Asia Charm Review

Asia Charm Review
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AsiaCharm is a great dating site that has more than 10 million registered users. This site will help you meet and communicate with Asian girls who are ready for long-term relations and marriage. Don’t waste your chance, register on the dating site in two clicks, and find the Asian love of your life.

Asia Charm brings wonders of online dating. This website is based in China but features women and men from other countries of the SEA region as well. If you are looking for someone from this amazing oriental part of the world, you will be more than happy to become an active member of this website.

Asia Charm features thousands of women and men from China and Vietnam mostly. The company not only offers a wide variety of communication methods but also provides translators when necessary. This is a perfect place for any westerner who wants to meet a person from another, exotic, part of the planet from Asian mail order brides sites.

About Asia Charm

What Is the Service For?

The website is created as an efficient platform for communication capable of supporting long-distance relationships and providing all the necessary means of developing a strong bond between two people. Even if you do not know Vietnamese or Chinese, you will be able to communicate with a person you like thanks to the help of professional translators.

AsiaCharm review

Who Are the Target Audience?

The primary audience of the service consists of men and women from western parts of the world. This website is not a traditional dating site, but a platform operated by professionals. They want to help people communicate and build relationships.

Asia Charm has a very stable website that works somewhat slowly. Some elements load slower than you would expect. However, the overall impression is quite good.

AsiaCharm interface

How to Register on

The registration process is very straightforward. After providing your contacts, you will receive a notification letter to your inbox. Confirm your e-mail and start filling out a short list of questions. There are several questions about you and your preferences regarding your future partner. This basic information helps the website find your potential matches faster.

You Can Sign Up AsiaCharm Here >>

How to Use the AsiaCharm?

The website is quite simple, yet it has all the necessary functions to improve your experience. You will unlikely have problems learning where you can purchase credits or edit your profile. The design is stylish and immediately catches the eye with its white and red color scheme.


You will need to pay special attention to five main buttons in the upper part of the page:

  • Search. Here you can use various filters to narrow down the results and browse only those women who fit your criteria.
  • Faces. This is a special mini-feature that works much like Tinder or Badoo. You need to either like or dislike people shown to you. At some point, the system will improve its algorithm based on your behavior and start offering choices that may be interesting to you more often.
  • Messages. Here you can check out your instant messages.
  • Mailbox. In-house mailing system handles longer messages, file exchanging, and other things that a simple chat cannot.
  • Credits. This is the balance sheet of your account. Here you will see your credits that can be either purchased or received as bonuses

AsiaCharm match


The extended search allows you to quickly set up some filters and exclude people that do not fit your preferences from your feed. You can choose various options including age, religion, marital status, habits, and country.

AsiaCharm filter

How to Pay for Using AsiaCharm?

If you want to use the full range of functions available to visitors, you will need to purchase credits. Note that credits are used to communicate with people on this website. You will need to pay a couple of credits for each message, file or letter exchanged. You will also need to pay to see who liked you or visited you recently.


Whenever you purchase credits, you receive some as a bonus. They can be spent normally, but the number of complimentary credits is shown in a separate window. Note that you are getting a subscription by default and will need to unsubscribe manually. The subscription is not based on a fixed period, but on the balance of your account. If it is close to 0, the balance will automatically be topped up.

You can use only credit cards to make payments.

AsiaCharm Users

Profiles are very informative and contain a lot of useful information. Most profiles are full of additional photos. Note that some private photos can only be viewed if you have successfully started a conversation with a user. Each user profile has several additional features: you can wink, start a chat, add a profile to favorites. You can also try to set up a date or exchange contact details. Note that setting up a date costs 625 credits.

AsiaCharm profile

View Girls Profiles On >>


Women here are from all parts of the SEA region. You will be able to meet people from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and many other countries. The information about the geographical location of a user is shown on the profile page.

Sexual Orientation

Asia Charm dating site is a place for straight men and women. Sadly, there are no options to check a “man looking for a man” or “woman looking for woman” option during the registration process.

