RichMeetBeautiful Review

RichMeetBeautiful Review
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The resource RichMeetBeautiful was created in 2017. It helps sugar babies find sugar daddies. The type of relations between the two is clearly stated from the very beginning. Communication is possible via live chat and sending private messages. Also, the site users can send presents to the women they like.

About RichMeetBeautiful Dating Site

The world of online dating has a new frontier and is called RichMeetBeautiful. Founded by the Norwegian Sigur Vidal but based in Malta, this portal is presented as the “best meeting site for sugar daddy and sugar baby”. The target is very rich, sophisticated and old-fashioned men, and beautiful girls aged 18 to 26 are fond of exotic travel, shopping, and expensive gifts, but above all “tired of meeting young kids”, as the homepage states of the site.

RichMeetBeautiful is a portal of meetings based on mutual satisfaction between mature men and women of good presence. In this type of relationship, the fascination of stability makes a breach of aesthetic beauty and vice versa. In the United States, the so-called “Sugardaddy” dating sites have been well established for some years. Here we have taken some time to establish themselves, but lately, they are well attended by people interested in this type of meeting.

What is the Service For?

Born in 2012 from a rib of the White Label Dating factory platform. It is set on search and matchmaking of affinities between registered members. Besides the kind of woman looking for someone to pay her bills and take her on vacation to the Maldives, they can also be found by true lovers of the genre, with a real weakness for the elderly man.

RichMeetBeautiful review

For Whom Service?

On RichMeetBeautiful is estimated to be home to thousands of profiles of generous men, willing to shower ladies with gifts and take care of them financially. But it is not surprising if you then read above all requests for affection, sincerity or simple sex. It is part of the game. RichMeetBeautiful girls know how to be desired. We are however convinced that despite what it looks like, passionate relationships can be born on this site.

RichMeetBeautiful Description – Ease of Use

There are two types of roles on RichMeetBeautiful: sugar daddy and sugar baby (not necessarily males and females). It has different levels of registration. The upper level allows you to send and receive emails from anyone on the site, regardless of their membership. The average one enables you to send messages but prevents them from receiving those who do not belong to levels 1 and 2 (i.e. free users). The lower one is free, both for men and for women, but you can only respond to messages from people belonging to the premium level. The mechanism is designed to promote the free accounts of the girls and give the exclusive to be able to contact only those who pay the VIP level of registration. The upper level means the standard subscription plus the VIP options.

RichMeetBeautiful is an international dating site that has been opened in Sweden. The dating portal works in the niche “Sugarbaby/Sugardaddy”, which means rich and successful men seeking younger women and vice versa. It may sound cynical, but it can be very exciting and fun for both parties.

RichMeetBeautiful interface

How to Register on

At the home page of the service, you will be immediately prompted to sign up for free and try using the site. There is an option of Facebook signup. Alternatively, specify your gender, your role in sugar daddy type of relationship (sugarbaby, sugardaddy, sugarmamma), pick a username, choose a password, and start working on your profile. If you are already a member, you can log in directly from the home page.

How to Use RichMeetBeautiful?


The first thing we see when we log in to RichMeetBeautiful is a great overview of users in the category we are looking for. It’s easy to start selecting candidates. RichMeetBeautiful is a very fun dating site to use, because of how much fun a sugar ratio is. Who does not like expensive stuff?

A girl willing can subscribe to a paid subscription, and contact other members of the site. Even if on a site like RichMeetBeautiful, being in the baseband means reading messages only for VIP users. The most clicked male profiles instead are those full of details on the status of their finances, or on the type of expenses, they intend to offer their women. Good feedback on the contact tools, chat, and webcam on everyone.


Using the filtering system embedded into the site’s structure, you will be able to focus on the type of person you want to meet and the kind of relationship you want to develop with them. Dial in the age, gender, relationship status, locality, income, lifestyle habits, etc. and choose from the most opportune matches.

How to Pay for RichMeetBeautiful?


For a RichMeetBeautiful premium subscription, you must pay more than regular dating sites – although there is not much money for real sugar daddies. The price is €39.99 for 1-month subscription, but per month cost is lower if you pay for 3 months subscription: €89.97, and lower still for 6 months subscription: €119.94. With a full year subscription, you get to pay €179.88. We think it’s worth the money – after all, the members here definitely can afford it!

RichMeetBeautiful cost

Payment Systems

At RichMeetBeautiful you can pay using your credit card.

RichMeetBeautiful Users

User Region

Regardless of whether he is married or single, the mature man loves being young friends or girlfriends. They make him feel alive and awaken in him excitements of youth. The girl who approaches the RichMeetBeautiful dating site instead looks for the experience that her peers cannot give her. The protection of a mature man makes her feel secure, free from anxieties and fears typical of her age. The chart shows the age difference of those who register on sites like RichMeetBeautiful.

