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Muslim Brides – Who Are They?

Key Features of Muslim Girls

Many think, Muslim men themselves, that women who wear hijab cannot and should not experience 360 degrees sexuality. As for clothing, Muslim brides have to let the robe down under the ankles so that it covers the feet. In fact, it is not allowed to wear open shoes that allow them to be seen. A woman should cover them with her garment, or wearing socks or shoes. It’s better to hide them with the garment, rather than with the socks. You cannot wear tight khuff (leather slippers, ed) because they show the shape of the foot. It is no coincidence that they are worn mostly by men. High heels make the woman’s walk “more seductive”. They also “expose beauty more” and sometimes even make “attractive” noises. But Muslim mail order brides will have to wear them only in front of their husband or, at most, when they are in the company of women only.

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In the Koran it is written: “Tell the believing women to keep their private parts and not to exhibit their adornment except that which must necessarily appear and except to their husbands, their fathers, the fathers of their husbands, their children, to the children of their husbands, to the brothers, to the children of their brothers, to the children of their sisters, to the children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women”. “Ordinary ornaments” such as kajal, henna or rings can be worn in public. Those “extra”, such as perfume and lipstick, are not allowed in public. Any kind of makeup that makes an attractive woman and that provokes “loving attention” is forbidden, as it would nullify the whole purpose of the veil.

It is not allowed to eliminate or shorten the eyebrows. And letting your nails grow is against the Prophet’s Sunnah. Islamic laws set a time limit for cutting nails, hair and armpit hair, and for pubic hair (it is not allowed to leave them for more than 40 nights). Making them grow long would mean resembling animals and some unbelievers. While if a woman has a mustache or hair that grows on her cheeks, there is nothing wrong with eliminating them because they “disfigure her beauty”.

The Muslim religion prevents women from showing the uncovered body. In the mixed beaches, some take a bath in galabia (long white tunic) and with the veil. Others wear opaque costumes and a lycra veil. Or a shirt and shorts. And then there is the burkini: burka and bikini indicate a suit with elasticated ankle trousers, a long tunic to the hips and a hood that covers the head, neck, and shoulders. Face, hands, and feet remain uncovered. Aheda Zanetti, an Islamic Australian of Lebanese origins, created it in 2004. From there the boom among the Muslims. But not only: it is also used by Orthodox, Hindu, and Christian, Mormon, Jews.

What Kind of Relationships are Traditional for this Religion?

Islamic sexual morality is profoundly different from that of the Christian Church. Islamic sexual morality is profoundly different from the new sexual morality, as it does not admit the concept of free sex. Islam aims to teach Muslims how to satisfy their sexual instincts in a responsible way, not to repress them. Islam recognizes the sexual needs of human beings and believes that natural instincts should be educated, not repressed. Islam states that the biological parts of our body have a purpose, they have not been created unnecessarily. In no Islamic text is associated with sex with inherent evil or sin: all the teachings of the Holy Koran, of the Prophet Muĥammad and of the Ahl ul-Bayt go in exactly the opposite direction.

  • Islam strongly recommends marriage as a good deed and not as the lesser of evils;
  • Islam strongly opposes celibacy and monastic life;
  • Islam believes that marriage is by no means an obstacle on the spiritual path: on the contrary, it helps those who run it.

Muslim Order Brides: the Importance of Finding a Husband

It is important to realize that the idea of marriage in Islamic texts is not limited to a Platonic relationship between husband and wife, nor is it confined to sex for the purpose of procreation. The legal term for marriage is “nikah”, which literally means sexual intercourse. Marriage is a warmly recommended action. Allah says: “Marry those of you who are not married and your slaves, male and female who are honest. And if they are needy, Allah will enrich them with His grace. Allah is wide in giving and knowing.” (Holy Quran, Sura An-Nūr, 24:32). The sexual instinct is a creative order that Allah has infused to human nature. After having defined sex as His creative order, it is no longer possible to associate it with guilt, sin or evil.

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Where You Can Find Your Ideal Muslim Bride?

Meeting beautiful Muslim girls online is the trend that involves so many Muslim singles all over the world. If finding a partner is also difficult for the hyperdynamic girls from New York – so much so that, according to a recent study, in the US half of the couples born in 2007 originated thanks to the Internet – think about the difficulties that teenagers and Muslim women can encounter in knowing partners and find a husband respecting the rules of their religion.

The solution is sought in the Net. By browsing through Muslim dating sites reviews, one can pick a dating site that has a lot to offer to Muslim singles in pure Western style. Best Muslim mail order brides sites create a balance between the ‘correct’ Islamic alternative and the traditional methods of family networks and arranged marriages.

