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Finding a virtual space densely populated with beautiful lesbians, such as a dating site teeming with lesbian girls, has become a regular way of meeting a partner at this time and age. But it is always a good idea to read a fair amount of lesbian dating sites reviews before signing up to any particular site or app in order to have the best experience offered by the world of virtual dating.

About Lesbian Dating

Main Features of Lesbian Dating

On the delicate and very current issue of equality between heterosexual and lesbian couples, here are two authoritative and significant contributions that highlight the different theses in the current discussion. The thesis of homosexuality as a mere “normal variant of human sexuality”, on which a lively discussion has arisen also for the issue of the legal treatment of gay couples, seems to me to be contestable to the extent that it involves equality in every sense between a lesbian and a heterosexual couple. It is certainly thanks to the psychoanalytic tradition to have highlighted, in contrast to the dominant thesis in the manuals of psychiatry until the middle of the twentieth century, that homosexuality is not a pathology; moreover, the psychic acquisition of sexual identity and sexual orientation is not a given at birth, but the result of a process that takes place in the interweaving of biological factors and psychological-environmental factors, therefore the homosexual orientation is a virtuality in the development of every individual.

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What Are the Basic Criteria for a Future Lesbian Partner?

For many homosexual males, in fact, love relationships are ephemeral and superficial. Men tend to sexualize every relationship, they are ashamed of being dependent on a single love and therefore easily escape the contacts of sweet affection. Furthermore, men are more closed and competitive, hiding what they consider tenderness as an indicator of weakness. Lesbians, on the other hand, tend to express intimacy, affections even if competitiveness can always be present. For lesbians, the relationship is based on understanding their own feminine needs and is based on the awareness that unity is a strength.

Intrapersonal Relationships Typical for Lesbians

The lack of a lesbian relationship model and family support has led to the construction of relationships of a couple different from those that concern the majority of the heterosexual population. The concepts of honor, shame and those related to the sexual sphere are either absent or very attenuated. The same sexual relationships within the couple accept the presence of possible sexual relations with other people, even between partners and a third person. Relationships external to the couple are regulated by jointly agreed conditions. In relationships with others, safe sex is practiced, that is, paying attention not to be infected by sexually transmitted diseases.

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The lack of legal recognition of a lesbian union leads the members of the couple to find forms of economic self-protection that protect them in case the relationship should end or from the situation in which one of the partners were to die. People often resort to confrontation and dialogue to smooth and reduce the tensions that arise within the couple. The fear of seeing the relationship end suddenly leads partners to be very respectful towards their partner. There are no pre-established sexual roles. The categories of assets and liabilities used in the heterosexual world are not recognized. No different use of domestic spaces is reported. The tasks related to home management are addressed together. Social life outside the couple is also experienced in an equal way, both together and separately.

Places to Find Lesbian Gilrfriend

Where and how to meet lesbian girls? It’s never been easier to meet a true match: until some time ago it seemed impossible to meet a lesbian woman on the street, but today thanks to the best lesbian dating sites and the constant proliferation of dating sites, things are much easier.

Among the best physical places where you can meet a lesbian “stand out” in bars, nightclubs, discos and lounge bars frequented by the LGBT community. Gay-friendly clubs are places where one has the opportunity to live openly their sexuality and their nature, in a community that shares the same “beliefs” and sexual orientation. However, there has been a change in the scenario: if until some time ago gay-friendly nightclubs were the only places (or almost) where you could make love relationships with same-sex partners, today, they have “lost” this connotation. In fact, like many bars and pubs, gay and lesbian-friendly clubs are real discos or disco pubs where they serve alcohol, aperitifs or where to have some finger food.

Here you can find small rooms or private areas where people can sit down to get to know each other, talk and socialize. The “private” rooms are the “physical” meeting place where you can screen the various “profiles” of lesbians that you can meet during the evening. All in a truly unique setting: light design, video projections, house music or revivals of the ’80s,’ 90s, ’00s, fog machines, dancers and half-naked dancers. Every stylistic and aesthetic detail is taken care of in the smallest details. All lesbians and all members of the LGBT community can access these premises, there is no “selection” at the entrance to access, except in some specific cases.

Another “physical” place where one can go hunting for the potential lesbian partner is the park. We often prefer to go out in the morning or in the evening for jogging or running immersed in the “green”: in the park you can meet other lesbians or others belonging to the LGBT community eager to talk with us or to get acquainted and, why not, fix an appointment at dinner or in some disco. To do the shopping, to the supermarket or the mini-market where you go shopping every night, after a day of work: here it is not difficult to “cross” the attentive glances of a potential lesbian (chapstick or lipstick) ready and eager to know each other better.

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How about the workplace? Why not, stop with prejudices and stereotypes! It is not difficult to meet people belonging to the LGBT community in multinationals or large corporations. Often, during the coffee break, it is possible to interact with potential colleagues interested in going out with us to get to know each other better.

How To Choose The Best Lesbian Dating Site?

There is no need to participate in Gay Pride or LGBT events to meet the soul mate, telematization has canceled any geographical distance and any time limit. “It’s not at home that you’ll find the right person, you do not think they will knock on your door”: how many times our parents told us to get out there away from home to have more chances to meet a soul mate? Too many times, but fortunately times have changed! The Internet Network has revolutionized our habits, the ways of socializing and speaking, the ways of relating with others and, above all, the way of finding a soul mate.

With the telematization and with the advent of the Internet age there has been a continuous increase and diffusion of online dating sites specialized in lesbian meetings. They are really a lot, but only a few are really able to satisfy every personal need of lesbians looking for partners. What are the advantages? If you live in a country or a town where there are no places where single lesbians can meet, finding someone to hang out at the weekend can be difficult. The Internet has revolutionized the way people do meetings, making it much more exciting.

It all starts with creating a profile and uploading a photo and you have the opportunity to search through thousands of lesbian members to find the one that strikes your imagination. If you like what you have to say, you can send her a message and start chatting with her. In short, thanks to online dating sites you have the opportunity to have fun and get to know all the members.

It’s all very simple: when you see an interesting profile of some lesbian, you send her a message and you have to wait for her to answer. If that person really interests you, this wait can seem eternal. With online chat rooms, you really get the chance to get an immediate response from the person you are trying to talk with. Thanks to chat rooms, every lesbian really has the possibility to eliminate all unnecessary waits, to interact 24 hours a day with any enrolled eager to meet women who want to go out and have fun. Thanks to this interesting and innovative tool, you have the opportunity to facilitate the meeting between people who think the same way or who want to make a “physical” appointment to get to know each other better.

There is many a lesbian dating site that although not being strictly dedicated to the LGBT world can still be useful.

EliteSingles: since 2011 is the “virtual” place where you can meet new people, now has more than 26 million users and a peak of 20,000 new subscribers a day. Thanks to this site you have the opportunity to access your photos and start chatting with potentially interesting lesbos.

Skout: compared to other dating sites, this app focuses on randomness. Well reviewed, Skout allows you to open a new conversation at random simply “shaking” the smartphone.

LesbieDates: this site is fast and simple, just indicate your preferences, the area and a time when you are free and LesbiDates presents a “list” of names of potential lesbians interested in making an appointment to get to know each other better.

Thanks to the online dating sites for LGBT and the ability to download the best APP of meetings on their smartphone, you can chat and search for the potential soul mate. Good luck!

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