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DateMyAge Review
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Age is not an obstacle to finding love. Proven by DateMyAge dating site. The service helps mature people (45+) find meaningful connections and build their new love stories. Utilize free chat feature to find your soulmate. Broadcasting live is also available. Download a mobile app to your gadget and enjoy the service on the go.

Finding a soul mate is often a difficult undertaking that takes a long time. For all people over the age of 40, there is DateMyAge, an online dating site that unites people with common interests thanks to the simple use and the great variety of functions. Below you will find all the information you need to enter the world of mature singles. Features and details of the site are now available to you. The graphics interface is really intuitive and the site guarantees contact with a minimum of 10 ideal partners during the registration period. Give it a try with DateMyAge, take your time and meet your perfect partner.

DateMyAge dating site is created for singles aged from 45. You can be younger, of course, but this is the lower limit they suggest as default at the registration page.

Depending on your browsing skills, the ease of use of the site may be very important to you. DateMyAge offers applications so you can carry out your searches through a mobile device. Options such as scrolling, saving profiles for the future and sending a signal or message quickly make the difference in the ease of use of the site.

DateMyAge review

Once registered on DateMyAge, it will be straightforward to take the first steps by contacting other users and knowing people with whom you can establish a certain affinity. On the homepage of the site the results of the searches carried out by the compatibility system, and four main categories are highlighted. The results included in the start page are the result of combining the information and the preferences of the various users. Among the main categories, the “Contacts” item shows the list of people who are closest to your inclinations and preferences; the category “Messages” instead reports questions and communications from other customers and the ability to respond and start a conversation. The categories “My visitors” and “My favorites” are available exclusively to Premium users. On the right side of the homepage, you will see the entry “My profile”: from here you can change the settings, personal data, search criteria, profile photo and much more.

DateMyAge interface

How to Register on

Recording on DateMyAge is really simple and intuitive. Once the site is opened, a small registration window will appear on the homepage. Just select your gender and that of the person you want to meet, enter your email address and create a password. To confirm the operation, simply choose the “Meet 45+ Singles” command. You can also register by signing in with your existing Google account; it is quite discreet. At this point, a form will be opened containing a personality test that will serve to best address the search for the ideal partner. The answers of the 13 points of the personality test will be memorized and used by the compatibility system but will never be shown to the contacts on the site. After completing the questionnaire, just enter your personal data and some information related to your physical appearance and your habits and break a personal message. By clicking on the “Send” field, a message will appear on the result of the registration. If successful, you can proceed by uploading your own photo. At this point, you can access your personal area and start getting to know other users.

How to Use DateMyAge?


Once you have created your personal account, it will be very easy to move around within DateMyAge. Intuitiveness and ease of use can already be seen on the initial page: on the left, the contact proposals with users’ images and the possibility to send them a message are highlighted. Selecting a user’s name will open his personal profile. The name, age, and place of provenance plus other personal information will be highlighted. Scrolling the page, you can also view the user’s tastes and habits such as preferences about holidays, cooking, sports, music and much more. The person can be contacted by clicking on the “Send a free message” command.


Filters at DateMyAge allow you to set your preferences for finding singles to the finest details. Thus, you will be able to not only land a potential partner within your location but also fine-tune to users of a specific age, ethnicity, civil status, lifestyle choices, etc. The search for the right partner is carried out directly by the site using the search criteria determined at the time of registration.

These criteria can be changed at any time by modifying the settings under “My profile” at the top right of the homepage and clicking on “Search criteria.” Users can be filtered according to the details of their physical appearance, education, place of origin, annual income, religion, ethnicity and life habits. To confirm the changes, just select the “Save” item. In this way, the system will filter the users who are closer to their preferences by uploading their profiles in the list of results that appears on the left of the homepage once logged in.

DateMyAge filters

How to Pay For DateMyAge?

Unless you are using a completely free dating site, the monthly cost may affect your decision. Search for a site with a transparent pricing model and compare what you get with the price of a similar dating site. Try to start with a one-month contract so that you can easily cancel your subscription if the site is not suitable for you. DateMyAge dating site offers affordable payment plans.


