GaysTryst Review

GaysTryst Review
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GaysTrust is a perfect place for gays seeking one-night stands and casual sex. More than half a million active users trust this dating platform due to the top-notch security and privacy policy provided by the website. You can add the best profiles to your favorites, send them winks and private messages.

About GaysTryst Dating Site

GaysTryst is a gay dating site, whose only mission is to help you find plans for an easy and effective way. And it works perfectly. Assisted by an international community of millions of members, this site allows you to find a plan quickly around the world. Convenient for travelers!

With his cats hot enough and a very successful webcam system, we spend a good time on the site, even before meeting interlocutors in real life. If your primary goal is to meet sex partners, GaysTryst should really please you.

What is the Service For?

There are many ways to meet between homosexuals, at parties, in specially dedicated venues or on the internet. This last method is more and more successful since it is in harmony with our current way of life. We’re running out of time, because of the hectic pace of life, and a gay dating site allows us to connect with interesting people quickly we would never have known otherwise.

For Whom Service?

Services like GaysTryst dating site and they allow more frivolous people to multiple contacts and experiences, and others to find a partner with whom to look to the future. It is a platform that has adapted to the desires of each member of the LGBT community and offers the opportunity for many gay couples to train. Depending on your desires, choose the right matches and discover what awaits you online!

GaysTryst review

GaysTryst Description, Ease of Use

All homosexuals who want to have a company or a life partner come together on the site. They must complete the required information so that other members can learn about it. The profile of each must be complete and then detailed down the road.

The announcement launched GaysTryst is also a way to meet gay cities, the region, short, people in the same orientation nearby. This can only be done after registration is very simple and easy to do.

Unlike correspondence exchanging, visiting other user profiles is free. The site also offers a mobile application for members to stay connected and keep in touch with the kids of our taste, anywhere, anytime. All the features of the GaysTryst are all practical and easy to use. For those who have site management or trouble application, the site support service can help.

GaysTryst interface

How to Register on

For full access to GaysTryst, it will be mandatory to register and then participate in the community. Whether through the app or at the website, registration is fast enough. good, There is no possibility to connect and create an account in one click via Facebook.

It will still take time to fill a good part of your profile before you can access the site and its features. It’s not that bad, because at least all members have a fairly complete profile.

GaysTryst sign up

How to Use GaysTryst?

The first fundamental step, if you want to use online dating sites for gays, is to subscribe to the site that seems suitable for you. The registration is simple: just choose a nickname or username (with which you will be known on the site) and a password and then you will have to insert an email on which you can receive all the updates on people who visit your profile or you they sent a message.

The second step is to create your personal profile. Here you can put a picture, your sexual tastes and what you want from the ideal man, this way you will have the confidence to attract with your profile only people very compatible with you.

GaysTryst men

The third step to using GaysTryst is to start looking at the ads that other gay men have written. Moreover, many sites allow you to use the place where the men who wrote the ads as a filter are located to better select the man with whom to establish a special friendship. Select only the ads that interest you, respond to those you prefer or, if you do not seem to find anything suitable for you, create an ad yourself and say in a clear and detailed way what you want from a man.

When you get in touch with the gays of your dreams you can then meet them or have sex or to see if there is the right alchemy among you to start another kind of relationship!


From the registration/home page, you can go directly to managing your profile. From there, start visiting other singles’ profile pages based on your set preferences. Using matching, filtering and search tools embedded on the site, you have excellent opportunities to engage in conversations and plan real-life meetings with users you establish a great rapport with.


Going to the ‘nearby people’ section you can see GaysTryst users in your area and nearby cities. By tapping on the filter at the top right, you can find people based on their gender, age, location. GaysTryst also offers an advanced search function that allows you to search for specific criteria such as relationship status, sexuality, body type, etc.

How to Pay for GaysTryst?


You can choose to either start with a trial period plan (1 or 3 days) or go for a full-on membership for 1 or 3 months. Free membership severely limits your access to the features of the site. To exchange messages with other users, you are required to upgrade to premium (paid) membership.

Payment Systems

GaysTryst accepts credit cards for membership payments.

GaysTryst cost

GaysTryst Users

Most of the contacts put as a main picture of the profile a part of their goods: thighs and chest go the most, someone deserves to put their face or a portion of it. Then the slogan appears next to the photo, which, just like a promotional spot, should, in a few words, trigger the spark of interest.

The possibility of meeting is very good; the incredible thing is that many here seek friendship or a relationship of love, and among those who claim to desire it a large percentage is lying (it is “easier” to find sex with the excuse of love than declaring it shamelessly); still sometimes when it comes to making the meeting concrete, users often disappear. Almost all of them have very specific sexual fixities. The fetishistic characteristics that symbolize masculinity are particularly sought after. The exchange of the mobile number establishes the meeting live.

GaysTryst profile

User Region

The number of registered members is essential, as is the number of members connected during your session (which is often displayed in the chat). The more members there are, the more you can meet. GaysTryst is a site where your options for finding a significant one are great. It is also essential to verify that profiles are registered in your area. If you live in one of the major cities, you should not have any problems. For others, it may be good to register for free and do a quick search for results because some cities or villages are not necessarily well off on this side.