RichMeetBeautiful is first and foremost a Europe based dating site. In Italy RichMeetBeautiful is available, but it is still little known. In Northern Europe, however, the portal was quite successful until an advertising campaign in Belgium did not turn the spotlight on another aspect. In the streets of the town and in the capital, giant posters and posters depicting a girl in a brassiere sponsored the dating site with the inscription “Improve your lifestyle. Go out with a sugar daddy”.

RichMeetBeautiful user

Sexual Orientation

This dating site caters to the needs of straight singles and LGQTB community representatives. Specify the gender of the partner you are looking for as well as your own gender during the registration process, and you are all set.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

To use RichMeetBeautiful you have to go to the site and register. Registration is free, but to send messages to other users and view the profiles that have shown interest, you need to upgrade to the Premium version. In practice a paid subscription. How much? The price list is on the registration upgrade page. Subscription plans are 3, 6 or 12 months, but the cost of registration can change at any time.

Registration is automatically renewed, and to cancel, contact customer service at least 7 days before the scheduled renewal date. You can request a trial version of Premium valid for 48 hours at the cost of €1. Even if you subscribe to a Premium plan, however, there are limits. For security reasons, you can only contact 20 people a day and send a maximum of 500 messages. To gain access to 20 other users, you must purchase credits.

RichMeetBeautiful premium

RichMeetBeautiful: User Security


RichMeetBeautiful encourages confidentiality and even has a feature called AnonymousBlur, which blurred your image. The page also takes security measures that secure your sensitive personal information. You should also make a personal effort to make sure you are sure. You should use an alternate email address and a secret username. RichMeetBeautiful also encourages this.

Anti Scam

The profile on RichMeetBeautiful reviews praises the level of privacy and anti-sсam security on the site. The site is anonymous and to create one you must be of legal age. In fact, the site invites you to choose password and username that will be displayed but no identifiable information is requested such as first name, surname, address, telephone etc… There is a button that allows you to hide private photos to the public with a Private Key, which can be granted to users who have earned our trust.

On RMB, the user can create customized searches by setting various parameters such as age, country, city, distance, weight, height, interests, etc … so that the site returns results that are close to their tastes. To show interest in a profile there are no like or little hearts, but a wink. By clicking on the email icon you can start a private chat conversation. Everything is done anonymously.

RichMeetBeautiful woman

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using RichMeetBeautiful


  • Sugar Daddies have an advantage. RichMeetBeautiful is one of the few dating sites where it can be an advantage to be a man. There are four times as many sugarbabies as sugardaddies!
  • Find a partner with the same interests. Both sugardaddies and sugarbabies are looking for someone to share a luxurious lifestyle with
  • Economic freedom. A relationship with a sugar daddy can be the key to economic freedom for sugar babies.


  • You need a subscription to find a partner. Without a subscription, you can just browse the page without using their features
  • They could have more options to customize the profile. Not many options to customize the profile

RichMeetBeautiful – Short Description

The RichMeetBeautiful dating site is a fairly practical site, the request to declare its annual income during registration is proof. There follows a philosophy like “show me what you have to offer and I will give you what you are looking for”. Cheating with these credentials is difficult. Of course, there are limits of pure bargaining in a relationship, but it works. A material exchange of favors accepted naturally and practiced by users in a natural way, always with the final aim of meeting and establishing a relationship.

The RichMeetBeautiful dating portal is worth a try, whether you’re a man with a lot of money or a girl who loves to travel and wants to live a luxury life. Women and men registering on this page usually fit well because they want the same lifestyle. They’re just looking for someone to share it with. By getting a premium subscription at RichMeetBeautiful, you’re close to finding someone to enjoy life with.

Rating: 5
Comments on "RichMeetBeautiful Review"
  • Reece

    I never expected this. I started to use this site and for a couple of hours found a woman who became my soulmate really quickly. Now we get along great. Thanks to developers!

    Rating: 5
  • Richard

    Great interface, you can see that the developers care about their users. Everything is done amazing, bright and interesting, so for me, it is a very good option to find a beautiful girl, who knows what she wants.

    Rating: 5
  • Harry

    Super! Everything is completely satisfied, everyone here will be satisfied and perhaps happy. No one will be alone, so you can be sure that you will meet someone one for 100%. I did not immediately understand the filters, it took a couple of days to get used to them.

    Rating: 5
  • Alex

    The only site that could surprise me so much. There is no place for fakes, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, all information is checked by administrators. Amazing!

  • EdgarPoe

    I registered here and began to chat with people some months ago. It was fun at first. Well, I’ve arranged a first date. The girl just didn’t show up. But there were good meetings! I made friends with some girls, but I still haven’t found a girlfriend.

  • Gilbert H.

    The platform is good enough, there are many interesting people, the design is colorful, and the interface is very easy. Everything is fine and this is a clear reason to put five points out of five. At least I have nothing to complain about. Well done!

    Rating: 5
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