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GaysGoDating Review
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GaysGoDating is a site for gay males. On the website, men can find partners for casual dating or for building long-term relations. The huge benefit of the service is the possibility to send up to 5 free messages with photos attached daily. Sending Flirtcasts and utilizing a quick search engine is also free.

About GaysGoDating Dating Site

GaysGoDating is arguably the world’s most efficient gay dating site. An online community dedicated exclusively to gay and bisexual ads with photos, descriptions, and preferences. Men looking for men, is the perfect site for homosexuals, male and female, looking for erotic adventures, a bit of transgression or even long-term serious stories.

What is the Service For?

If you want to make new meetings, thanks to this community you will have the opportunity to find gays of different ethnic groups quickly and in different cities of the world. Also suitable for those traveling. Worth a try.

For Whom Service? is among the newest and fastest growing gay dating sites. Dedicated exclusively to personal ads for gay men who especially seek serious relationships and meetings. A discreet and clean community, is a site without nudity with various features and functionalities such as chat, anomalous emails, and various search filters, which will allow you to make meetings quickly and safely.

GaysGoDating review

GaysGoDating – Ease of Use

Statistics do not lie. The turnover of the dating sites for this sector is increasing every year. More and more boys are choosing to look for their soul mate on the internet. The functions of a specifically gay dating site are quite similar to those of a more generalized taste site. Contact tools live chat and webcam. Consequently, it is possible to evaluate the characteristics with the same parameters used up to now for the other meeting sites.

Immediately after registering you can start to use our new account, the method of research and approach of the partners immediately involves you. One can report an experience of interactive dating as really unique, once dialing in your own preferences, the system compiles a list of people who may have an affinity with you, at the same time informing them about your profile. The database processes the new profiles by matching those with relevant interests and tastes, then puts them in contact by sending an email to everyone, and the rest comes by itself, the gay meetings are very frequent as you are given to understand.

How to Register on

You can register using your existing email address, but it is really best to create a separate email account to use for your online dating for the reasons of privacy and security. Give your name, age and whereabouts details, and you are all set.

GaysGoDating sign up

The profile picture and your profile text are the first impressions you give when singles browse, so you definitely want to show your best I there. Thus, it may also seem tempting to improve the truth a little bit, but be careful; innocently white little lies are likely to lower your chances really if they are discovered. A good trick is to let a good friend write the profile text while describing yourself highly to him or her. This way you get a personal tone in the text and also a natural reality check before you press the publish button. As for the pictures, it is good to upload several pieces.

Complete the portrait image with one or more photos in full-figure, and also photos from activities or places that are extraordinarily warm to your heart. That way, the other singles can get a better picture of you.

GaysGoDating online dating

Once your profile is in place on the dating website, you will soon get suggestions on singles that match you. Stroll around among their profiles and try to put personal details in memory, because it’s worth the money once you write to them. A common “Hi, how is life?” Feels very impersonal and the risk is that you do not even get answers. Add more extra time to read and write to each of the singles you are interested in. It will increase your chances to succeed with dating online. As you write, you get answers.

How to Use GaysGoDating?


Registering with GaysGoDating is easy. One cannot register via Facebook. It does not take much time to register or to create a profile. Using the GaysGoDating website is easy. GaysGoDating mobile-friendly website and app easily get the highest score! The app is on Android and iOS and mobile friendliness is a big plus. This makes GaysGoDating an attractive alternative.


The matching of profiles at GaysGoDating is done by a personality test that is fast and accurate. GaysGoDating also matches very carefully based on some of the profile criteria. You can see who has visited your profile and also can block unwanted members. The system for matching partners at GaysGoDating is fast and accurate.

Searching is very simple but it is not possible to search based on profile images or keywords due to the security and privacy policy. GaysGoDating also does not allow you to search for who’s online. On the other hand, one can search for specific criteria, but not for new members. GaysGoDating makes it easy to search for a future relationship!

How to Pay for GaysGoDating?


GaysGoDating offers a paid and free membership. The opportunity to get a free and permanent membership with fewer features is also offered. GaysGoDating has no trial-on-period. It is a very good service. VIP options allow you to have many privileges compared to regular users such as contacting both gold users and free users, have priority in search results, be visible in all searches and more.

GaysGoDating cost

Payment Systems

You can only pay for your membership at GaysGoDating with your credit card.

GaysGoDating Users

User Region

The users of the site are found in most countries of the world. You initiate by giving your whereabouts while registered or simply by allowing them access to your geolocation at the site. The system will then pick the candidates that are next to you.

