Top Online Dating Sites Of 2020

ateasianwoman table photo
  • The service offers many free functions and features;
  • A huge number of single Asian women in the search engine;
  • There is a video chat room with Asian ladies;
  • The quick and easy registration process and security system.
DateRussianGirl table girl
  • Very popular service with a large base of registered Russian beauties;
  • The site offers many good features for free;
  • The security of the service and the confidentiality of information is excellent;
  • Registration is easy and free.
ateukrainiangirl table photo
  • Simple and free registration;
  • Only the best girls on the site;
  • The best solutions for finding Ukrainian women;
  • Positive user's reviews.
latinwomanlove table photo
  • Free to sign up and use;
  • 100% real women from Latin America;
  • A lot of popular features to the conversation with Latin girls;
  • Good website design and quality.
Ashley Madison girl
Ashley Madison
  • Great site for quick dating;
  • Free registration with decent functionality for free users;
  • Many verified girls on the site;
  • Chats, video chats and messaging.
KissRussianBeauty table photo
Kiss Russian Beauty
  • Great website to find real beauties from Russia;
  • A lot of free features;
  • Good information security and customer support;
  • Free and easy sing up process to the system.
dream singles table photo
Dream Singles
  • All girls are carefully checked by the site administration;
  • Quick and free registration;
  • Dream Singles will be interesting to men who want long-term relationships with girls from Russia and Ukraine.

Best Dating Sites Reviews

If you are tired of endless chats on dating websites that lead you nowhere but to the land of misery and feel like you don’t want to be ripped off by the membership fees, you should consider the best dating websites reviews. Luckily, there are plenty of them on the Internet and you can safely cut the chase and get to the best part of any dating by picking up the tailor-made website just for you after considering the pros and cons it has to offer. You just need to have a laptop, a tablet or a phone to steep yourself into the world of reviews and chose the best one.

About is one of such reviewers showing you how the best and just brand new one websites work. However, there are certain features that set this website apart from the rivals.

User-Friendly Interface

When you open the webpage, you will see straight away that the website does its best to find an answer to your questions. We spent a lot of time and made some efforts so that it would be accessible for you.

Hot Topics

Additionally to the reviews themselves, we are covering and regularly updating various connected topics like aspects of religious or LGBT dating, different interests or even kinks, extensive lists of mail-bride countries to name but a few. Basically, you can find here anything that is currently making the headlines.

Simple Language

Our reviews and inputs are written simply and concisely so you won’t find any long-reads here. We debunk myths and stereotypes by using simple words that anyone can understand.

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First-hand Expertise

We research and gather the feedback of the users so that you can read about the backstage and intricacies of online dating. We also featured a forum option so that you can contribute your own snippet.

The Broad Selection of the Reviewed Websites

If you are a mature man who likes to indulge himself with luxury, then you will find a website specializing in delivering what you crave like elite singles. If luxury is not really your thing and you are more into hot Asians, then you will find what to read about the dating websites covering Asian market like Asian Melodies. When neither luxury nor Asians make your heart to skip a beat but rather an adventurous or tender relationship with the same sex as you are, then you will find GaysGoDating or GaysTryst reviews to satisfy your desires.

Love online

We also reviewed various other websites like Ashley Madison for those who want to cut the chase and meet in real time or Dream Singles for those who desperately want to go down the aisle asap. If even that is not for you, then you can review the top dating websites of 2019 that do their best to capture your imagination.

The point is simple, our team reviewing various websites so there is definitely something for your taste and worthy of your time.

Why Did We Create GloriousBride?

After surfing the Internet for a while, we found lots of decent reviews about the household name top dating website and new ones. Some of them were better written than the others but we felt a grain of sneaking suspicion growing in our heads whether these reviews were genuine at all. They looked similar and felt as if they were generated by a team of resourceful copywriters.

We also have caught ourselves thinking that our browser was crammed with the various tabs because most of the reviews were chaotically posted on different dating websites. So we realized that it would be much convenient to bring the top reviews together on the one independent platform. That is how the was born.

Although there is still more to be done in the nearest future, we are proud of our modest but visible results and benefits that tell us apart on the market.

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Who Will Benefit From This Service?

Our target audience is the singles of any age or sex. We tried our best to create a platform where anyone can find something to satisfy their tastes. Either you are a thirtyish IT developer or a senior man of many talents you are welcome on our website because we aim to help you with finding your spouse and you can help us in return. It will take only a couple of minutes to leave feedback so we can become better for you.

How Do We Choose Sites For Analysis?

Our team is surfing the internet in search of the most trending and freshly launched dating websites. We also spend long hours reading the comments the users leave on the various forum so that we can understand what actually may be interesting for our customers.

What Key Information is Taken to Analyze and Compare Dating Sites?

When we analyze and compare the site we use a set of objective standards that ensure that no one of us gets biased in the process or seduced by the outstanding design or anything else. These standards are the following.

Ease of Use

You definitely do not want to be puzzled by the website not knowing what button to press to press to get what you need. That is why the usability of the dating website plays a key role when it comes. The easier is the website to navigate, the higher the score in our review.

Services & Support

However, not everything goes smoothly even when the website is smartly designed and easy to use. Like with any other modern utility, something can go south. Normally, it happens out of the blue and you can’t help it. That is why the support team is crucial. If it is available 24/7, in various languages and forms (e.g. chat, callback or a hotline), then the website is indeed caring for its users and gets an extra point in our review.

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Number of Members

The more members have registered the bigger pool of possible matches. That is of the utmost importance for any user because in such a way the chances are higher to meet the only one. We could not overlook this criterion in our reviews.

Quality of Profiles

After seeing a profile you make a decision either to chat or not with that person. Profiles are the mirrors to the soul of the user and show you what to expect or beware. But the selection of question for matchmaking or the best algorithm to apply are decided by the team working for the dating website. Some of them do their job perfectly, others poorly which can be seen while scrolling through the profiles. When the average quality is good, then we mention it in our review. If not, we mention it too without any flatter.

Safety & Anti-Scam

While the popularity of the dating website is growing, so is the number of scammers lurking to rip you off. It goes without saying that you should watch out for the fake profile and take the reasonably necessary precautions yourself. However, when the website tries to identify and eliminate the scammers along with regularly updating you about this matter, then such a dating website is safe and scores higher than the others.

Additionally, your personal data is an interesting item for the frauds because it opens many doors to them. That is why the less information the website requires from you or the higher are the measures of its protections, the higher is our recommendations for the users.


All of us want to get fun without paying through the nose. That is why the pricing range is also important. However, the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean the top quality. For this reason, we check the value for money balance (e.g. how many services you get for what you pay and how they are delivered, etc). Then we compare the websites using infographics so that you can visualize the comparison and make your decision.

Benefits of Online Dating Sites

Online dating creates a huge pool of possible matches for you to meet a spouse. You won’t find so many people gathered in one place wanting the very same thing like on the dating websites. It creates benefits for you because you do not have to wonder where to go and what to do to have a date. Instead, you just sign up for the website you find fit and start chatting with someone who you would not even dare to approach in real life because you would suffocate from awkwardness and self-consciousness. Simply put, with the benefit of online dating you can open new horizons and bring your dating experience on a new level with higher chances of finding the perfect match.

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