On the one hand, a free dating version of the site gives you access to a more significant number of potential appointments since the lack of a cost encourages more people to try it. On the other hand, a paid site is often frequented by people who take the search for an appointment more seriously. Paying for the use of the platform helps to avoid the presence of impostors, dishonest or unreliable people. However, it is certain that you cannot rely only on the entry fee to select the matches. Paid sites are also more likely to spend time and effort in identifying and removing fake profiles, abuse, and time-wasting users.

Many senior dating sites work on a freemium basis, where you can get limited access to the site for free but you will have to pay for the upgrade to extra features. On DateMyAge you can create a profile, search for users, send and receive “Winks” and use some matching tools, but a paid user can exchange direct messages with other paid users, find out who viewed their profile and organize their own Search Results.

Payment Systems

The free use of the site includes the registration to DateMyAge, the creation of their profile, the personality test and the ability to upload their own personal image. The free use of the site also provides for the sending of a single message of up to 4000 characters per user. Free features include: DateMyAge’s free personal messaging service to increase your visibility. This function sends messages to your partners to keep them updated about your activity on the site. The feature “Take the first step,” to send tantalizing questions to the users that interest you. Just select one of over 10 questions already formulated and confirm the operation. This is a quick way to look at the answers to your question by evaluating what you think is most interesting.

DateMyAge User Profiles

Some sites are designed for a specific user base, so make sure you’re in the right place. Some platforms are designed for people over 50, while others can satisfy gay or lesbian communities. An online dating site will be suitable for you only if you adapt to the user base. Check the profiles and find out if they belong roughly ‘to your type of ’people.’

User Region

DateMyAge is available in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Sexual Orientation

DateMyAge does not offer a homosexual base of singles, so it is designed only for straight singles looking for relationships or dating with no strings attached.

DateMyAge profile

DateMyAge about user

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

As a user you can:

  • Send messages;
  • E-mails;
  • Non-virtual gifts;
  • Use Video- and Live-Chat;
  •  Watch Streams.

The Premium subscription to DateMyAge includes, in addition to the free functions already mentioned: The image of the user profile clearly visible; The “Favorites” function, to add contacts to the favorites list; The “Last visitors” section to find out who has visited your profile; Sending and receiving unlimited messages.

DateMyAge User Security

The security of personal data is of extreme importance. All user personal information is encrypted before being included in the DateMyAge database. Thanks to the “Rapid SSL” provider, state-of-the-art encryption techniques are used that guarantee a high level of security for all users. The database in which personal information is stored is also highly monitored, both physically and electronically.


Online dating attracts all kinds of people. DateMyAge is a site that checks the profiles of new users and checks the profiles misused.

DateMyAge good woman

Anti Scam

DateMyAge is a dating site for people over 40 with which it is easy to get in touch, both from a technical point of view and in how to report members that make you uncomfortable. It provides customer service by phone, chats, and email. You can contact them with any question regarding the security of your profile if you suspect that you might have been subjected to scamming attempts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using DateMyAge


  1. Long-term relationships
  2. Reliability appointments
  3. Stabilized couples


The webcam is missing and a public chat where to get to know each other. Nothing is left to chance and not even to the user himself. The severe flaw of DateMyAge is to have eliminated the completion of the research. In practice, you are at the mercy of the system compatibility calculations without being able in any way to freely consult the user database. Of course, we can continue to upload proposals for profiles without limits, according to the order of characteristics chosen by us, until exhaustion. But without the possibility of changing the location, age and other characteristics of users, it would have been interesting to be able to consult at will.

DateMyAge profiles

DateMyAge – Short Description

DateMyAge is a dating site reserved for a particular age group. In fact, the minimum limit for joining it is set at forty-something years. It specializes in single matching services, chats encounters, and emotional relationships. It is considered a reference point for those who prefer to deepen their knowledge on the web. DateMyAge allows you to establish a special feeling with people on the other side of the monitor. Calculating affinities and proposing well-matched couplings is one of its main characteristics.

DateMyAge dating couple

The place is ideal for singles over 40s, who like to attend dating sites, but with specific goals in mind. Those who subscribe to this site are looking for people to be together, want relationships rich in mutual satisfaction, but avoiding any inconvenience very carefully. They are average experts in matters of the heart, and can immediately understand if the relationship with those in front, will have future developments. Or if it is better to settle for the short pleasures offered on the spot. Of DateMyAge, you can say everything, except it is a site of ephemeral meetings and without a relevant thread, just for the sake of making them.