GaysGoDating users

Sexual Orientation

The services of GaysGoDating are intended for strictly gay community reps, obviously. It is but natural that users who are either heterosexual or homosexual want to read as many reviews on the gay dating sites as possible before joining any particular service. There are several dating sites for bisexual and gay men to choose from, so do some research and choose with care before you join GaysGoDating. You can check out tests and many dating sites and dating apps also offer the opportunity to try out for free.

You can also ask your friends which dating sites they have tested, and what they recommend. Also, keep in mind that it should not be a dating site for gay dating alone – focus on finding the features you need and the type of people you can identify with.

GaysGoDating profile

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

The communication tools are those that we also find in other dating sites, that is a webcam chat with an invitation, the ability to call attention by sending winking virtual eyes, comments to the profile, very useful to understand the seriousness of the account, the favorites section, and advanced searches. Of course, you can upload and share videos and photos on our profile, keep them public or make them private. We also can report the presence of the xxx filter for all contents.

GaysGoDating offers a comprehensive email feature that allows for a quick chat change. Video chat is not available and there is also no chat function. The ability to communicate on GaysGoDating – gay dating site – is good and you can be satisfied with what is offered.

GaysGoDating User Security


GaysGoDating offers excellent customer support. A well-developed and good FAQ page, as well as personalized support via email or contact form, give you answers to most questions. Customer service by phone is not offered nor articles with tips and advice. However, there is a customer forum. GaysGoDating gets an okay rating from me when it comes to customer service.

Anti Scam

The anti-scam policy at GaysGoDating is put in place and reinforce by customer support and consists in weeding out potentially harmful and reportedly abusive members of the community. Users are encouraged to report the instances that trigger their alertness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using GaysGoDating


  • The site is one of the largest gay community on the Web, is full of features for its members such as chat and webcam.
  • The site is free of advertising and banners of external sites.

GaysGoDating dating photo


  • The site offers a lot of features, but the homepage can be confusing for singles who are new on dating sites.

GaysGoDating – Short Description

In all fairness, GaysGoDating is a popular gay dating service and its popularity shows that there are many who use it. The members are between 25-40 years old. GaysGoDating is an excellent choice for singles. Communication options are great and the system for pairing people optimally. It’s quick and easy to use a mobile phone to reach GaysGoDating services. Registration and profile layouts are fast and easy. GaysGoDating is popular and customer service friendly. GaysGoDating has a middle-class price that offers more than you can expect. GaysGoDating is popular and offers a wide age range. The service is recommended!

Rating: 5
Comments on "GaysGoDating Review"
  • Gregg

    I met my husband on this platform. I didn’t hesitate and wrote and invited him for a walk. In a real life, he is not worse than in the photo, even better! From our 1 meeting, I realized that this is the person I was looking for. I wish everyone love, happiness, and peace on Earth!

    Rating: 5
  • Antonio

    I hated stories about long-distance relationships, as I thought it was a total nonsense, but I started using this website. And I ended up with having a partner 1500 miles away from me. So you can see, I was able to find my dear Tony online even I never believed in online dates and relationships, and that means, the site works very well.

    Rating: 5
  • Grant

    I met a young man on this site, which I started to use by accident. We talked for a couple of weeks, then we decided to meet. We liked each other, began to go on dates, we were together for two years. It was my first long-term relationship. Then we broke up, we just had too many fights. However, I believe that we can meet love anywhere – on the street, in the club or on the Internet.

    Rating: 5
  • AliceCooper

    I moved to another city and I didn’t know many people there. I was basically starting over. Dating was difficult, so I decided to try online dating. I joined GaysGoDating but a few weeks passed and I didn’t have much success until one man wrote me back. He had a simple profile, but his photos caught my eye—his eyes were something unreal. Now we are just dating but I know he is the right one for me.

    Rating: 5
  • Hugh13g

    We met on GGDating. Our friends said we weren’t the best option for each other but we’ve been dating for about a year now, and things are good. He is my everything and in fact, we shared some friends before our meeting so we would meet each other for sure!

    Rating: 5
  • Flooop87

    We talked without stop for a few days. Then he asked me to go out for coffee, and I stupidly said no—I don’t drink coffee, but he just thought I didn’t want to go out with him. Later, I invited him out, he agreed, and we’ve been dating since that day. it’ll be 3 months anniversary tomorrow. Thanks, GaysGoDating!

    Rating: 5
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