. Less than 12% of all users are from Vietnam. All other people are from China.

Sexual Orientation

RomanceTale does not provide an opportunity to meet people of the same sex. Girls talk to guys and vice versa.

Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

RomanceTale reviews usually point out that you can use the instant messaging system and mailing to start a productive conversation with anyone you like. However, letters cost $7 each, and even a simple conversation requires you to spend a lot of money. You will need people to talk to.

RomanceTale asian girl

User Security

Security is quite good since RomanceTale dating site uses SSL protocols and other forms of data protection.


You should try not to use your “normal” username and one of your go-to passwords during the registration process. It is also important to avoid paying with your credit card. Create a special bank account for that purpose only.

Anti Scam Measures

Moderators manually inspect every single profile. You will need to upload a verifiable picture of yourself so that the website admins could identify you and let you use the service. You can report suspicious accounts that are either behaving weirdly or seem to be fake.

RomanceTale: Advantages and Disadvantages

RomanceTale is a simple website that does not have too many features. However, you will be more than happy to use this site and try finding a person that will fit your requirements of a long-term partner. The only real downside of the website is that you have to pay for virtually everything.


  • Thousands of users from China and Vietnam;
  • Great data protection;
  • Video chat with a messenger.


  • Only heterosexual relationships are encouraged;
  • Credits are expensive and may not be worth it.

RomanceTale – Main Takeaway

RomanceTale will give you an opportunity to find someone from China or Vietnam. Use this website and try to find your perfect match as quickly as possible.

Rating: 5
Comments on "RomanceTale Review"
  • !Kit!

    A very nice site with lots of ladies from Asia. I’m from Canada and I travel a lot. Visiting Asia is always a great experience, but it gets even better if you can set up a date beforehand. I’ve met so many beautiful women who were enthusiastic about meeting me on their territory. Someday, I will find someone who will force me to stay there!

    Rating: 4
  • Christian

    Create an account on romancetale and start bombarding ladies with messages. Even if you think that you are not that handsome, eventually you will have some success. Persistence, boys, persistence is the key! I love this website since it allows me to message hundreds of women for a very low price. It is a great dating site and it has a lot of upsides for people like me.

    Rating: 5
  • Donovan

    This website deserves every bit of attention it gets. I think that it is hardtop find a dating site that has more features and option than this one. There are so many opportunities for you to find a woman that fits your description of an ideal. I love this website. The list of potential matches seems to be endless. Most ladies reply with at least a polite “I’m not interested”. You don’t get that annoying silence.

    Rating: 5
  • Li Goung

    I’ve found my husband on this website. I cannot say anything else. What else do you want? I wanted some happiness in my life and I found it. I don’t care about features and prices. Alex became my husband. My story speaks for me.

    Rating: 5
  • Marcus Coy

    I still believe that a good website must have more features. The automatic matchmaking barely works. I have to search for optimal matches myself. I can’t say that their search function is lackluster. It has all the necessary tools. I just would like more “automation”. Otherwise, a very good website. I definitely recommend all of you to check it out.

    Rating: 4
  • John1990

    I never thought that I would meet a special person on the internet. RomanceTale is a website that I will be forever grateful to. This site matched me with a woman who will soon become my wife. I’ve met my bride on this website and we started from a small talk that grew into a blossoming relationship. A year of separation by the ocean, and we are now together at my apartment, getting ready for our wedding! Thank you!

    Rating: 5
  • Qion

    I think that women have to go through a much tougher verification process than men. I had to send them a bunch of photos and even a scan of my passport to prove that I am who I am. Can’t say that this is something that I appreciated. I mean, men do not have to do all that stuff, do they? The overall experience on the site was quite good though. I’ve met many good people here and made a couple of meaningful connections.

    Rating: 4
  • DexTer

    I decided to try online dating about a year ago. It wasn’t a road paved with roses, but it had some highs that I will never be able to forget. When you start pushing your forties, you rarely search sweet talk and empty promises… Girls on RomanceTale is not about that! Recommend!

    Rating: 4
  • Fabe

    Good site, beautiful Asian girls, bright design, and the interface is very convenient and easy to use. So, everything is fine and this is a clear reason to put five points out of five.

    Rating: 5
  • Damian

    I met Aika on RomanceTale, at first everything was fine, until she began to constantly disappear. I was very worried about her because I had already become attached to her. She showed up a month later, it turned out that she had problems at work. Now we communicate well again and it is possible that I will propose her soon.

    Rating: 5
  • Alex

    It seems to be an ordinary platform. I have used it only for a day and, to be honest, I can’t praise it yet. You can talk to a few people, dispel boredom, an extra way to kill time.

    Rating: 4
  • Ryan

    To be honest, the platform is quite basic. I will not say that this site struck me with its novelty. It offers the same options the other sites do. All that I can say that there is nothing supernatural on it.

    Rating: 4
  • Chris

    Thanks for the review. I like to read the reviews here because they do not give any subjective assessment. Only facts, without emotions.

    Rating: 5
  • Damon

    I thought that RomanceTale is another site where there are constant scams and frauds. But no, it was really well-organized, so I recommend to use.

    Rating: 5
  • Victor

    Good platform as I experience the excitement of online dating all the time. I’ve been a user of it for a long time, never had any problems with it. I want to say thank you very much and wish everyone luck!

    Rating: 4
  • Jay

    I am 31 years old, I was officially married and got divorced. In a while, I lost my job so I was a bit depressed so that’s why I started using this site. I met here my girlfriend. She wasn’t really talkative and I thought I annoyed her every single second but in fact, she was just shy.

    Rating: 5
  • Roman

    I met a girl here, we talked for a long time, then dated for 4 months. The relationship was great, but she’s sportswoman so she always travels, I decided to break up with her as I wanted something serious and not 1 meeting in a month. After a long time, I found another girl, and again here!

    Rating: 5
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