Find Bride Review

Find Bride Review
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Find-Bride dating site is created for Russian and Ukrainian women and western men who want to create a family with them. Two-way video chat and private messages features let people communicate and the possibility to send gifts and flowers helps them feel closer to each other.

About FindBride Dating Site

The Aim of the Service

Have you ever heard from your friends that Slavic women are the most caring and loving wives? The good news is they are right. Ukrainian and Russian wives are not only good-looking but also kindhearted and smart. They are the advantages of every successful and confident man.

Clients of FindBride Dating Site

The mail order bride website connects people from different parts of the world. It also helps shy people become open-minded and honest.

Video Calls

Live video chat is available on the website with the unique technology of two-way video streaming. The prices are much lower in comparison to other services, but love is out of any price, right?

find bride review

Find Bride Deep Review

Mail order bride site Find Bride helps people from different parts of the world to find each other. It is true that Facebook, Instagram, and many other social networks erase any communicative barriers. Still, why bothering people on Facebook if there is a special service for finding a spouse? Besides, Find Bride helps people to be more open-minded. Some so many people are too shy to talk to others. Here you will find pieces of advice on how to be the best choice for your beloved and allow happiness to fulfill your life.

find bride interface

How to Register on

Registration may take up to one hour of your time. It is worth investing because you may want to represent yourself in a favorable light. New clients must provide the first name, email address, current place of residence, and a short description. They also can stale the number of children they already have and would like to have in the future, body type, ethnicity, occupation, pernicious habits, and others. The more information you provide the higher chances you get to meet the best match.

How to Use

After registering, get familiar with the terms and conditions and start looking for your beloved. There are free and paid memberships, and various options for using the service including emails, chat, video, intros, and gifts.


The website offers not only a database of Russian and Ukrainian ladies who want to become happy wife’s, but also a blog where you can find useful pieces of advice on how to succeed in communication, how to build a family full of happiness, and other. The website is user-friendly and intuitive.


Set filters during the registration process, which allows you to find the best match much faster. What features are tabooed for your future wife? If you are looking for a non-smoker, non-religious woman 35+ with no children; filtering will help you to rich the right candidate faster.

How to Pay for Find-Bride?

The website offers a credit payment system. You can buy 100 credits for $70 or 500 credits for $250.


Credits allow you to chat online, tack to the lady of your choice via live video or buy a favorable gift for her. Incoming emails are free of charge for any membership.

find bride cost

Payment Systems

There are free and paid membership types. Free bronze membership allows clients to register, watch lady’s profiles and receive emails. Paid membership, however, reduces the price for additional services. For example, each outgoing introduction email costs 8 credits for a free membership and zero credits for all paid options. Half an hour of live chat will cost 30 credits with free membership and 18 credits for all the others.

Find Bride: User Profiles

Every user profile shows general information about a person. Here you can find photos, age, eye and hair color, religion, marital status, number of children, city, and even weight. You can filter all this information under your profile and find only those women of your preferences. Filtering helps to find the right candidates with the age and the look you want. We strongly recommend spending extra time for filling the profile. It improves your chances of being happily married.

find bride user

User Region

Each woman shares her city of residence which is somewhere in Ukraine or Russia. Every year more and more foreigners come to discover the beauty of the culture, mentality peculiarities and, which is more important, family values of Slavic people. It is true that they differ drastically from the western world. That is why most of our candidates are Ukrainian and Russian women who are ready to share love, be a caring wife and mother, respect family values and make your home the best place to be.

find bride user photo

Sexual Orientation

Hopefully, the service supports any sexual orientation. However, the website gives a chance only for families with traditional preferences.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

There are plenty of communicative possibilities represented on their website. Clients can chat, send emails, proceed with video calls, and send gifts to each other. Why is it different from Skype, mailing and chatting services? On, you can find only women who are interested in respectful family relationships. Instead of annoying hundreds of Facebook users and receiving rejections, why not address those people who are looking for the same things? The service managers carefully review each application to approve only those who have serious intentions.

Find Bride: User Security

All the information received from the clients is used and stored in compliance with GDPR. No information is shared with third parties. Check the privacy policy and terms of use for more details.


