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ChinaLove Review
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ChinaLove is an online dating platform for those seeking a life partner. On this website, men can meet mail order brides living in China. Among the features offered are instant messenger, the possibility to add profiles to the favorites, and to send presents.

About ChinaLove Dating Site

ChinaLove dating site is a place where Chinese English speaking people can find spouses inside and outside China. Love is something every person on the planet needs, especially on the most inhabited its part.

What is the Service For?

ChinaLove connects hearts and souls. This is the place where lonely singles are looking for life partners, spouses, or husbands/wives.

ChinaLove review

For Whom Service?

ChinaLove reviews, which can be found on the main page, say that the experience they had using the service is nothing but positive. People are looking here for other people because every human being on Earth needs it.

ChinaLove Interface

The main page looks pretty and intuitive. Pleasant red collars make the mood appropriate for looking for love. It is simply merely for eyes. There is nothing disruptive, no advertising, no popups, no message imitators and many other annoying plugins many other China dating sites have.

How to Register on

ChinaLove doesn’t have long forms to fill in. There are no personal questions and no obligatory steps in spite of the email, name, and date of birth. You can skip all the other steps to take a look at the website from the inside. Later you can complete the profile with relevant information including age, the age of the desired partner, interests, the image of a perfect spouse, and many others you feel like sharing. The more detailed information you provide, the better chances are to find love faster than expected.


The service is easy to navigate. It has a list of potential partners with their nice photos, and a chatter where you can see who is online, who is going to answer you, who you chatted recently with, and others. The list of the partners you see is a filter selection that stands to your interests and initial demand.


You have a chance to tell the team of ant to other registered members every detail about yourself you want to tell. This information is going to be used as a direction for filtering the best matches for you. The list you will see is the result of the selective process. Your task is to choose the best of the best for you.

ChinaLove search

How to Pay for ChinaLove?

When starting chatting after registration, clients receive a notification asking to buy credits to be able to communicate with other members of the service. The price of one minute of live chat costs one credit. Paying is simple with a step-by-step procedure.


There is a credit system at Live chat costs one credit per minute, 10 credits for email, 1 credit for an online message, sending or viewing received photos cost 15 credits each, each slicer cost 5 credits. Who chatting with video, it is possible to send various gifts that cost from five to thousand credits. One credit costs from 4 to 8 cents depending on the amount.

Payment Systems

Paying with credit cards is possible. The payment procedure is simple and fast.

ChinaLove Users

Right after creating the account people are trying to reach you via direct messaging. Many users are willing to chat with newcomers. Profiles look professional, especially the female ones. The photos seem to be made in a professional studio. In any case, the profiles look gorgeous and selective.

ChinaLove users

User Region

ChinaLove is oriented on Chinese people but has no territorial limits. Some people come to find European spouses, while others are seeking soulmates outside China but with Chinese nationality. Filtering doesn’t show you the profiles of people who are located in your city. The dating website is international because love knows no distance.

Sexual Orientation

This is one of the progressive dating websites where people with all sexual orientations can find partners for making a family. ChinaLove supports diversity.

Possibilities of Filling and Correspondence

ChinaLove offers live chat, emails, and video communication. It is reasonable to move from conversation to video consequently. The video is necessary to make sure the photos stand for reality. Make sure you have chatted at least once before meeting in real life, especially when meeting requires flying long distances.

ChinaLove profile

China Love User Security

The home page of the service informs new and existing users that their experience on the website is protected by one of the best security services. It is also stated that every account is checked manually by the representative of technical support. However, on the full version of the privacy policy, it is stated that the Internet connection is not always safe and stable. This is something clients of the service should always acknowledge.


Today scammers are everywhere, especially on dating services. Paid communication lower the risk, but still leaves the chance of getting into trouble because of scum accounts. It is strongly recommended to keep all the safety measures when using the service.