When a certain degree of sentimental maturity is reached, simple physical contact does not fully satisfy individual personal needs. There is a need for in-depth, passionate, sensual or carnal involvement. DateMyAge draws a characteristic profile of users from the moment of registration. Through an entrance test with questions about the personality and the desired partner.

Rating: 5
Comments on "DateMyAge Review"
  • Joshua

    I have been divorced for 13 years. Before I spent my time on work, kids. But I never had time for myself. And now my children are adults, and my son said I need to find boyfriend. I laughed at his suggestion, but I still decided he was right, that’s why I started to use some dating sites. I like this one more than others. Hope to meet my future partner.

    Rating: 5
  • Al

    I like the fact that this website offers you an app for phones too. I don’t use my laptop too often so it’s really cool that I can continue chatting on mobile devices. I have some new penpals and I guess there is one person who I like. I hope we will be able to become more than a friend.

    Rating: 4
  • Adam

    I have used DateMyAge for 4 months. I registered on it at the time when the previous relationship finished and I was lonely and bored, but the most important goal for me was to find someone not to feel lonely anymore. I didn’t have any dates as I am really bad at trusting people but I hope I will meet someone soon. At least it is the only chance for me now

  • Steffan56

    Thank you for a reliable friend and wife who I met on the platform. Although at first, I saw such sites only as a way to forget about the bad experience of being in a relationship – Datemyage surprised me with a large number of women who are looking for serious stuff.

    Rating: 5
  • Cory

    What I liked about DateMyAge is the fact that the administration is very competent and it is not that easy to meet fake people. The service is user-friendly so you won’t get mad every time when you use it. Definitely 5 stars out of 5!

    Rating: 5
  • Maximilian

    I’m a bit unsociable and it is very difficult for me to meet a girl on the street, I just don’t know what I should say for a start and how to continue the conversation, so I got upset every time when I understood I am not good at communicating. And then I found a girl of my favorite type on this site, and she was the first who wrote to me, so this is how I met my true love.

    Rating: 5
  • Francis

    Hi Ladies, I am in search for my most adorable soulmate for whom I can shower all my love on and expect the same. I am loyal and kind, My first relationship has failed, I have 3 kids but all are grown up and they do not leave with me but they do come and visit me now and again. They are my friends and love to cook for them as they love the food I cook.

  • erika

    Excuse me, can you tell me how to delete my account on

    • admin

      To delete your account on datemyage you need to use the “HELP CENTER”

  • Nabisere Hadijah

    How can I purchase credits and where?

    • admin

      Hello! You should click on “upgrade account” and purchase credits on DateMyAge

  • Jasmine

    Hi there,
    Can you tell me how to delete my account please ?
    I couldn’t find the “help centre”

    • admin

      You can find “Help Center” in the menu (near “Inbox” section)

  • Yusufu Wormandia

    How to delete payment plan from

    Rating: 5
    • admin

      Hello! You need to write to help centre of

  • Sansu

    How can i avail for free here

    Rating: 4
    • admin

      You can free to sign up on this website and start to find the great dates!

      • Hans

        how to access for free

        Rating: 5
        • admin

          Hello! You can click “Visit site” on this page. Then, you will see the sing up form where you can get access to DateMyAge for free

  • Irene

    Hello, I really thank for this site

    Rating: 5

    How to make payment in order to use all features of website

    • admin

      Hello, you need click the “UPGRADE ACCOUNT” red button on the up right connor

  • Adam Smith

    Hi’ i am interested in subscribing for the app’ is there are option of monthly subscription? i don’t really understand how long those credits can last. it’s a limitation

    • admin

      Hello, there is no option for a monthly subscription on this website. Datemyage is using the credits system.
      For example, 1 live chat minute or 1 message cost 1 credit. Sending the email cost 10 credits.
      And there are the 3 opportunities to buy these credits – 3 different packages of credits.

  • Michelle

    How safe is this?

    • admin

      It’s a safe website

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