LatinFeels Review

LatinFeels Review
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On the pages of LatinFeels, hundreds of men and Latino women find their love. The service offers 24/7 customer support and has a strict anti-fraud policy. Find your perfect matches using the search engine; communicate via email messages or instant chat; send gifts and flowers to the best girls.

About LatinFeels Dating Site

What is The Service For?

LatinFeels is a reliably functional online dating platform that erases the boundaries between countries of Latin America and the rest of the world. The site is developed as a perfect matchmaking tool for online dating, chatting and eventual meeting in real life.

For Whom Service?

Latin women ooze sex appeal; they are hot, they are temperamental, they are sexy as hell. If you can sign up under the statements above, LatinFeels is for you – as well as for gorgeous single girls from Latin America. The service connects singles across the borders in an easy and rather non-binding way.

latinfeels review

LatinFeels looks nice in a non-sickly way and doesn’t make one giddy. One of the first things you take note of when landing on the home page of LatinFeels is its crisp and obviously recently updated design which looks very chill. It also proves a pleasure to use: simple, intuitive, with no bugs detected. All of the important information about the site, its services, terms and conditions, payment information, etc. At the same time, all of the functional buttons are visibly displayed. The layout is neither crowded nor tatty, which is a definite advantage given that these two are often the offenses of online dating websites.

Another major attraction of the site you get to notice early on is the pictures of the site’s members, both males, and females. Those are available as preview thumbnails and are obviously there as bait, for all of them look attractive to hot. It is stated though that all of the singles whose pictures adorn the front page of Latin Feels are actual users of the service.

latin woman from latinfeels

How to Register on

It takes neither long nor much to create a profile on LatinFeels dating site. New additions to the family of the site’s users are required to pick a username as a starting point. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, not an alias if you do not feel that way, though it is not prohibited. The general recommendation is that you use your real name with the thought of credibility points that you then get as an actual person when competing for the attention of stunning single women on LatinFeels. We are not saying that you should give your full name or anything, one can never be too cautious with personal information when networking. But a reasonable amount of openness is good leverage.

The next step is then to state your gender and your age. Although it might be tempting to chop off a couple of years of your actual age, we insistently recommend that you do not do that, for a number of reasons that go beyond the scope of regular LatinFeels reviews.

As a final step, you will be asked to give your valid email and create a password. Once again, we remind you to be wary and realize that online dating is a sensitive area, and creating a stronger password is putting a brick into your defense wall.

LatinFeels: How to Use?

Navigation Site

The simplicity of use is one of the important advantages of LatinFeels. You create a profile following the few simple steps in the procedure described above, you then customize your profile in a way that makes you pop up against the background of the competition that you have on the site. When this is done, you go to the Search section of the site and dial in the characteristics of your potential matches based on the offered criteria. The matchmaking algorithm will then come up with the users that, according to the system, are your best matches. You can browse their photo and video galleries or open up the conversation right away. You can also add them to your Favorites folder in order to have free and easy access to the ones whom you find most attractive.

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Dating sites operate based on filtering systems advanced to different degrees. LatinFeels uses a fairly simple but efficient algorithm that does not entail psychological testing aimed at determining who is compatible with you most, it only helps you zero in on persons whose background, physical appearance, relationship status and things like that you find acceptable or preferable. Thus, you can narrow your search down to a handful of parameters, such as height, hair color, eye color, body type; education and occupation; marital status and children; lifestyle habits, interests, and religion.

LatinFeels: How to Pay?


While signing up for the services is free of charge, communicating and having full access to user profiles costs money. LatinFeels is relatively inexpensive that way, compared to other sites in the niche, as the cost of its Premium membership is $9,99 which unlocks access to all the restricted areas of the website, with additional expenditures linked to messaging.

Payment Systems

LatinFeels is a PPL dating website, which deciphers as Pay Per Letter. The system presupposes paying for sending and receiving messages (for men only; women enjoy free services), as well as phone and video calls.

LatinFeels Users

User Region

The site is designed as a mail order bride site that connects women from the countries of Latin America with men from the rest of the world. While the site is available in 30+ countries, the majority of men here come from the countries of the U.S., Canada and occasionally the countries of Western Europe. The female population of the site is represented by Brazil, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal, etc.

sexy latina woman

If you are into Latinas, you already know very well what those beauties are about: exquisite facial features, almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones, hourglass figures, gorgeous shiny hair, and olive skin. Add to the picture that the nation is famed for their dancing culture, deeply rooted family traditions – and you will have one hell of a mind-blowing cocktail. No wonder that men all around the world fall for these beauties like flies.

latinfeels woman

latinfeels woman photo

Sexual Orientation

When you start creating a profile on LatinFeels, you are given to understand that the site only functions for heterosexual couples. It is either “Man seeking a woman” or “Woman seeking a man”, and they just leave it at this.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

At LatinFeels one can find a variety of creative ways to stay in touch with their respective matches. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Exchanging emails
  • Exchanging direct messages
  • Exchanging flirty emojis
  • Engaging in a phone conversation
  • Engaging in a live video conversation
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Send actual gifts and flowers
  • Sending Icebreakers – pre-set conversation openers.

LatinFeels: User Security


The safety of exchanging information on LatinFeels is excellent. You will find all kinds of certifications on their front page, sending users a message about site safety. The dating service is accredited by McCafe Secure, Norton, Visa, MasterCard and a number of other well-known brands engaged in providing user security online.

Anti Scam

There are no scammers on LatinFeels, simply because any such instances are rooted out on the spot thanks to the zero scam and fraud tolerance exercised by the site management and reinforced by Customer Support service. Users are encouraged to share information about profiles they find suspicious, but at the same time, the Terms And Conditions of use contain information about on-staff members that are paid to entertain guests of the site, who are not to be confused with fraudsters or impersonators.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LatinFeels


The advantages of LatinFeels are many and they are more numerous than eventual drawbacks:

  • The history of 20+ on the market
  • Large user database
  • Presence in 30+ countries
  • Safe dating environment
  • Certificates by 6 known brand names
  • Inexpensive services
  • Focus on Latin women only


The few disadvantages of the site come down to the following shortcomings:

  • Some users are actually paid staff members

latin girl on the beach

LatinFeels – Conclusion

The site is a part of a trusted family of dating platforms, a big player in the industry whose history goes way back to 1998. This means that LatinFeels is an up-to-date, safe and vibrant site that has been around for more than 20 years. During this time the management of the dating service has had ample time to learn how to be successful in what they do, and their description of their services proves to be right on the money.

Much to the brand’s advantage, the service does not charge a lot for their Premium accounts and offers the so-called Freemium plan for every user to look around and have a feel for what they are about to pay for. The site services are free of charge for women, which attracts female singles and increase the odds of meeting a beautiful Latina of his dreams for every male user of the site.

The bottom line is that LatinFeels is a time-tested service, efficient in bringing singles together and letting men with a thing for Latin American women to achieve their heart’s desire – in a safe dating environment.

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