Anti Scam

Every new profile is checked manually. Empty or suspicious persons are deleted. However, if the profile is new and hasn’t been checked yet, it is possible to communicate with members. Don’t trust fresh users, stick to those who are registered at least one month ago. Personal security is something every person should care about. Don’t share any personal information in private messages including your family name.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using ChinaLove

There are positive and negative sides of the service.


ChinaLove is connecting hearts all over the world and help Chinese people find European spouses if they have such a desire. In the country where most services and messengers are forbidden, people are glad to use any opportunity for communication with the outer world. The navigation is simple the design is pleasant, the pages are responsive.


There is always a risk to get involved in a conversation with a scam account.

China Love – Short Description

ChinaLove is another progressive service that helps people to find life partners, spouses, or close friends outside and inside China. The service supports diversity which can be a decisive argument for many people. It is well designed, has no ads, no pop-ups, and nothing extra but the list of potential partners and current chats. Simplicity and safety help the service to be one of the leading ones.

Rating: 5
Comments on "ChinaLove Review"
  • Joshua

    There are several things that I personally find very commendable:
    1. They spend time answering questions from clients.
    2. The website is very simple but still has style.
    3. Women here are real and answer to your emails.
    4. The support team helps with all issues.
    I have never used a better online service than this one. Honestly, some B2B projects could learn a trick or two about client retention from CHNLove!

    Rating: 5
  • ADAM

    You won’t find a better place to start dating online. Women here are ready to talk to foreigners. I noticed that I received a bunch of friend requests from women after adding a photo where I look “whiter”. I’m half Asian and may look like Chinese from some angles. However, I also look Caucasian in some photos. I added them to my profile and received a lot of attention from women here! 10 out of 10! A great site.

    Rating: 5
  • Frank

    This is surely one of those dating sites that are one the better side. They have a lot of women to show you. I spent countless hours browsing through their list of potential matches. I think that their matching system could use an upgrade. Sometimes, I get matched with people with completely different interests. Otherwise, it is a great dating site. One of the best.

    Rating: 4
  • male

    ChinaLove is a great website. 5 out of 5 stars. Everything is very intuitive. I did not have any problems with the service what so ever. I guess, developers know what they are doing with the website. It works well for thousands of people. Definitely, recommend this website to everyone!

    Rating: 5
  • Walter

    I want to tell my amazing story that occurred two months ago. I wanted to find yourself a beautiful girl who would be with me always. Many years I went to the clubs, cafes, exhibitions, but everything was not as I was planning. Finally, a friend advised me to use this website. I’m pretty skeptical but I decided to give it a try. Already in a week, I found a girl of my dreams. She lived far enough that didn’t let us meet each other in person. But once on Saturday evening in my apartment, I heard a doorbell. I was surprised and happy. We shared addresses, but I completely forgot about this fact. She moved to me, now we are living together. Thanks to this website!

    Rating: 5
  • Billy

    Hi. Accidentally found this site and I was very interested in the idea to meet someone. I talked to many girls, but only one was able to conquer me. I think I will tell about it all my co-workers and friends.

    Rating: 5
  • Waldy

    There are a lot of dating websites out there, most of which make you pay for every single step. Thank God, my colleagues have encouraged me to join several and most without any positive results. I almost gave up but then I was introduced to Chinalove and instantly fell in love with the site. You are able to find new people every time you update the site. I spent so much time on just looking at curious interesting profiles.

    Rating: 5
  • CarlWoof

    I heard about ChnLove before. My colleague met his Asian wife there about 3 years ago. I have just experienced a divorce. The marriage isn’t in my plan. I have a serious work so I don’t really have time to look for a partner. So I decided to look at the site. We will see if I meet some interesting women for me. But no high hopes.

    Rating: 4
  • RoberY.n

    AsiaMe is designed to search for Asian girls for a serious relationship. Just want to say that there are many gorgeous girls and many of them will want to talk with you, be prepared for a large number of messages) especially if you put a good photo on the avatar!

    Rating: 5
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