EuroDate Review

EuroDate Review
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One of the most popular international dating sites. Singles signing up for EuroDate hope to create serious relations. To simplify this task, the website offers advanced search engine, online chat feature, or you can talk live with any site user if you opt for a live video chat communication.

About EuroDate Dating Site

EuroDate dating site is created for European singles. It connects hearts and souls online.

Everything on the home page of the website makes potential clients confident. The design, the selective profiles with smiling faces, the feedbacks from previous or already registered clients, a short description of safety and security ensure that EuroDate is the right platform to start looking for a life partner through online dating sites.

EuroDate review

What is the Service For?

The service is created for creating strong families with strong values and similar interests.

For Whom Service?

EuroDate reviews have shown that there are plenty of people who have no time, desire, or confidence to meet people offline.

They prefer messengers, social networks, and others. However, Facebook is not the right place to look for a spouse. EuroDate defines the problem and solves it.

How to register on

The registration process needs patience. The more details you provide, the better the chances you acquire for meeting the best match within a few days. It is reasonable to pay special attention to photos because your face is the first thing that other people see. It is also necessary to tell about yourself and about your perfect partner. The more details a user provides, the better match he or she gets later.

You Can Sign Up EuroDate Here >>


Navigation is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. There are no adds, irritative sounds, music or other disruptive elements, EuroDate is clean and elegant. The system leads new clients through a registration process. Step-by-step instructions make the usage convenient even for people older than 60 years old who are not familiar with modern technologies.


Depending o what you have shared with the service, you will see the list of potential spouses, partners, friends, and other people who match your interests and description. Filtering proceeds automatically. It filters age, interests and other data to find the list of best matches. Since there are many users, the final list is long as well.

EuroDate filters

How to Pay for EuroDate?

A new client can write a few new messages and then buy credits for further usage of the service. The credit system is simple and intuitive. One credit costs up to eight cents. The system will lead you through the ordering process.


The credit system is easy to use. People are not paying membership with all-inclusive but have a certain amount of credits as they can use in any manner. The credit system provides no extra payments. Your messages and time won’t expire at the end of the month. With a credit system, you choose yourself when and who to write. Credits cost around 6 cents each.

EuroDate payment system includes only credit card payments. It is recommended to use a secure network when purchasing credits.

EuroDate Profiles

Users are Europeans. The service is created for people from Europe. Busy daytime leaves no chance for building relationships. A dating website is a choice of many people today. EuroDate saves time and offers a selection of best matches. The profiles look convenient and straightforward. The information is represented in a simple way which is understandable and visually pleasant.

EuroDate profile

View Girls Profiles On >>

User Region

EuroDate is oriented on EU residents. There are no limits, but most of the members are located in Europe. It is possible to find matches in your area or in the area you would like to move. Distance in Europe is not a problem!

Sexual Orientation

EuroDate supports any type of romantic relationships. Diversity is one of the main principles in Europe, which the website adopt with respect.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

EuroDate website offers several ways of communication. There is a live chat where you can instantly talk to a person and feel his or her presence. There is an email which brings the potential couple back to romance and written form of communication where every sentence matters. After these two states are completed, there is a live video chat which allows to see the partner, hear his or her voice, observe gestures and enjoy the appearance.

EuroDate users

EuroDate User Security

Security has always been an issue for internet users. It concerns not only EuroDate, bu every social network, web page, and service people visiting every day. The EuroDate team promises the best experience that is protected by one of the strongest security systems. However, they do not guarantee error-free and smooth usage. Personal data is not shared with the third party and processed in compliance with the law.


It is up to every registered user to use a safe internet connection, strong password, and keep other safety measures to protect personal details. The website approves every account manually which does the damage caused by scum accounts much lower.

Anti Scam

EuroDate, like any other dating websites, may experience scum accounts. It is not recommended to share any personal information in direct messaging such as an address, family name, passwords, and credit card details. Any money requests should also be ignored. The website is fighting against scum account by paid messaging and manual check of the accounts, but there is always a risk to become a victim of online machination.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EuroDate

EuroDate is one of the best European dating services that support diversity. On the other hand, nothing and no one is perfect.


  • EuroDate has a user-friendly and convenient design which makes the usage joyful and fun.
  • The credit system is convenient for those who prefer a controlling situation.
  • The service supports European singles and checks every new account manually.


  • The service is not the cheapest one.
  • It is inky for singles with serious intentions.

EuroDate – Short Description

Dating websites including EuroDate are the rescue for lonely people who are concentrated on career and have no time or desire to enjoy love and communication. EuroDate has already connected thousands of couples and continue delivering the best experience every day. This is the best option for many people!

Rating: 5
Comments on "EuroDate Review"
  • Dug Tuckson

    Americans looking for sophisticated dates from Europe! Let’s make a small community on the website! Add me there and let’s share tips and tricks about online dating. You know, European women are quite demanding. I was surprised that they were very picky and wanted some smart talk before committing to something serious. That’s the first tip! There are more. You should definitely forget about your old tricks and learn a couple of new ones.

    Rating: 5
  • Alisa

    I’m from Ukraine. Online dating here is a very popular thing. Many girls actually found husbands on websites like this one. I like that many men here are very intelligent. They are smart and know how to compliment women nicely. I and some of my friends have accounts here and we all enjoy the site. It makes us happier. Thank you very much!