The idea of such portals is not a surprise for anyone accustomed to the freedom of the international world: Muslim girls do not chat with strangers as they please: parents, uncles, cousins, and brothers can access the “private” conversations of daughters, sisters, cousins. The purpose of these virtual meetings, in fact, in almost all cases is marriage. And a possible, future union must be evaluated very, very carefully.

Rather than being subjected to a combined union imposed by families, the girls find, in technology, one more chance to meet, and have some chances to choose, their prince charming. A further advantage of finding a boyfriend online, in fact, is also that exponentially increase the possible candidates. The site reads: “If you are looking for a single Muslim, English, American or Pakistani, Islamic or Arab, Single Muslim is the best way to meet other Muslims”. Other sites like this also offer the possibility to search the subscriber database based on the current of the Islamic religion professed by the navigator. Both the girls and the registered boys have the possibility to send virtual flowers to new knowledge. You can choose the possible suitors in the photo gallery and you can chat live.

How To Choose The Best Muslim Dating Site?

Looking for Muslim brides, one should look for a website that works like a regular traditional dating site online, but with a focus to match couples for marriage, unlike many other dating sites where there is not always marriage in focus. At places like that one can find Muslim mail order brides looking for someone to marry, and in the future, we plan to expand to the whole of the north.

On our site you can search for their future husband or wife, or be found by, for example, filling in different criteria such as hobbies and interests, country of origin or spoken language. Something that differentiates us from other sites is that our focus is also on the religious parts that may be of importance to many of our users. For example, in addition to search criteria such as interests and the like, also to apply for religious practice and Islamic orientation. This is something that is of great importance to many of our users and an element that is often missing.

Look for a site with a trial period. As a paying member, you have access to all features of a dating site, while non-payment is not allowed to send or read private messages. Muslim meeting also has a blog on the website where various Muslim teachers and cultural personalities are interviewed about love, marriage, and Islam. Blogs should also be open to non-members. Some of the best Muslim dating sites available via Facebook page and email whether questions or concerns arise.

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What is It Like Having a Muslim Wife?

Advantages of Muslim Brides

Once mature, the woman in Islam is also a blessing for the community. When she is with her parents, she takes care of them and is gentle as no one has ever been. The woman is true of a sensitive, endearing and compassionate nature. She represents a blessing for her parents who gave birth to her.

When she gets married, she is a support and a rest for her husband. She is also a treasure that must be preserved, both by her good behavior and by her love for her. When the woman has children, her reward is still present. She is the first educator of her children, their first model, the example they will follow and the first voice they will recognize and love. The duties the child has towards his mother in Islam are no longer to be demonstrated. The companions and pious predecessors had the noblest behavior with their mother.

The woman in Islam, from her birth to her old age, through her adolescence, her life as a daughter, a wife, and a mother has the most important value. During the pre-Islamic period, girls were killed, women denigrated and victims of injustice. Islam has given them rights and a high place. The woman has been valued by Islam. It is a flower that must be protected while being a pillar without which society will collapse.

Muslim Wives: Social Life Challenges

A professional activity undeniably has benefits for the woman, but it also implies disadvantages that it is important to take into consideration. When the woman works, she keeps all her responsibilities in relation to her home. Her mother and wife roles remain intact. In choosing to work, the woman must assume an additional load and most often, the work causes additional stress and fatigue. She is then less available for her family at the time, attention, listening, affection. She must be strong enough morally and physically to support them so that her activity does not negatively affect her primary, religious and family responsibilities. Her religion is likely to be weakened by lack of time, compromise or an environment unfriendly to religious practices. The world of work is not always open and tolerant enough to accept the veil that Allah has prescribed for all Muslims. In this case, she must choose between her religion and her job. If her faith is weak or if work is a real economic necessity, she may be tempted to remove her veil from the workplace. Work is a threat to one’s religion. In the West, except for a few areas, the work takes place in a mixed setting and involves many contacts with foreign men. The woman is then exposed to a risk of disrespect, to advances. Only an environment of Muslims respectful of their religion can guarantee moral security.

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Thanks to Muslim dating sites, you can get in touch with people who have the same religion and goal as you: meet a husband or wife. Thousands of people are signing up. Also, whatever your criteria (age, professional or family situation, nationality, location, etc.), you have a maximum of choice. Of course, this will maximize your chances of finding someone you like. If you are overwhelmed by work and do not have enough time to meet people, dating sites will be a great help. You do not have to move, you just need a PC and an internet connection and comfortably at home (from your sofa for example), you can embark on the search for your soul mate. Another undeniable advantage: on dating sites, you can stop easily exchanges, if you find that the current does not pass. Yes, you do not have to manage for a long time a relationship that does not interest you.

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