LesbieDates Review

LesbieDates Review
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The LesbieDates site helps lesbian girls meet each other for a hookup. The registration on the site is free. Every new user gets the possibility to send five free messages a day, flirts, and add the hottest profiles to the favorites. Don’t hesitate to register and see what else LesbieDates has in store for you.

About LesbieDates

LesbieDates is the site for lesbian women that offers the possibility of making friends or sex contacts with the numerous registered users. It is one of the best online dating sites for adults, as confirmed by the thousands of satisfied subscribers. Every day, around the world, thousands of lesbians use this portal to find all kinds of fun, whether it’s a chat flirt, an encounter without serious ties or a night of the fire. Meet gay women from your city throughout the world. LesbieDates puts you in touch with thousands of women who are looking for the perfect partner to complete their life. It is possible to meet one’s soul mate or seek only lesbian sex or occasional encounters in your area. Registration is free and you can try the service for free by creating and updating your profile, adding photos and videos on the profile, exploring the site, sending emails, looking at the photos of other users, sending and responding to invitations in chat, receiving the latest Ideal Partner on the external mailbox, etc. Finding the ideal woman with whom to experience unforgettable emotions and spend pleasant moments of sex, passion or love will be easy!

What is the Service For?

Whatever your needs are, whatever your desires, LesbieDates is the ideal site for you, the one that can satisfy you all is one of the best online dating site for lesbians, LesbieDates service.

Are you a woman looking for another woman to share a pleasant romantic and/or erotic moments? Are you looking for love, but are you shy and do not want it to be known that you are a lesbian for not having to cope with the common moral hypocrite, always ready to point out the others without ever doing their business? Are you married or engaged, admittedly hetero, but are you looking for a lesbian experience to give vent to your erotic drives and fantasies?

LesbieDates review

For Whom Service?

LesbieDates is, in fact, the first community of lesbian singles putting up their profiles on the site to find friendship or meeting, internationally and locally. Its seriousness, discretion, and reliability are now recognized and consolidated for years, so much so that the community now has several hundred thousand users. Another hundred thousand girls like you, looking for other women to share pleasant erotic and romantic moments, have put their trust in this service and expressed it in their positive LesbieDate reviews, and have not regretted it.

LesbieDates girl ass

LesbieDates Description, Ease of Use

In the dynamic world in which we live today, it becomes increasingly difficult to cut time for ourselves and express our sexuality to the fullest. Even more so when you are homosexual and lesbian and in addition to having to bear the ever-present prejudices of the society, finding a partner is extremely difficult. Ask people, or perhaps court women without knowing their sexual orientation, can turn out to be a road to failure. Very often, moreover, it is natural shame that stops us from sending signs of attention to women who may be heterosexual, or who may already be engaged in a homosexual relationship with their partner. Also, the environmental factor is added. By trying with people, someone could have prejudices and ultimately the environment would create very negative energy towards the homosexual person. In this regard, to remedy all these problems, a unique site for lesbians has been designed with the best lesbian chat, and with an intuition-driven simplicity of use and a breathy design.

LesbieDates interface

How to Register on LesbieDates.com?

Subscribing to LesbieDates.com is very easy and absolutely free. Just choose a username, indicate your necessary personal data such as date and city of birth, provide your e-mail address and you’re done. Almost immediately you will receive an email confirming your registration and from now on you can start surfing on LesbieDates.com. The site also has its own reality optimized for the mobile phone, for all those who prefer to attend the community from their smartphone instead of from the PC.

LesbieDates sign up

How to Use LesbieDates?


The site is structured in a very intuitive, such as to allow even those with very little internet knowledge to access it quickly and start opening up to the lesbian world. After making the regular registration by entering your personal data, you can already select the girls in your area by including the city where you live. But the true grandeur of LesbieDate, the web portal dedicated to the Sapphic world, makes it easy and immediate to get to know lesbians from all over the world. is that she is sure to meet only women, without prying or inappropriate men interfering in the conversations of women only and maybe ruining the atmosphere thinking to be welcome.


On LesbieDate you can have different experiences. For example, it is possible to meet the person to fall in love with or simply go out/hookup with. Alternatively, however, it is also possible to organize one-night meetings, with the various women available to carry out this type of experience.

The site database is really wide and there are the profiles of many curious and fascinating lesbian women, suitable for all tastes, for you to filter based on your preferences – age, location, ethnicity, civil status, etc. On the other hand, creating your own profile will give you the availability to be searched by other users and then arrange a lesbian appointment.

LesbieDates members

How to Pay for LesbieDates?


To upgrade your membership at LesbieDate, you will need to stock on credits, with which you pay with real money. You then will use those credits in order to engage in conversations with other singles out there: for instance, to open an email, you will have to pay $7. Without a paid membership, you will not be able to do much on the site other than tweaking your profile or browse the profiles of other users – and even that with limited possibilities.

A starting point to get a feel for whether you would like to become a paid member at LesbiesDate is a trial period of 1 or 3 days. Other memberships include 1 and 3 months packages respectively.