Possibilities of Exchanging Files and Correspondence

You can use the instant messaging system which allows users to exchange short messages. Note that this is usually enough to check out the user’s personal photos. If you want to have a more meaningful conversation with a person, using the mailing system is a much better idea. Send files and long letters to the person you like.

AsiaCharm – User Security

The team of moderators is tirelessly working to improve the security and safety of users. The technological architecture of the website is quite robust and offers an impressive level of data protection. However, scammers pop up from time to time.

AsiaCharm – Safety

It is highly essential to know how to keep your private data and credentials safe. The administration is quite transparent about some of the issues related to long-distance dating in general. They honestly warn you about the possible risks and downsides of the industry. You can read more in special articles in the footer of the official website.

AsiaCharm – Anti Scam Measures

All users have to undergo meticulous scrutiny. After you upload a photo and fill out your profile page, a moderator will conduct the first stage of verification. The second stage happens when and if a person you liked decided to exchange contact information with you or agreed to go on a date.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AsiaCharm

Asia Charm reviews usually praise the website for its simplicity and interesting additional features such as “Faces”. However, some minor downsides may concern some users.


  • Thousands of men and women from the SEA region;
  • High-quality photos and private albums;
  • Translators help people communicate with each other.


  • The website could use some improvements regarding loading speed;
  • Most features are hidden behind a thick paywall.

AsiaCharm – Main Takeaway

Asia Charm is the most perfect choice if you are looking for a place to meet someone from Asia. The team of moderators is quite communicative while most members are ready to engage in conversations.

Rating: 4
Comments on "Asia Charm Review"
  • Julian

    Love the design of AsiaCharm. I usually don’t pay much attention to design, but colors and simplicity work so well here. Dating sites often have such clunky interfaces and lots of images. Like, tons of images! Here, everything is very organized. I can browse the list of matches endlessly. The website is very good for people who want to meet a woman from Asia. I personally recommend this website to everyone!

    Rating: 5
  • Dan69

    AsiaCharm is great for anyone who wants a quick chat with a pretty girl from Vietnam or China. Many people here speak perfect English. Not everyone. In fact, you will need a translator very often, but still. I’ve met a bunch of women who were able to keep up a good conversation. I don’t really like the idea of using a translator to speak with women especially when it comes to intimate questions and stuff like that.

    Rating: 3
  • Steven Dawking

    If you want to meet a beautiful woman with a kind heart, you will definitely find someone here. This review perfectly describes AsiaCharm. It is a great place to meet someone special. They have a lot of good features. You can meet ladies that are willing to start a conversation with you. Just add a couple of photos and wait! A couple of days and you will notice someone for sure! 🙂

    Rating: 4
  • Stanley

    I don`t know what other people are talking about. I think that this is one of the best dating sites, period. The support team especially deserves praise. They answer questions quickly and seem to be always willing to help with any issue. Thanks for the review. I would not have found this site if you didn’t review it. Women are gorgeous, by the way!

    Rating: 5
  • GabenValveSteam

    The problem that I have with this website is that when there are too many messages, the inbox looks like a mess. I can’t really sort them easily. I guess, it is a common problem for many dating sites. Strangely, many websites that rely on communication have so many issues with mailing. I have a dozen messages right now, but can’t really sort them out!

    Rating: 3
  • Arthur B.

    I’ve spent a couple of hundred bucks on this service and have been satisfied with the results. Profiles are very informative. I was able to learn more about potential matches before even meeting them online. I was a bit frustrated with the mailing service and the fact that translators did not really work as quickly I would like them to. Otherwise, Asia Charm is superior to many analogs.

    Rating: 5
  • Mark Simons

    Thanks for the review. I will be checking out the website. I have been using ChinaLove, but the service there seems to be not up to par with my expectations. People say that Asian Charm is a better website if you are looking for superb customer support. I can’t speak Asian languages so I need some assistance from administration.

    Rating: 4
  • XxXHamsterXxX

    Asiacharm is a great place to meet your Asian soulmate! I have been so happy to find this website. They have a very active support team. I once had my payment lost somewhere along the way to them. The support team helped me sort out the problem with my credit card. If I had to recommend a website to men who want to meet Asian women, this one would be the one!