    Rating: 5
  • Robert

    Do not even try to find a better online dating site. This is a perfect place for people to meet. The chat is very fast and responsive. Profiles have all the necessary information for you to make the right choice. Girls here are often online and actually look for potential dates. All in all, a great place for those who think that online dating is the next step for all of us.
    I personally think that EuroDate is the best website with lots of Slavic beauties.

    Rating: 5
  • Kori T.

    I have been searching for an online dating site where I could meet a woman from Europe. This website has a simple yet effective interface and profiles are full of useful information about members. The registration was quick and I could start meeting new people right away. This is a great website for men like me who want to meet women from Russia or Ukraine.

    Rating: 4
  • Rick Valenti

    There are so many various cool websites, but this one stands out due to many factors. It has great features and girls here are just the best. I had a ton of great responses from Slavic ladies here. All I needed to do is add a couple of photos of myself. This was and still is a great experience. I definitely recommend everyone check Eurodate out.

    Rating: 5
  • Foster

    European babes are the best, dude! I wasn’t sure about it until I found this website. It is a great place to meet someone exotic and learn more about all those different women from different European countries. If you are a guy from the USA like me, you will love it! They are so much different. They talk differently. They are gentle and beautiful. I dream about moving to Europe one day. Five stars!

    Rating: 5
  • Lester

    Good review! In any case, I knew that this site-specific, but I was able to meet there with his girlfriend!

    Rating: 3
  • Chase

    Discovered this site some weeks ago and immediately realized that I have found the right one. I did no mistake! I have met a great girl, we have been dating for three months. I am happy, thanks to your site.

    Rating: 5
  • Ben

    What a surprise! I was looking for a dating site of a good quality and have found exactly what I wanted. I am still getting used to this platform, but I have quite high hopes for it, I want to find friends and soulmate. I read reviews of other users, so I am really excited!

    Rating: 5
  • Drew

    What can I say? I haven’t faced any bugs yet, everything works really well and fast. The design of the site is also good. Everything suits me. I just registered so I can’t add anything else, but I hope other reviews will become true ones.

    Rating: 5
  • lost

    I can’t upgrade my account. Help me! Write what needs to be done, I want to send a message to the girl I liked, but I can’t.

  • Dorian

    My wife died some years ago and since that day I was single. But my son said I need to let her go and move further. I had some doubts but he helped me with finding the right dating platform for it. So I started using this one, and in fact I met a woman. She is really understandable and good, she doesn’t want to hurry as I am still in the middle of getting over the death of my wife, but I hope we will make it work.

    Rating: 5
  • Cody

    I was the only one who was still single in my family. I felt like I am under pressure a bit, that is why I started using this platform. Although, I haven’t liked anyone yet, there a lot of options, so I am quite sure that one day I will met the right woman.

    Rating: 5
  • Carl

    When I worked in Ukraine, I was a bit boring and one day I decided to use some dating services to find a girl to go on date with her. This site was the first one that I found. I ended registration and almost immediately I saw a message from one girl. We talked a bit and after I asked her if she would like to go to the concert with me as I had no company at all. She agreed. And now that girl is my beloved one. As you can see, that concert went well. Thanks for this amazing site! Can’t wait to see my girl in the US.

    Rating: 5
  • Charlie

    I used so many dating services that I can’t count all of them. Truly saying, I like many sites but this one has stolen my heart. I am a fond of smart women, and there are plenty of them on this platform. I want to talk with every girl and hope to find the right one for me.

    Rating: 5
  • Chester

    Online dating is really popular nowadays. I am not a fond of it but I used such sites when I was boring. I like this platform the most. I found my best friends on it. I was surprised when I found out that there are a lot of smart people on this site, and our conversations weren’t only about sexual stuff. So now I use this site quite actively. I am really satisfied.

    Rating: 5
  • Gabe195

    The really great part of the story, to me, was that we found each other on our first day. We both decided to try online dating and met each other. We still both dated other people but it took me some hours to find the woman I would marry. Guess I got really lucky!
    I met my wife on EuroDate. I was moving back to my hometown after some months of living away. I had decided once I moved back I needed to get out and date casually. So I started using dating sites to go on date as fast as I could. I went out with the wife 3 days after moving back home. I knew she was one right away 🙂

    Rating: 5
  • Torrans

    I broke up with a girl and I couldn’t move on. My friends started saying me that I should chat with some girls to let my ex-one go. So for me using eurodate was only like a good way of spending my free time (there was plenty of it as I was single). But I met one girl on it and I think it is really serious.

    Rating: 5
  • Nyle

    I met my wife on EuroDate 2 years ago. I dated a few of the women and it wasn’t working out. I decided to try online dating as I live in a small city in Norway and I know almost 99% of women here. I had some really, really awful dates. However, one of the ladies I met on EuroDate was really cool and smart, so we gave it a try) That`s really cool, that most of the Ukrainian women know English fluently.

    Rating: 5
  • Alex

    I never saw myself as someone who is confident. So I used many dating sites as I was afraid to communicate with people in real life. So after a while, I even went on date with a girl from Ukraine. She was a traveler and wanted to discover the best restaurants in my city. I gave her my advice and we even met in one of the restaurants. Everything worked fine but I didn’t feel like we had chemistry. But this site is really cool anyway!

    Rating: 5
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