Are Mail Order Brides Real?

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When you are craving to meet a woman, probably a younger woman, from a different culture and build a deep lasting relationship involving sexual intimacy, you must have heard about mail order brides. Rumour has it, that they are the most gorgeous foxes who are not only sexually active but also looking forward to starting a family. However, at the age of alternative facts and fake personalities, there is a legitimate question of whether mail order brides are indeed genuine. Let’s take a closer look at the most common stereotypes around this topic and see for ourselves whether the mail order brides are real.

Defining a Mail Order Bride

A breathtakingly beautiful girl in a kingdom far, far away from the Western world who has an insatiable desire for western men even when they are older. The reasons behind such a desire have emerged from the weak economy of her country of origin not providing her with lots of opportunities for personal growth. The ‘bride’ part comes in because as a rule the girl comes from conservative areas and looking for a life-long marriage. Apart from that, the men in her country are predominantly insensitive towards wives that is why this young beauty is seeking a husband who has a liberal view of marriage as a partnership.

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An Object For Wild Sex With no Personality

Although intercourse is an important element of any romantic relationship, you need a bit more to start a safe and sound family. Friendship, reciprocal understanding, support, intimacy and bond between newlywed spouses do require work. It doesn’t matter whether you have met your wife through your friends or by the means of the Internet. You till have to learn about one another’s soft spots and red buttons. Also, you have to get at least some idea of your habits and personal deportment. Most importantly, you have to come to a general agreement about the nature of your relationship, so you both have similar expectations.

Good Enough for a Fleeting Relationship Only

Some people say that the mail-order wives are shallow and no good for anything but sex. On the contrary, statistics show that every year, thousands of mail order brides come to the Western world countries. Over three-quarters of these marriages end happily-ever-after stories involving kids and a long-lasting bond. The mail order bride website is just some means to help you find a spouse to start a family of your own and it is absolutely up to you what you both make out of it.

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Cost You a Fortune

Given the fact that as a rule of thumb your mail order bride comes from a struggling country, you are indeed expected to cover all the expenses. Roughly speaking, you have to pay for a subscription to credible websites, airline tickets, translation and visa costs along with a wedding ceremony. However, it doesn’t cost more than 20,000 USD and if you skip a huge wedding ceremony with a photographer, music band, lots of guests and opt out for a modest celebration, it will cost you even less.

Cunning Con Artists to Get All of Your Money

Consider the countries from where these girls are coming from. The Philippines, Ukraine, and Russia can not brag with a prosperous economy and a safe social life. You won’t find these countries on the lists of the happiest around the world either. That is it should cross your mind that those girls just want to have a happy life by marrying a guy from the West and have some children together. There are indeed some stories involving a slick woman looking for a wealthy and naive man to rip him off. However, in traditional cultures happiness is closely connected with a contented marriage with kids, separate house and all the household chores. That is why the majority of women calling themselves mail order wives desperately want it all because they tend to believe that money doesn’t bring happiness but the family does.

Possess an Ulterior Motive

It might raise suspicion that a stunning girl genuinely wants to meet an older man to start a family with all the hustle and bustle that comes with it. Some claim that the real ulterior motive of doing so hides in an incentive to get a residence permit or even citizenship after living together in lawful wedlock for a defined period of time. In some countries, this period lasts for three consequent years after that the girl is free to do whatever she wants and date with any guy she finds handsome. Such a conclusion comes from the real stories that happened to real people and can be easily found on the internet. However, each case is different and even if something like this has happened to some people, it doesn’t automatically mean that the same will happen to you.

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Not Fluent in Any Other Language Different From a Mother-Tongue

Considering the economic and social development of their countries, it comes as no surprise that the mail-order brides are not able to express themselves in any other language but only a mother-tongue. It happened because the girls didn’t get a chance to learn a foreign language because they had no other option but to start working to support the family. It is indeed an obstacle on your way to building a deeper connection with your spouse. However, you can always find a solution if you want to understand one another. Think about either Google translator or an interpreter in the flesh that will facilitate your communication. After a while, your wife might even want to learn the language by taking some evening classes or just communicating with your extended family members.

In a nutshell, mail order brides have been existing longer than the internet and all those dating websites providing lots of opportunities to find a spouse. Despite the derogatory sense to describe those girls who were unfortunate to be born some far-off countries, the western men do not ‘buy’ themselves wives or paying for someone to come marry them without some kind of long-distance dating type thing first. That is why the mail-order bride is hardly different from any other girl from the next door in your neighborhood when it comes to intimacy and love. It’s just the old name that has stuck to describe and question the intention of the charming and warm-hearted girls.

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