    Rating: 5
  • MikeSt

    I`ve been using dating sites for a couple of years now. Asian women are my kryptonite. I love everything about them. They are mysterious, beautiful, and intriguing to me. Amongst Asian dating sites, this one stands out with its attention to profiles and paid translators. Sadly, not all women in Asia can speak solid English.

    Rating: 4
  • Lanisaac

    How do I update my particular profile?
    I need some help with this.

    Rating: 4
    • deb

      Find “Credits” in the main menu, please.

  • Dave Klis

    I agree with your points, excellent post.

    Rating: 5
  • Oliver

    I want to say thanks to the developers of the site that could interest me to stay on the site and provide a safety. I’ve found my girlfriend, who is about to become my wife, here, even though I live close to her. I would never have met her, as we are both shy. We are together for 1.5 years Thanks again. All the best!

    Rating: 5
  • Asa Natani

    I like this web site because so much utile stuff on here : D.

  • Ivan

    The platform is the first dating site which I started to use, and I guess it will be the last. I am really satisfied, will never want to leave. I find it more interesting with paid services. I’ve started to communicate with some girls in 15 mins after registration. I’ve found a girl who likes the same books that I do. So there’s no problem with finding a soulmate. Everything is convenient and beautiful, especially women.
    At first glance, the design may seem strange, but you will quickly get used to it. I would just like to clarify about the help desk. They are not too responsive.
    By the way, thanks for the review!

    Rating: 5
  • Hudson

    This platform is really wonderful. You can find here all cool Asian girls. I have already had so many dates that even stopped counting them! And now I have met a girl who I like not only as a friend. I hope that we will be more than friends! The site is a great place to find not only love, but also good friends.

    Rating: 5
  • Lee

    This site is a nice one. Although I have some problems with my inbox became a total mess after a few weeks. But as far as I know, it happens everywhere. The main disadvantage for me is that you need to pay for everything. Once I hadn’t noticed that I had to buy credits to continue chatting with women, and some bucks left my card. But at least there are interesting Asian girls.

    Rating: 3
  • Steve

    I visited China sometimes, and I like Chinese women so much. But as I live in the US I had to come back. And after I found this platform, and I am truly happy. Although I spent some money, I found a cool girl. She is fluent at English, so I have no problem with chatting with her. I knew about her almost everything before her reply to my first message. I’m planning to go to China soon to meet her. Hope to take her to the US with me.

    Rating: 5
  • Stephen

    Registration on the dating site became fateful for me. This is where I met my beloved wife. Our story is pretty simple: I’ve looking through the accounts of the girls that’s where I found her. We had a friendly conversation for a month, then a few interesting dates when I came to China, and a year later we got married and now we are about to become parents! I am very glad that we met here, I wish everyone the same luck.

    Rating: 5
  • Blake

    I am grateful to this platform not only for the fact that it gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other but also for the fact that I found there a girl who is my companion in life. On this site, there are a lot of interesting and new things that you will not find on any other dating site. I advise everyone who is looking for a partner, to use this site. It is unique. I couldn’t imagine that I would start using such a service ever!

    Rating: 4
  • Blake

    I am grateful to this platform not only for the fact that it gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other but also for the fact that I found there a girl who is my companion in life. On this site, there are a lot of interesting and new things that you will not find on any other dating site. I advise everyone who is looking for a partner, to use this site. It is unique.

    Rating: 5
  • Billy

    I thought and hoped that I would meet a woman on this site more or less easily because in the middle of 2000s I used to write letters and after 2-3 months got the reply at the post office. So far I am quite satisfied with this platform. I am already planning to visit some girls. For now, we are only friends but who knows what will happen after our first date.

    Rating: 4
  • Lyn

    My future husband wrote me at all just because I had a picture with the flag of the US, and I answered him because I liked his legs :). We phoned each other, his voice was really awful. But when we met… We’re getting married soon, it’s very good. So I want to express my gratitude to the administration of the site, as well as the fate

    Rating: 5
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