Chinese Dating Sites

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  • The service offers many free functions and features;
  • A huge number of single Asian women in the search engine;
  • There is a video chat room with Asian ladies;
  • The quick and easy registration process and security system.
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Asian Date
  • Free registration;
  • A phone call feature;
  • Verified female accounts;
  • A lot of hot Asian ladies.
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Asian Melodies
  • There is a very easy search system of Asian women profiles;
  • The anti-scam policy is sufficiently developed and works at a high level;
  • There are many free and paid features;
  • There are about 55 thousand visitors at the service.
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AsiaMe (ChnLove)
  • Asiame is the place where Asian woman seeking long-term relationships with the man all over the world;
  • Confirmed profiles of gorgeous Asian girls with good photos;
  • Advanced search with a lot of options;
  • Great attention to safety.

About China Dating Sites

The Middle Kingdom is an amazing country with lots of cultures and religions entangling into a complex social fusion. People are very different and come from varying cultural and social backgrounds, so searching for someone unique and interesting here is relatively easy. The interest of Chinese women and men seems to be growing since most westerners find Asians very attractive.

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Chinese Dating sites focus their attention on providing high-quality services and protecting their users from scammers. Several international dating services made their moves towards the Chinese market. Brands such as Qpid Network tried really hard to become the best dating sites in China.

Features of Dating in China

Chinese brides are mostly traditionalists with strong religious beliefs and lots of rules that make them perfect spouses and partners for those who seek reliable long lasting relationships. However, this makes the initial stages of dating quite hard for foreigners who are not used to the cautiousness of people who are not that eager to build relationships with someone unknown. On the other hand, rules and customs here are not as strict as in Korea.

There is a huge problem in the Middle Kingdom. Beautiful Chinese girls attract people from all over the world, but the demand within the country is insatiable. Due to the one-child policy, the number of males in China is overwhelming, and many men are desperate to find a good wife. This created such a competitive environment that many women decided to look for romance elsewhere.

The dating market changed dramatically with many local women changing their priorities and giving more attention to men from abroad.

Is Online Dating Popular in China?

The true spike in online dating popularity was seen in 2010. The market of China dating sites grew by 100% during that year resulting in the massive revenue increase for service providers. In 2011, the growth was still very impressive (86%). It slowed down noticeably, but with 24.16% average annual growth, online dating does not seem to be falling out of grace.

What Types of Relationships Do People Prefer in China?

Much like Korea or Russia, China is a traditional country where people are not looking for quick hook-ups and temporary relationships. Women in China are often stigmatized for being divorced meaning that many divorced females will be more eager to meet someone from abroad who may not care about marital history.

Finding someone for a night or two here is near impossible. The absolute majority of people are looking for long-lasting relationships and may seem picky to foreigners.

How Hot Chinese Women Fascinate Men?

Westerners always find oriental women quite attractive. There are many factors at play, but the unfamiliarity with the culture and people make every single woman from Asia appealing to western men.

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Chinese brides for marriage are usually short and very slim, they have smooth features, a small nose and ears, and slanting eyes. Having white skin for a girl is an old Chinese beauty standard. All Chinese brides take good care of their figure and skin, eat little and play sports to stay beautiful for a long time. Obsession with their appearance sometimes leads up to plastic surgery.

What Chinese Mail-Order Brides Good At?

Most local women are well-educated interesting people with traditional interests. Girls behave conservatively and prefer to give in and let men lead them. This gentleness and readiness to obey make Chinese girls desirable for westerners who are looking for relationships with a solid foundation.

Sexual Orientation

Most Chinese dating sites reviews will focus on explaining the sexual preferences of locals. Women and men here are mostly straight regarding their sexuality. Homosexuality and bisexuality are somewhat foreign concepts for most women. However, finding homosexuals is possible.

How Can You Impress a Chinese Girl?

Most Chinese women feel entitled (rightfully so) because there is a strong demand for females. This means that they look for well-rounded and good-looking partners who can provide financial stability. Chinese singles will seek men who show their affection through gifts and intelligent conversations. Looks are quite important as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Services in China

One of the biggest problems for foreigners is the fact that Chinese people are less likely to know English compared to Thais, Koreans or Russians. The popularity of the English language in China is not that high. Another thing is the high demand for females. China is not as closed and unwelcoming as it was three decades ago, meaning that foreigners can easily build relationships with locals.

Dating Advantages in China:

  • Lots of attractive women searching for men from abroad;
  • Most locals are traditionalists with conservative views;
  • The industry of online dating is continually growing.

Disadvantages of Online Dating in China:

  • Scammers are a big problem;
  • Females are very picky and expect gifts and other appreciation tokens from men;
  • The language barrier is an important factor

Main Takeaway of Chinese Dating Sites

Chinese online dating industry is quite diverse. Searching for Chinese wives can be quite difficult if you do not know Cantonese or Mandarin. However, if you are financially independent, attracting a beautiful woman will not be a big problem.

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