Sexual Orientation

GaysTryst is a platform for homosexual singles; it is strictly for men looking for men. Most men and women, especially between the ages of 25 and 45, struggle to make the right meetings. In fact, even when you finally know people in everyday life, they do not always want your own things. Not to mention the fact that often knowing a man or a woman in person for the first time creates more fear and shame and usually hesitate to say what you really want from a relationship. This, then, leads to waste time and remain dissatisfied.

GaysTryst members

So, those looking for meetings with other gays or, instead, those who want to have sex and fun only or want to look for love often recur to gay, sex, love and fun dating sites. In gay dating sites like GaysTryst, even if it seems strange to say, people tend to be more honest and to express without problems what they want!

Find on these sites people interested in everything, sex only relationships or dating for those who, instead, want to look for love. The trick is to find the best sites and many times try many at the same time to contact as many people as possible in the hope of finding the one that’s right for you. In particular, in recent times the sites for gays and for those for casual dating or love are always more successful!

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

The best way to find a gay man with whom to start communicating in order to eventually have a sexual or love relationship is to sign up for a gay dating site GaysTryst. In fact, online men are more likely to live their sexuality more freely and openly. The community of homosexual men on GaysTryst is perfect for those looking for casual sex, love or just a diversion to chat and give vent to some fantasy or just want to talk to people who share the same sexual preferences.

Once registered, in fact, you can freely use the gay chat of the dating site and you can make exciting acquaintances that could lead to spicy encounters.

GaysTryst User Security


There are some basic rules to know when you go to a gay dating site. This can save you some nasty surprises. Bodybuilder men with abs like those of Cristiano Ronaldo do not run the streets. On a site that is full of profiles like that, beware, it reeks of fake profiles. And this is valid also on all dating sites. GaysTryst customer support cares a lot for the security of their users, but you should do some of the groundwork yourself.

Post your intentions clear from the beginning, so you do not waste time. Feel free to explicitly register your expectations on your profile; you will get much more contact as well. The appearance is important and there are pictures of neat profiles on these platforms. Do the same, choosing quality photos that put you forward without distorting reality! For the more shy, or new to these gay dating sites, there are often help sections and lively forums, full of information and exciting tips; go and have a look!

Anti Scam

Dating sites can be home to scammers who take advantage of singles who are in their vulnerable mode when tuned in for romance. While the customer supports service makes its best to make your experience at GaysTryst unmarred by scam instances, you should be proactive about not becoming a victim of one. Reporting suspicious activities on site are encouraged, so do your part.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using GaysTryst


  • Accessible in numerous countries
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Hundreds of thousands of members
  • Well presented profiles
  • Detailed search
  • Local meetings
  • Access to the visitor profile list
  • Different emoticons

GaysTryst user bio


  • Few users interested in long-term relationships

GaysTryst – Short Description

GaysTryst is an innovative and well-studied gay dating site. If you belong to the gay world it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. It’s free (except for the Blackberries and Xtra version that are still sold at low cost) immediately and fast and you take a moment to enter the tunnel. This is because it is well established that GaysTryst is addictive and one must be careful to use it always attentive and moderate. Having said that, let’s move on to the vote: a good 8.5! Among the applications for gay dating is an indispensable must.

Rating: 5
Comments on "GaysTryst Review"
  • Howard

    I’ve found my husband on this website. I can’t add anything else. I wanted some happiness and love in my life and I found it. This platform helped me a lot. I don’t care about features and prices, as I met the most handsome, smart, intelligent man and he became my husband. My story speaks for me. The site and its help are unique and priceless.

    Rating: 5
  • Hugh

    The list of potential partners is absolutely endless. Most users reply almost immediately. They aren’t rude, so you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t get that annoying silence, while many others site offers only this option.

    Rating: 5
  • Homer

    This website deserves attention from every person on the Earth. I think that it really hard to find a dating site that has more features and option than this one. There are so many opportunities for you to find a man that fits your description of an ideal. I love this website.

    Rating: 5
  • Cody23_1992

    I met my love here. I hadn’t even filled out my profile fully when he sent me a message. We talked for countless hours for four days before we met in person. That was it! We quickly deleted our dating profiles and have been a happy couple ever since 🙂

    Rating: 4
  • DylanWe1

    I was surprised by the number of users using GayTryst. It is literally endless. Service is great, I never experienced any problems with it. The price isn’t that high so instead of buying cigarettes I pay for a chance to meet my partner 🙂 Gonna have a date tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    Rating: 5
  • jhon

    wow this is amazing, thank you dear admin. I am here to find my love partner I am 18 gay need to have fun with friends and husband please if i can get help from your site contact me, i love you wrte here and i see all these pics you share.

  • Alejandro

    My best friend forced me to use this site as he got fed up with me being all alone. So I’ve been using this platform for a month now. I am quite fine with it! I`ve been on a couple of dates, but nothing special. I think I need more time 🙂 but I`m glad that we have such sites like gaytryst and I can find someone for myself!

    Rating: 4
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