The information on the website states that every woman who registers must go through a verification process to prove her initial intentions. If the selective process works as stated, there are only people who are looking for family partnerships and no scam accounts.


The anti-scam policy of the service provides safety and security in using the website. It means that no scam or fraud can be found here. There is plenty of scams and fraud today not only in dating sites but everywhere. The service representatives are doing their best to prevent users from being deluded. Ukrainian and Russian users have to prove that their intentions are serious and reasonable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other service, has its pros and cons. If talking about the main idea of the service, registering an account may become a life-changing decision for many people. In fact, hundreds of families are built thanks to the Many people afraid of starting new relationships after a failure. Some of them have lost faith in the idea of marriage in general. The service tries to support those people and open new possibilities for new relationships. On the other hand, it is not for everyone.

find bride members


  • The website connects the hearts and souls of different parts of the world. It is worth
  • It helps to find not only good-looking and caring wives but also beloved soul mates due to the main aim stated on the
  • The service is safe and provides an appropriate level of security due to the anti-spam policy.
  • For busy people who are over 40 years old and already have children, it may become the only option to be happily married again.
  • In comparison to other free of charge services, this is a community with high family values and the same interests.


  • Design of the website seems to be a bit old-fashioned and not convenient.
  • There is always a risk not to find ‘the one and only.’

Find Bride – Conclusion

There are no rules when it comes to love. Love is the most romantic and irrational emotional state humanity has ever experienced. The service that helps people find love and happiness deserves special respect. It helps people who for many reasons can’t build happy relationships. Why not trying it?

Rating: 5
Comments on "Find Bride Review"
  • Garrett

    Our first meeting with her happened on one of the streets during thanksgiving. I knew right away that she was the right one, exactly who I was looking for. We had a little chat, and then she ran away so quickly that I did not have time to take any contacts. I was desperate, I thought I lost her. I looked on the Internet, without hoping for success. But suddenly I found out there was her profile on this platform. I immediately wrote her a letter of apology, asking for meeting again. Now we are in a relationship for six months. Thank you so much for saving my fate.

    Rating: 5
  • Felix

    This site provides me lots of fun. I met a woman with a great sense of humor on it, and so I’m looking forward to communicating with her every single day. I guess, it may be love, but I really like her. I have never laughed that much in my life.

    Rating: 5
  • Fabe

    I used many dating services, but I couldn’t find the one which could provide many interesting users and could be really easy to use at the same time. But I saw an add and decided to look at this site. As you see, I have chosen this one. Never met any fake people. I have been a user of the platform for awhile, and I really enjoy it.

    Rating: 5
  • Ethan

    I just broke up with my girlfriend, so I wanted to find someone not to be alone. So I started to use this site. I’ve met one interesting girl from Russia. Now we are together. She is teaching me Russian. She knows 4 languages. I have never met such an intelligent woman in my life. Now I am very glad that girl broke up with me!

    Rating: 5
  • Woody

    I have just registered so I don’t know what I should expect. But registration was really easy. I tried to become a new user on the other platform, and when I was about to finish, the site crashed down. It happened every time I tried to add my photo. So at least this one works properly.

    Rating: 4
  • Timothy

    I had been on findbride for some months, but I had met only 2-3 women because I’m so picky. I saw her profile and what really surprised me was the photo that showed her huge library! Seeing that she had even more books than I did was what really made me write her. Now we are about to meet in real life. I am so happy!

  • Rex

    We talked a little on this site and eventually decided to meet up. I arrived in Ukraine and we were walking and talking all day and night. By the end of the night, I was asking when I would be able to see her again. We started dating, she made me fall in love with her in just a few days. But I had to return home so that’s how our long-distance relationship started. Next month I will see her after 6 months and I am going to propose her!

    Rating: 5
  • Dexter

    We met on Find-Bride: I thought she was pretty and we were both lawyers, so I thought we’d have a lot in common. We started chatting and it was clear that we had the same sense of humor and a connection, and that chemistry everyone talks about.

    Rating: 5
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