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  • BuddyGays is exclusively for men who are looking for their soul mate;
  • The user is invited to complete his profile in details to obtain a greater number of matches compatible with his personality;
  • All profiles are manually checked.
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  • Free of charge website;
  • Highly detailed search tool;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Live cams feature.
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  • Many convenient features, for example, "nearby people";
  • GaysTryst customer support cares a lot for the security of their users;
  • Accessible in numerous countries;
  • Detailed search.
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  • The service connecting gays from all over the world;
  • You can pick the candidates that are next to you;
  • GaysGoDating offers anexcellent customer support;
  • Over 1 000 000 visitors each month.

In the world connected by the 4G and Wi-Fi on trains and in the city squares, even the way to meet a boy and to court him has evolved into an explosion of the so-called dating sites. Those are websites for meetings, that is to search for the soul mate or simply to look for a partner for casual sex and are obviously all free to sing up.

Hence, the success of gay dating sites such as GaysGoDating, GaysTryst, BuddyGays and other websites for gay dating that on average are used for an hour and a half a day. What, however, in most cases, more interesting to users, when looking for the best dating sites, is that their private and personal data are safe. Not all users of the online dating for meetings, in fact, want to reveal their identity and especially personal information and indeed, want to make sure that the relationships that are established to remain confidential.

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Gay dating sites have become not only a fashion but also a quick and easy way to meet interesting people, maybe far from our circles of friendships, albeit close to our interests. A way to meet new people, without wasting time with displacements or various tests. Thanks to the gay dating sites, however, you can see and understand in advance a clear profile of the person, the photos and get an idea so if you can shoot or not the spark.

How To Choose The Best Gay Dating Site?

In the last few years a new way of contacting, internet and chats have taken hold, which are virtual places where one can “speak” through the keyboard with one or more people who are at the same time in front of the computer. This system has spread a lot both because it allows us to keep certain initial anonymity, and because it can be used easily even by those who live in an isolated place or in a small city. Through the chats, you can communicate, get to know and even “virtual sex“. You can also see each other using special webcams. If you want you can also decide to meet in person, so as to see if that man who seemed so interesting through the screen is also live. This system has practically supplanted that of the ads in newspapers, which now survive in a decidedly reduced form.

All About Gay Dating and Gay Dating Sites

How Gay Relationship Is Different?

The sentimental life of gays, also due to recent laws that approve marriage and various legalizations of their cohabitation status, is increasingly widespread and manifest, very visible, especially in large cities. Many male homosexuals declare that they are not happy in their love life. Homosexuality does not have a genetic origin, even if it seems so, because the messages of primary experiences and social gatherings contribute to the construction of gender identity very early, remaining completely unconscious. If sex can predominantly characterize male homosexuality, intimacy and tender affections characterize that of women. These considerations can be the background to the couple situations, but they should not be considered absolute, because homosexual loves are from a psychological and sociological point of view, very complex. Suffering in love is often more present in the gay world than in the heterosexual world in which betrayals, possessiveness, and jealousy are less incisive. This reflection derives from the empirical experience of countless cases of clinically observed couples.

What Are The Partners Like in a Gay Dating?

Couples of the same sex share matters and roles based on who is most able in the couple to perform a certain task, rather than rely on what is conventionally a “work as a man” or a “woman’s work”. The result is that they work better as a team and there is less resentment for minor matters and hidden sexist thoughts, such as “it should be you who charge the dishwasher”.

According to John Gottman, one of the world’s leading experts in relationships, same-sex couples are much more kind to each other during quarrels compared to straight couples. They do not stick to the staff, they are more positive, less overbearing and they are less on the defensive. The reason for this, according to Gottman, is that force is equal in homosexual couples and is allowed to be the strongest to take the upper hand, without expectations being the determining of mutual roles.

In sex between heterosexuals, it is generally the male who takes the initiative, starting with the preliminaries (which are of more interest to her than to him). Gays, on the other hand, tend to be much more experimental than heterosexual couples, especially those who have long been engaged in the same relationship.

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The meeting with the parents of each member of the couple and the regular meeting with them happens very often among heterosexual couples. Not all gays, on the other hand, have come out with families, who may be less tolerant and open to accepting their children’s relationship. This means less forced visits by relatives and fewer quarrels due to in-laws.

The fact that your partner watches porn is often interpreted as a threat to straight women. Gays, on the other hand, understand that men simply like to look at sensual things and are generally more tolerant of their differences.

What Kind of Dating Do Gay Prefer?

This research refers only to male homosexuality. With regard to the dynamics and types of couples, censuses have begun. The last one took place in 2001 and to give you a detailed explanation of the schema of the dynamics that can be explored between two gays happens this: Dating (3 dates, sex, checking sexual compatibility);

If all goes well, a relationship develops (3 months 3) If you cannot find the harmony you remain friends (perhaps friendship) Speaking of gay couples means, first of all, put the accent on the different conditions in which they are forced to live homosexuals. In the large northern cities, homosexual life is characterized by the presence of a lively cultural offer and a well-branched commercial circuit, composed of public places whose access is reserved for a gay clientele and/or lesbian. In other regions, there are cases of discrimination and violence. The deploration of homophilic behavior pushes gay men to live long-lasting sexual relations with people of the opposite sex. It is possible to speak of sexual emigration because, in a social context that is hostile to those who do not comply with social norms, homosexuals to live peacefully find themselves forced to migrate to the capital or to the big cities. Regarding the scheme of the couple types, the gay census could confirm that there are:

  • Closed Couples (partners in absolute loyalty);
  • Open Couples (consenting horned partners);
  • Semi-closed couples (infidelity of a single partner).

Where You Can Find Your Ideal Gay Partner?

Gay men have always looked for places and ways to meet. It is a desire that is present in all historical epochs, to which a different answer has been given according to the period and the social context in which we found ourselves. Just to give an example close to us it seems that even in Florence, in the Middle Ages, there was a gay environment with lots of inns and walking areas, patisseries and shops already frequented by from the various Sandro Botticelli, Benvenuto Cellini, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and beautiful company.

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The answers can be very many and sometimes even unexpected. Everywhere – in principle, you can make interesting meetings wherever you are, even if the big cities generally offer more possibilities, both because the number of people is greater, and because they favor anonymity. Estimates say that 5-10% of men have sex with other men. You can have an “interesting” meeting while you are on a beach on vacation, or walking through the historic center of your city while walking on a country road or, again, in a service area, on a train – in short, any place is suitable for getting to know someone who, like you, is attracted to other men. Finding out if it works can be a very intriguing and stimulating situation.

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