Payment Systems

You can pay for your premium membership at LesbieDates with a credit card.

LesbieDates cost

LesbieDates Girl Profiles

User Region

The fact that there are several hundred thousand users means that, practically, the community can boast users all over the world. Looking for another woman near your house, why are you lazy and do not want to go too far to meet her, or because you do not believe in long-distance relationships and prefer the frequent attendance that only the proximity can give you? Looking for it away from home, to give free rein to your double life away from prying eyes? Looking for the city where you have already planned to spend your summer holidays, to make your holiday even more enjoyable?

North or South America, Europe or Asia; in any area and city of the world you are looking for it; for any reason, sex – love – friendship, our community will always have the right girl to propose to satisfy your desires in absolute and total discretion.

LesbieDates bio

Sexual Orientation

Obviously, LesbieDate is a website for women seeking women, mostly lesbian, but bisexual as well. Admitting one’s sexuality is the first step to reach it and finally be happy. LesbieDate, the web portal dedicated to the Sapphic world, makes it easy and immediate to get to know lesbians from all over the world.

Possibilities of Filing and Correspondence

There is no danger of encountering fake accounts during the experience on the LesbieDates site. The women put their real photos thus making themselves available for a discreet lesbian. The profiles of the various users of LesbieDate are often checked by the managers. So the administration of the portal tries to avoid creating false accounts, perhaps by men who would like to meet women in this way. In the community of the site there are women tired of hiding from today’s society and who would like to live simply without wearing masks.

In the LiveChat of the site, you can also meet many friends as well as many nice people. Registration for the community is entirely free and does not provide for the payment of any participation fee, but you will need to pay for exchanging correspondence on the site. And once the registration is complete, you can access LiveChat, messaging system, email exchange or simply sending flirty emojis, all before you engage in a more meaningful video chat which in addition to giving way to speak, also allows you to see the person you are conversing with.

LesbieDating chats are perhaps the first step in knowledge, with the certainty of having on the other side of the internet a woman and above all a lesbian woman. But the web filter is also a useful screen for girls who are very young or in difficulty with their sexuality and with all those who may not yet have definitely discovered their own Sapphic preferences, although they have already known it for a long time.

LesbieDates User Security


It may be difficult to put your life in a profile, especially when there is a fear that it may end up in the wrong hands. This lesbian dating site keeps your data and makes me feel confident about my privacy. Feeling safe in a lesbian chat is very important to me because it allows to be relaxed and contact girls in while being confident that no males are admitted in this strictly woman-on-woman space. Thanks to this, and to the functionality of a site designed specifically for women, LesbieDates has proved to be a precious ally in my life and has made a substantial contribution to asserting myself as a lesbian, without feeling lonely and isolated.

Anti Scam

Customer support at LesbieDate is very particular about protecting the users from any kind of suspicious activity carried out by fraudulent members of the site.

LesbieDates users

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using LesbieDates


The virtual can be interpreted cold by those who cannot use it but today with the webcam you can hear the voice and look at facial expressions that add materiality to the chat and make everything more realistic and close. And then there is no doubt that the virtual approaches much more than sometimes does the real, the important thing is to know how to put into play and live the moment without fear.


Pay Per Letter system tends to be rather taxing on the users’ budget. The filtering system could be more advanced. There is no possibility to create a list with your favorite users.

LesbieDates – Short Description

LesbieDates, in fact, one of the best lesbians chat on the web because on the one hand there is the guarantee of the site to find in the chat just as many women, on the other you also have the freedom to talk with your favorite person in private, without censoring and without embarrassment.

The lesbian meetings on LesbieDates are presented precisely for what they are, with all their faults and their merits, so the search for a partner can be really targeted and direct, finding the woman closest to their desires, both physically and inwardly. LesbieDate is the number one lesbian dating site in the world of Sapphic that leaves all women the freedom to search for lesbian sex or the companion of their lives.

Rating: 5
Comments on "LesbieDates Review"
  • Ann

    One of the few sites that provide communication with real and, most importantly, normal people. All of the questionnaire before posting on the site are carefully moderated. For any action on the site, you have to pay. But the cost is really tiny.

    Rating: 5
  • Chelsey

    Cool site, I haven’t changed it for almost a year. Developers somehow managed to gather on the platform many interesting beauties. With several girls, we met in reality and still remain good friends. So you don’t have to worry about anything when you use this site.

    Rating: 4
  • Jane

    Thank you for this review! I will check out the full range of features of this website in the near future. I registered and added some photos to my profile. So we will see if I am able to find a woman of my dreams.

    Rating: 5
  • Scarlet

    I used so many dating services. Truly saying, I like many platforms but this one is the best. I am fond of smart and intelligent women, and there are many of them on this platform. I want to talk with every girl!

    Rating: 5
  • Stella

    We had all mutual connections and it kept us on our best behavior through our first, so we actually had a chance to get to know each other. Now, we’re married, have 2 cats, and traveling around the world.

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