KissRussianBeauty Review

KissRussianBeauty Review
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The goal of KissRussianBeauty dating site is to help foreign men and Slavic girls to create strong and loving families. The features available for the site users comprise instant chat, private messaging, video chat communication, filtering the girls with the help of extended search engine, and many more.

About KissRussianBeauty Dating Site

What is the Service For?

KissRussianBeauty is a dating site that has been around for more than 20 years now, its history going back to 1998. Here signed up users can create their profiles and connect with other singles, internationally.

For Whom Service? is an online dating service for mail order brides. The very definition of “mail-order brides” has changed dramatically over the years; given that the authentic term ascends to the one used in the XIX century for women from the Eastern States of the US marrying off to the less cultured West if they failed to get married by a certain age. Not at all what it is today: hot single women from usually exotic locations are looking for their future husbands abroad. A win-win for both parties!

KissRussianBeauty review

KissRussianBeauty: Ease of Use

KissRussianBeauty defies everything you are used to in terms of online dating. The site takes it slightly outside of what is habitual in regular dating services. Its design is slightly gaudy and patchy, with all of the photographs of sexy Slavic girls plastered as the site’s background; but it is about its only drawback. Further down the road, you will find that the site is easy to use, features quite a pleasant design with every button you need within your reach. The site is clearly not overburdened by extra pages users hardly ever use.

What really makes the site stand out is that KissRussianBeauty signs up page. Unlike dating services with elaborately designed personality tests or their opposite, the sites that do not delve deep into the psychology and are strictly interested in your essential personal info, KissRussianBeauty offers a quaint short questionnaire upon filling which you will be taken to member’s area. These questions are all about your future matches: if you are okay with a woman taking the first step, another one prompts you to answer the questions about your match’s age and location. You can tweak your search criteria in a more meaningful way later down the way.

KissRussianBeauty interface

How to Register on

As has already been pointed out, signing up for KissRussianService does not take up a lot of time. The website can be used with an equal level of comfort by both advanced users of the web and people unused to social networking. The only thing that is required from you to join in is actually a valid email address you have access to. Once you have entered your email address into the respective field, you can proceed to create your profile – after verifying your email address by following the link contained in the automatically generated message you will receive within several minutes after sending a registration request. Confirm that your email address is active and belongs to you, and you are all set for the following steps.

What appears to be a fairly peculiar approach to the registration process, is the questions you are prompted to answer straight off the bat. We spoke about it in the paragraphs above, so just a quick reminder here: you are asked how much you are comfortable with ladies making the first step, how old you would like your potential matches to be, and if you are a sucker for East European beauties. Which predictably anyone coming to a website specialized in Russian mail order brides is.

KissRussianBeauty sign up

How to Use KissRussianBeauty?


Search tools, profile editing, communication features – KissRussianBeauty has got it all under your fingertips. The site does look somewhat cluttered at first sight, but as you proceed you find that the “dust settles” and the interface clears. You will have no trouble finding whatever it is that you are looking for. The site offers a simple system of matching and browsing galleries of other users’ profiles. It is equally easy to look up other essential information concerning the functioning of the site, such as Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, Customer Support, etc.


While KissRussianBeauty has got it all pretty much on the platter for you when it comes to the essentials of search and filtering, do not expect anything too elaborate. Unlike psychology test drove matchmaker sites out there, this platform keeps it simple, minimalistic and functional. Using the filtering tool on KissRussianBeauty, you will be able to narrow down your search of a future partner by location (Slavic countries only), age (specified by age group), physical appearance, marital history, children, education and occupation, star sign, hobbies, and religion. This is quite an array of options for customizing your search as far as filtering is concerned.

How to Pay for KissRussianBeauty?


Setting up a profile at KissRussianBeauty is free of charge, but using the services of the website is not. If you are planning to interact with other users, and of course you do – otherwise, what is the point of joining a dating network – you will need to step it up. Paid features – exchanging messages, viewing locked user profiles, adding users to favorites, etc. – need to be paid for by virtual currency used by dating sites with PPL system.

Payment Systems

Kiss Russian Beauty can be paid for using a credit card. You will actually pay for the so-called “communication credits” – the virtual currency widely used on PPL operated websites. You will be charged for every email or direct message sent to your matches, as well as for viewing videos in their profiles and engaging in voice and video calls.

KissRussianBeauty Users

User Region

Quite predictably, Kiss Russian Beauty is a site focused on mail order brides from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the region. The beautiful singles from this neck of the woods have become somewhat of a legendary phenomenon and a holy grail of male singles in the Western world. A typical Slavic woman has prominent facial features: high cheekbones, big expressive eyes, sensual lips; beautiful hair, tall and slender figure. And they go all in when it comes to caring for what they were given. They are well educated and intelligent in their majority, open, ladylike and warm. They make devoted partners. Given all that, it is hardly any surprise that men flock to these regions to look for a girlfriend or a wife.

KissRussianBeauty profile

Sexual Orientation

Kiss Russian Beauty is designed for heterosexual dating only. There is no possibility of choosing anything outside the traditional matching with men looking for women or the other way around.

Possibilities of Filing and Correspondence

There are a plethora of tools used on the site to help singles from different countries communicate as freely as if they were sitting in the same room. There is a possibility to exchange longer texts as you are contacting someone for the first time and would like to give them a good understanding of who you are. The site offers an EMF system – “email form” – for these instances. If you do not wish to go quite as verbose, you will benefit from exchanging direct messages which are free for the ladies but paid for by male users of the site. Finally, for more advanced stages of your virtual dating, there is an option to video call your match using the CamShare feature.

KissRussianBeauty User Security


The site customer support dedicates most of their activities to verifying user profiles. They make sure that profiles are created by actual persons as they present themselves to be. It is an important point that speaks in favor of the dating service: with so many fake profiles and bots coming with the territory as you dive into the online dating pool, it is a load off your chest to know that the one you are chatting with is a real person. Especially given the specifics of the business: Russian women look all dolled up and generally too good to be true. The customer support at Kiss Russian Beauty makes sure that even if a woman looks like a model, she is not a dummy – in the sense that she is an active user of the site, not a bot.

Payment processing is carried out by a partner site accredited for this kind of services. Every page containing sensitive personal information is encrypted to protect your sensitive details from being exposed.

Anti Scam

The practices of weaning money from single men looking for a mail order bride online are strongly frowned upon at Kiss Russian Beauty. Stern preventive measures are taken in order to create a safe dating environment. You are free to report users sending messages whose content seems suspicious or fraudulent. Such profiles are promptly removed from the site after an investigation of the complaint.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using KissRussianBeauty


The site has been afloat for more than 20 years now, which gives us grounds to say that it has recommended itself as efficient, safe and usable dating service. It is definitely an advantage to have been around for such a stretch of time, given the fast-paced way in which the modern dating scene is set. Sites that do not live up to user expectations cease to exist in a relatively short while.

Kiss Russian Beauty has over 20,000 gorgeous single women from Russia, Ukraine and nearby countries to offer. The user database may not be the biggest, but the quality of singles here is top notch, given that they are actively using the services of the site and are motivated to find a partner for a long-term relationship.


There are some downsides to consider when you are thinking about joining KissRussianBeauty. The first thing to take into account that the site is not free of charge, so finding a Russian woman of your dreams will entail a more than average cost. This is only true if you are a man looking for a woman; not the other way around, since the service is completely full of charge for the ladies. The user database is somewhat small and women are outnumbered, which is yet another disadvantage drawn to the user gender. And finally, there are only girls from Slavic countries here – which is fine if this is what you are looking for, but if this is not the purpose of your registration, you might as well bounce off the site.

Kiss Russian Beauty: Conclusion of Specialists

Final thoughts on KissRussianBeauty is that the description is right on the money: you get a functional although somewhat expensive site in the niche of Russian mail order brides – with Ukrainian and Byelorussian beauties thrown in for good measure. The site boasts a high level of safety and can be used with convenience by singles in different age categories. The user database is not the biggest on the Web, but they make up in quality where they lack in quantity – and this is actually the way it should be!

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